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HEPA Filter

At Klarstein we know how important it is for you to enjoy the best air quality in your home and that is why we offer you high-quality HEPA filters for your air purifiers. HEPA filters dramatically improve the performance of air purifiers by capturing the coarsest particles of dirt while cleaning the air of finer dust, smoke, viruses, bacteria, and various allergens such as pollen.

HEPA filters are easy to mount and change, but it is very important, before making the purchase, paying attention to compatibility with your air purifier.

Activated Carbon Filter

You no longer have to worry about dirt thanks to the Klarstein activated carbon filter that provides the freshest air in your home or office. The activated carbon filter removes even the smallest dirt particles, while absorbing unpleasant odours, such as the smell of cigarettes and food. Thanks to this filter you can breathe freely.

To note, it is important to change your air purifier filter regularly to maintain its efficiency. You can change it yourself easily and without any problems.

Home Air Cleaner Pre-Filter

The air cleaner prefilter from Klarstein is the ideal companions for HEPA and activated carbon filters. Thanks to its help the filter maintains its effectiveness for a longer period. Though, it is important to clean the filter once a month so that it continues to function optimally. This prefilter or replacement filter can be installed very easily and can be changed without any problems. With this prefilter you will help the HEPA filters and activated carbon filters keep the air clean effectively.

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