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Glass carafe

The word carafe comes from Arabic. The term comes from the word "garra-fa". Translated, this means “water lifting wheel”. The shape of the glass carafe is similar to that of a bottle. From a decorative perspective, glass carafes look stylish. They are also extremely diverse in their intended use.

What are glass carafes made of?

Glass carafes are made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Therefore, you can easily use a glass carafe for coffee or tea. Borosilicate glass is a specially manufactured glass that is characterised by a high degree of robustness. It is lightweight and scratch-resistant.

Crystal decanters in different sizes

A carafe made of crystal glass is suitable for everyday use at the dining table, in the living room or in the home office and also for celebratory occasions. The crystal carafe is ideal for water, tea, iced tea and juice. Whether a 2-litre glass carafe, a 1-litre glass carafe or a 1.5-litre glass carafe - this is a practical solution for brunch on the terrace, a cosy dinner or a garden party.

Glass carafe with lid

A glass carafe with a lid is ideal for keeping mineral water fresh for several hours. If you like, you can add a slice of lemon or lime to increase the refreshment. Glass carafes with a self-closing lid are particularly convenient. Then ice cubes or fruit can be kept in the carafe.

Glass carafe with handle

The carafe with handle is ideal for easily and safely pouring tea, coffee, water or juice. Double-walled carafes are particularly good at keeping warm drinks warm and cooling cold drinks. This means that your favourite drink is always available at the desired temperature.

Glass carafes as decanters

Wine lovers can perfect their enjoyment with a decanter. By filling a carafe with wine, you can separate wine from the sediment. At the same time, you can add oxygen to the wine. The wine can breathe when decanted and thus fully develop its aroma. As soon as it is optimally aerated, you can easily pour it into the glasses.

Glass carafe for storing spirits

Glass carafes are suitable for storing spirits and liqueurs. When stored properly, whiskey and other spirits last about as long in a decanter as in a normal container.

Buying a glass carafe - which version is right for you?

Glass carafes are part of a perfectly set table. Functionality, form and an attractive design are combined. Would you like to buy a glass carafe and are wondering which version is right for you? This depends on your individual preferences and intended uses. By the way, a crystal decanter is also a nice gift.

Preparing aromatic water with a glass carafe

Would you also like to prepare aromatic water? Then a carafe with a lid is the right choice. By adding fresh fruit to a water drink you can perfect the refreshment. Fully ripe fruits are particularly suitable for this because of their aroma. You can control the intensity of the flavour by varying the steeping time. While the fruit is steeping in the water, you should close the crystal carafe with the lid. This way, the essential oils and aromas are retained.


Are glass carafes heat resistant?

Yes. This is because glass carafes are made of tempered borosilicate glass. This is robust and heat-resistant. Therefore, the carafe is also ideal for hot drinks (e.g. tea).

How do you get glass carafes clean?

Not every carafe can be washed in the dishwasher. Gentle cleaning by hand is usually sufficient. All you need to do is pour some hot water, half a cup of apple cider vinegar and a packet of baking powder or baking soda into the carafe. Then you should swirl the contents and leave it to work for about a quarter of an hour.

How do you dry glass carafes from the inside?

The best way to dry glass carafes is with a dishwashing brush (with a foam head) and a tea towel. You can cover the foam head of the brush with a tea towel. This means that the inside of the carafe can dry out completely. No streaks or stains are left behind.
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