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Find the best Hob for your kitchen on Klarstein

A good cooking experience is not just about talent. The right gear, especially when talking about hobs and electric hobs is also essential to achieve the best results. When choosing a hob you should consider various aspects, from running costs to the hot plate power. Technology has made great strides in recent years so you can choose from cutting-edge solutions that make life much easier for those who like to cook regularly. As an alternative to the traditional gas hob, electric hob and ceramic hob, which is still widely used in most kitchens, the use of the induction hob is becoming increasingly popular. Induction hobs completely revolutionise the way people cook, thanks to an innovative technology that guarantees uniform heat distribution.

There are many variables to consider when buying the right hob, and if you want to choose the most suitable hot plate, you must also consider how many people will end up using it and the space available. Are you looking for a gas hob, ceramic hob, induction hob or an electric hob? On Klarstein you can find a wide range of hobs designed to meet your everyday needs, made with particular attention to design, to integrate elegantly into your kitchen.

Sustainable cooking with our Induction Hobs

Induction hobs are the new sensation in many kitchens as they offer the most advanced technology and perfect control when cooking. They allow you to cook food without fire or red hot plates. An induction hob also uses electrical energy, but in this case, a coil located underneath the plate generates a magnetic field, which can be adjusted with extreme precision. In this way, the heat is transmitted directly to the metal bottom of the pan, without generating any heat loss.

For this reason, the performance of an induction hob is far superior to that of any other hobs, electric hobs, ceramic hobs or gas hobs. Additionally, the power of the induction hob does not involve any risk of overheating, as the areas around the cooking zone remain cold. Furthermore, portable hobs can be easily set up on the balcony or the terrace. You can also set them up to cook or fry delicious dishes in your party garage or at a campsite to not miss any special cooking event with your family and friends.

Gas Hob used as the traditional hot plate

Gas hobs are still the most common hobs used in households. Compared to other options, it is the most economical solution, both in terms of the purchase price and consumption, as gas is the cheapest fuel. A 4-burner gas hob is a standard for a normal kitchen, but for larger families, it is advisable to opt for 5-burner hobs with different sizes and power. They are convenient when you find yourself cooking several dishes at the same time and do not want to run out of cookers. In terms of materials, most models are made of stainless steel or enameled steel, which is resistant and easy to clean. Tempered glass is also an option when choosing a hob, while the grids on which the pans are placed, may be made of cast iron or metal.

One of the main advantages of gas hobs is versatility, as they can be used with all types of pots and pans. On the other hand, gas as a power source requires greater care and involves bigger risks. Although the safety valve can detect and block unwanted gas leaks. When there are children in the house, it is always better to keep the gas tap closed when the hob or hot plate is not in use. Also, the possibility to control the heat is reduced, compared to electric hobs, induction hobs and ceramic hobs. When choosing a gas hob, you should also consider its greater environmental impact: carbon dioxide is released from the combustion of gas. Its energy efficiency is also limited since when it is in use about 60% of the heat is lost.

Benefits when buying a Ceramic Hob on Klarstein

Ceramic hobs are in most cases a bit more expensive than gas hobs. The operating principle is the same as that of electric kettles and hairdryers. It is based on a heating element through which electricity circulates, causing it to heat up and transmit the heat to the ceramic hob. Some hobs or hot plates you can find on the market are using halogen lamps. Energy efficiency is reduced since when the ceramic hob is in operation, there is a considerable dispersion of heat, most of which ends up heating the hob itself, and not the food.

Given these drawbacks, it is legitimate to ask why a ceramic hob or electric hob is so widespread. The answer is simple: it is an efficient solution when your kitchen is not connected to the gas distribution network. It also offers additional advantages; there’s nothing easier than cleaning a ceramic hob, as all you need is just a cloth. The hob is quite solid, it easily withstands varying temperatures and weights, providing a high degree of safety against the risk of pots accidentally tipping over. A common drawback, however, is the overheating of the area surrounding the pan, especially when operating at high temperatures. It should also be remembered that for optimal performance, the pots and pans you use for cooking should have a perfectly flat bottom.

Still undecided? Then just browse through our hobs and hot plates selection on Klarstein. Whether you are looking for an induction hob, electric hob, ceramic hob, or traditional gas hob - the right model is already waiting for you! Additionally, all our products come with a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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