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Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heater: modern technology and design for a natural feeling of warmth

Winter days are coming soon, and this is just the right time to look for some heating device to help you heat the room you are in. Traditional heating devices, whether powered by electricity or gas, heat by convection, which by definition implies a considerable waste of energy, as more air is heated than it is necessary to make you feel warm.

An infrared heater, on the other hand, follows a different principle, because what gets heated is not the air, but all the elements in the room, i.e the walls, the furniture and of course, your body. The infrared radiation emitted by the panels is absorbed by the walls and furniture and again transmitted, with a pleasant sensation of heat, very similar to that generated by the sun's rays, distributing itself evenly throughout the room.

In our product gallery you can find a wide assortment of infrared wall heaters and heat radiators with different capacity. Not only are our infrared heating panels equipped with the most modern technology for temperature control and management of the main functions; they can also able to give a touch of elegance to any room thanks to their classy and discreet look. Read on to find out everything you need to know about infrared heating systems to warm your home quickly, safely and efficiently, and take advantage of our offers by easily purchasing your Klarstein infrared heater.

How to choose the best Infrared Heater for your home?

Infrared heaters use energy more efficiently than conventional systems: it is estimated that about 95% of the energy absorbed by an infrared panel is converted into heat. Therefore, when choosing one infrared heater or infrared heating panel, it is necessary to estimate the power level you need, not only according to the size of your room but also according to the energy class of your building, taking into account thermal insulation and how high the ceiling is.

On average, around 300 watts are needed for every 5 square meters: although electric infrared heaters are designed as a complementary solution to the main heating system, if it were necessary to heat rooms exclusively with infrared radiant panels it would be possible to refer to the following table:

Surface Wattage
10 sqm 600 W
18 sqm 1080 W
25 sqm 1500 W
30 sqm 1800 W

It is important to choose an infrared heating panel that allows you to adjust the level of heat produced according to the space in which it operates. A thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature to be reached and will make the infrared heater work until the thermal target is reached. Our OpenWindow Detection system is also very useful, as it shuts down the device when an open window is detected, to minimize energy consumption.

As a rule, infrared panels are only kept on for a few hours, usually when we are at home and during the day. To set the activation times many of our models are equipped with a timer that programs the automatic switch-off, a particularly useful feature when the infrared heater is used to heat the bathroom. Several models available in our product gallery can connect to your Wi fi network, allowing remote control through the Klarstein App: with a few touches on the screen of your smartphone you can, for example, switch your infrared panel on before you arrive at home to be welcomed by a cosy living room, and create presets to define the switching times for each day of the week.

Also, go for infrared radiators that have a remote control to operate it more comfortably, and - it goes without saying - double-check it fits the space where you plan to place it, as well as the length of the power cable.

Are Infrared Heaters and Infrared Heating Panels safe?

Infrared heaters and infrared heating panels are safe for children and pets, as their surface reaches a maximum temperature between 90 °C and 100 ºC which does not generate any damage or burn when touched for a short time. Furthermore, they do not cause any damage to health because they do not emit harmful gases or fumes. They can be placed in bedrooms without any risk of suffocation as, unlike halogen stoves, no oxygen is burnt because there’s no combustion.

Most of the models on the market are equipped with an overheating protection system as an additional safety measure; having said this, the infrared heaters do not overload the power line thanks to their low consumption and it is, therefore, possible to connect more than one on the same socket without causing major problems.

Advantages when buying an Infrared Heater on Klarstein

In short, here are some good reasons to choose an infrared heater or an infrared heating panel as a solution to warm up your home:

  • The heating effect is immediate, soon after the device is switched on

  • It maintains a lower room temperature than other heating systems, but with the same feeling of comfort

  • It heats the walls first and then the air, avoiding the feeling of fatigue

  • In contrast to convection heating systems, infrared wall heaters ensure a uniform temperature throughout the room, even when the ceilings are high

  • The air does not circulate continuously, and therefore no dust or mites are raised, with great benefit for allergy sufferers: the air is not so dry, and greater comfort is guaranteed even for asthmatic people

  • It keeps a constant humidity-temperature ratio

  • It extracts a large amount of moisture from the walls

  • Infrared heaters can be placed anywhere, not necessarily under a window, and can be easily removed when needed

Don’t miss our offers and choose the infrared heater model that best suits your living space in terms of power and style. Take a look at our product gallery, and let yourself be inspired by the elegant design of our products, choosing between infrared wall heaters with a smooth white surface or one of our special decorations.

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