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Clean up, put away, freeze, prepare: Declutter your kitchen without throwing food away. Prepare your favourite snacks for a busy morning, let your lasagne take its time in the fridge and mix refreshing mineral water with lemon slices, mint and ginger in a stylish glass carafe. You're more of a barista at heart and like to serve yourself and your guests fresh coffee with cream? We also provide you with crystal clear pleasure and tell you: storage has rarely provided so many moments of pure enjoyment. Browse through and let us surprise you.​

Food and drinks always at hand with Klarstein

What was common practice with our grandparents is still incredibly convenient today: a home supply of food and drinks. Whether it's stored for use at the weekend, pre-cooked for several days or frozen for later: this approach not only allows you to save time that you would have otherwise wasted on a last-minute trip to the supermarket, but also ensures culinary planning and consistent preparation for unexpected visitors or snacking attacks. And as a bonus, it can reduce the amount of food we all throw away. Because if you don't feel like eating yesterday's casserole, you can just store it airtight in your Klarstein boxes. Just give it a try...

Klarstein Storage Containers & Boxes

Do you enjoy cooking on reserve for the next few days, so you always have something on hand for small and large appetites? You would like to have storage options for potatoes, onions or spices that not only keep your ingredients close at hand, but also decoratively upgrade your kitchen? Then you've come to the right place: Our Klarstein storage containers and boxes make meal prep easier than ever. From cold cuts, fresh bread and cakes to casseroles, you can pack everything airtight, store it safely and serve it deliciously at the end.

Klarstein oven dishes & salad bowls

To everyone who likes to chop, mix, layer and sprinkle: Our Klarstein oven dishes and glass bowls for salads and all kinds of culinary delights not only offer you plenty of space to let off steam with all your ingredients, but also impress with their clean design on every dining table. Hearty potato gratin, colourful salads and wonderfully sweet tiramisu can be effortlessly conjured up - and can also be easily stored in the refrigerator to let the flavours intensify. We say: Bon Appétit!

Klarstein tea boxes

Lavender, honey-mint, apple-orange, or full-bodied cinnamon nuances that meet a spicy, hot ginger finish ... in the world of teas, the taste limits are literally fluid and the possible combinations are almost endless. Freshly brewed, your favourite tea can give you and your guests peace, comfort and conviviality. Our Klarstein tea boxes and wooden boxes ensure that the bags and mixtures of your infusion drinks not only stay fresh, but can also be presented in an attractive and clear manner. The agony of choice ensures hot anticipation!

Perfectly packed and delicious to go with Klarstein

Take your meal wherever you go! Quickly prepared at home, you can individually supply yourself and your family with culinary delights from morning to evening with our Klarstein lunch containers, lunch boxes and drinking bottles. A nutritious lunch, healthy and fresh snacks as a mini buffet for the afternoon and a hearty sip of your home-made iced tea are the perfect energy boosters for your daily activities.

Klarstein lunch boxes & lunch containers

Takeaway, please! Why? You save money, you always know exactly what's in your home-made treats, you have lots of possible variations and options for combinations, and on top of that you're acting sustainably. Whether it's a delicious breakfast, a hearty lunch or a tasty dinner to go: Our Klarstein Meal-Meister are always with you, portioned, leak-proof and appealing. At home, you can simply wash them in the dishwasher and immediately re-fill them for the next day. So it' s always fun to be on the go, isn't it?

Klarstein Drinking Bottles

Fanta or Capri Sun are a thing of the past! Today, you can simply pop your and your kids' favourite drink in your bag - personally made and filled up. This way, your kids will never run out of juice when going to the gym, on a bike ride, or at school or kindergarten.
And: You avoid unnecessary plastic and chemical additives in the beverages you already have, making your drinks more sustainable and healthier. That''s what keeps you in the mood to quench your thirst!

Klarstein children's tableware

We all know it: You are out and about with the little ones - knowing full well that things could take longer. Feeding hungry mouths can be a real challenge. Whether for a walk in the park or a long drive with a stop at a rest area - crockery and cutlery to go should not only stimulate the appetite, it should also be unbreakable and luggage-proof. No problem for Klarstein: With our children's crockery and wooden cutlery made of chemical-free bamboo, you are prepared for every excursion.

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