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Garden irrigation and products for plants with flower pots and other highlights

As soon as you are looking for a flowerpot or products for garden irrigation, a huge selection awaits you at Elektronik Star. Pots, hoses and pumps are just as much a part of our range of highlights as raised beds or grow tents.

Flowerpots, hoses for garden irrigation and other products for plants

Our range includes a wide variety of planters that can accommodate one or more plants. You will also find high-quality pumps and filters for your garden pond. Suitable hoses are an indispensable part of watering your garden. Other highlights include large raised beds for greenhouses and winter tents, as well as special grow tents that allow you to grow plants indoors.

Versatile advantages of a plant pot and tools for garden plants

Varied flower pots with versatile sizes fit very different types and quantities of plants. At the same time, the plant pots catch the eye of an observer from different angles with their respective heights fairly quickly. Some pots come with a plant stand, which makes flowers more visible in many areas of a lot. There are also plant bags, for example, which enable improved air circulation and allow excess water to drain off particularly evenly.

High-quality pond pumps ensure the necessary water circulation in a fish pond in the garden. Various models differ in particular in the delivery head, which determines the potential height of a water jet. The throughput, in turn, tells you how many litres the pump can move per hour.

Numerous hoses bring water to your plants in a particularly convenient way. Exceptionally flexible models, for example, will stretch significantly when needed compared to their original length and will roll up themselves after use. You will also discover pearl tubes that distribute water over many micropores and are therefore suitable for row irrigation. Such hoses, together with suitable systems for automatic garden irrigation, often show decisive advantages.

You can grow numerous flowers, herbs or vegetables in a large raised bed for greenhouses. Particularly popular models are extremely weather-resistant with alloys and coatings. Hibernation tents and grow tents give you the chance to gently prepare certain types of plants for a return to the garden in winter.

Reasons to buy different flowerpot variants and other products

Different locations, for example at your front door, may suggest making flowers stand out with plant stands or flowerpots that are taller than average. With pumps, a higher throughput is recommended for a larger pond. First and foremost, hoses should be compatible with your individual irrigation systems. When buying grow tents, the needs of the individual plant species should be the main purchase criteria.


What features are important for garden irrigation hoses?

For regular watering of the plants in your garden, you need hoses that are exceptionally strong. Some advantageous product variants are made of stretchable materials, which means that a garden hose is less likely to kink or knot.

When are extensive plant pot sets recommended?

If you are looking for pots for several plants, sets can sometimes save you money. In addition, some combinations offer you flower pots that are ideal for the supplied stands.

How important is the weather resistance of garden products?

For example, if you leave a raised bed or a planter outside all year round, information on weather resistance is a key purchase criterion. Only exceptionally high-quality materials avoid most traces of different weather conditions.
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