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Discover Klarstein's Smart Home App 2.0

Our motto: Smart home. Smart life.

The future is bright! That's why the Klarstein app is growing with our range of smart appliances. With every update, it turns into a smart hub for your home and becomes more and more fun to use. Wake up on a hot summer morning and activate the air conditioning via smartphone directly from your bed. Breathe freely. In the office: If you're not sure if the heating is still running, simply check it on your mobile phone. Easy. Cooking for your friends today? You don't have to tell them that your smart kitchen appliance did most of the work. Control and operate modern appliances like our mobile, silent, and powerful air conditioners in real time - wherever you are. Save energy and reduce your stress level as well as your electricity bill. Does this all sound comforting and appealing? If so, we cordially invite you to get to know our latest version of the Klarstein app.

Try cosiness: Smart home systems are the key

It's an exciting time as the smart home revolution is in full swing. And we at Klarstein are at the heart of it as the "Internet of Things" opens up new ways to use our household appliances more efficiently. Our Klarstein app is the all-in-one solution that allows you to move flexibly in the networked world of Klarstein. No need to access a appliance to operate it. Figuratively speaking, it comes to you remotely. The Smart Home app from Klarstein turns your Android or iOS tablet and smartphone into modern control panels for selected products.​​​

Your advantages with our Klarstein app

  • Flexible and mobile: Control your smart Klarstein appliances from anywhere with internet access.
  • Intelligent hub sharing: Add household members to your account and let them monitor and control connected devices.
  • Real-time control: You can control all of our smart appliances live, and adjust the temperature and humidity, for example. Benefit from an optimised overview of your home by creating weekly schedules and virtual rooms for your smart devices.
  • Intuitive design: Discover a more natural and inviting app that perfectly aligns with Klarstein as a brand.
  • Device help: Guides you through all the functions of your smart devices.
  • Continuous recipe expansion: You'll always find new recipes, guides and inspiration from a wide range of categories in the database for each of our smart and non-smart kitchen appliances.
  • Regular portfolio expansion: With a growing selection of smart devices for all seasons, there's always more variety and diversity for you to have a full smart home in one app.
  • Klarstein goes international: We already offer our content in 6 languages!
  • Quick registration meets free to use: Simply create your account by entering your name, email address and password. Alternatively, you can log in via social media: Google, Facebook, Twitter or your Apple account. Enjoy the benefits of our app - at no cost whatsoever.
  • Always up to date: In our integrated news feed, you'll regularly find interesting facts from the world of Klarstein.

Quickly and easily explained: How to set up your Klarstein Smart Home devices

Always at your service

Do you have any questions, comments, requests or need help with your smart device? No problem! You can contact our IoT customer service at any time. We are happy to help and look forward to your feedback!

App support


Smart home app, recipe app: all in one. Everything in your pocket.

There are now a wide variety of offers in the digital app landscape. That's why you get your own personal all-inclusive package in our Klarstein app: as a control centre, cookbook and source of inspiration, it accompanies you wherever you go. And there's lots to discover!

Klarstein recipe finder: A medley of the most delicious ideas

Only the best for you and your guests! From delicious quiches to sensational soups and creamy cheesecakes, you'll discover lots of tasty and healthy ideas in our recipe finder - with a handy ingredient calculator and easy instructions. Create your own cookbook, inspire us with your creations and be part of the great Klarstein recipe world.

Welcome to the Cooking Pro app section: What would you like today?

If you're entertaining friends or family for dinner or planning a romantic evening for two, then you're looking for perfect results. Whether you're a kitchen newbie, a hobby chef or a real pro - our Klarstein app supports and inspires all users equally: Beginners advance to professional levels, and those with existing expertise are happy with how much time they save. By connecting your smart kitchen appliance, such as the Quickstick Smart Sous Vide or VitAir Smart, to the Klarstein app, you'll get access to exclusive recipes with understandable and detailed instructions. This way, you have the right appliance settings and anything else that you need for your dish at the touch of a button.

Simply smart: Cook for yourself at the touch of a button

As soon as the ingredients are prepared, you can put them in the smart kitchen device, press the start button in the app and sit back and relax. Worried about cooking times and temperatures? No longer necessary, the relevant settings are made automatically. Your new standard recipe will be: Decide on a menu and trust your Klarstein appliance. Let's be honest: Only a private chef is more convenient.​​​​

Here you won't miss a thing: always App to date with Klarstein

Our all-round carefree package also includes our magazine, in which our team regularly provides you with everything you need to know from the world of Klarstein, as well as tips and tricks. Would you like to discover new smart products? Are you looking for a suitable gift? Then you're sure to find the right thing here!

With this in mind: Download now and start browsing!

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