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Compact cleaning with the best Table Top Dishwashers

Most of us would opt for the classic dishwasher if only we had some extra space in the kitchen. However, if you have to deal with size, a table top dishwasher is a great alternative, as it is the smallest model available on the market. Are you also struggling with limited space in your kitchen, but don't want to give up the advantages of a small dishwasher? In this case, you can rely on Klarstein’s dishwashers that are for sale. Our appliances are available as mini dishwasher, small dishwasher, countertop dishwasher or slimline integrated dishwasher. And thanks to the reduced size they are portable as well, so they can be used at home but also for business purposes.

Choosing a small dishwasher or mini dishwasher may not be easy. There are lots of options on the market, and it's not easy to find the one that suits your needs best. When it comes to a tabletop dishwasher, the model is suitable for people who only wash a few dishes at a time and possibly not always in their own home. It can be placed on the floor or on the kitchen countertop. Furthermore, this compact type of dishwasher generally has a very attractive design.

On the other hand, the slimline integrated dishwasher or small under sink dishwasher can be placed directly underneath the sink. They save space by simply being connected to the sink's drains and because they can be perfectly fitted into small to medium-sized wall units, allowing you to make full use of what are traditionally dead spaces in the kitchen.

How do small Dishwashers work?

Modern small dishwashers or mini dishwashers work the same way as conventional dishwashers. In this case, there is also an electric motor which, although a little less powerful than standard dishwashers, drives the water pump. The water jet coming out of the nozzles and the soap dissolved in it do the rest. Two things must be made clear: Firstly, the dishwasher can use hot water as there are electrical resistances that allow the water to reach temperatures between 55° and 65°C. Secondly, it should be noted that the basket and paddles of the portable dishwasher always move very slowly to not break the dishes. Additionally, delicate dishes and glasses can be washed gently in a separate compartment.

A small dishwasher or mini dishwasher offers a choice of different programmes and functions when it comes to clean the dishes. Thanks to soundproof panels and modern motors, noise emissions are lower than with traditional dishwashers and can therefore being used late evenings too. Other useful functions are the delayed start or the warning light for adding salt to the table top dishwasher. Additionally, some countertop dishwashers also have a safety lock and automatic switch-off, as well as a rinse aid function and a drying option.

Small dishwashers can clean 4, 6, 8 or 10 place settings at the most. The dimensions of these dishwashers are usually 55 centimetres wide, 50 centimetres deep and 40/45 centimetres high. They occupy approximately the same space as a large microwave. Before the purchase, consider the measurements not only of the worktop but also of the distance between any wall units.

How to clean a Dishwasher?

  • Remove dirt from the spray arms
    To remove food residue from the dishwasher arms, remove them if possible and clean them by hand. You can use a toothpick or water jet to clean the nozzles. Then soak the spray arms in diluted citric acid or vinegar. Rinse well with water and reinstall.

  • Clean the filter and strainer
    Both the filter and the strainer are located at the bottom of the dishwasher. Both should be removed and also cleaned by hand with a brush and detergent.

  • Clean the drain and pump
    Once the strainer is removed, the drain can be inspected for foreign objects and coarse food debris. If you find blockages, you should remove them carefully while wearing gloves.

  • Clean the seals
    Mould and bacteria are particularly fond of the gaskets. Therefore, thorough cleaning is essential here. Clean the joint underneath the door and all other seals with a soft cloth.

  • Carry out a cleaning run
    Once you have put the removed accessories back in place, start the idle cycle. A programme with at least 60 degrees is ideal to additionally disinfect the dishwasher. Bacteria and other dirt won't stand a chance!

Benefits when buying a Dishwasher on Klarstein

When buying a dishwasher you should also consider the water consumption in the long run. Our dishwashers come with energy efficiency classes from A to G, equipped with ECO functionality. The best products do not require more than 7 litres per wash cycle. Some models feature special sensors that detect the level of dirt on the dishes and adjust water and electricity consumption accordingly. Finally, beware of using special programmes that require a certain amount of energy. They represent a strong temptation at certain times, but you should only select them if they are indispensable.

On Klarstein you can choose between a countertop dishwasher, slimline integrated dishwasher, mini or small dishwasher. Get inspired by our selection of table top dishwashers, designed for the needs of modern small households. With their attractive designs, compact sizes and outstanding performances, our dishwashers providing a thorough cleaning of your dishes, under reduced energy consumption thanks to their high energy efficiency. In addition, all our products come with a two-year warranty and free shipping, as well as a 60-day return policy.

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