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For a smart home​

You wake up on a hot summer morning and activate the air conditioning via smartphone directly from your bed. Breathe freely. In the office: If you're not sure if the heating is still running, simply check it on your mobile phone. Easy. Are you cooking for your friends today? You don't have to tell them that your smart food processor did the main work. All this sounds comforting and appealing? Then we would like to invite you to discover our Klarstein app. Control and operate modern appliances like our mobile, quiet and powerful air conditioner in real time - wherever you are. This way you save energy and reduces your stress level as well as your electricity bill.

It's an exciting time because the smart home revolution is well underway. And we're in the middle of it as the "Internet of Things" opens up new ways to use our household appliances more efficiently. Our Klarstein app is the all-in-one solution that allows you to move flexibly in the connected world of Klarstein. No need to access a appliance to operate it. Figuratively speaking, it comes to you remotely. The Smart Home app from Klarstein turns your Android or iOS tablet and smartphone into modern control panels for selected products.

You're ready to go in just three steps: install the app, set up your personal account and pair the corresponding product. As soon as the device is connected to your wireless home network, you are in full control - intuitively and easily. Are you ready for your smart home experience with Klarstein? This can literally be in your hands - using our innovative infrared heating as an example.

  • Activate appliance
  • Adjust temperature
  • Change design
  • Setting the timer
  • Deactivate heating

As a matter of fact, the Klarstein app is even smarter, allowing you to define personalised behaviour patterns for each day of the week in addition to real-time wireless control: choose between different operating times to maximise performance and use your smart appliances in the most energy-efficient way possible. ​

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Our Klarstein world welcomes you with open arms. And there's lots to discover! In addition to remote control of smart appliances, the Klarstein app offers other exciting functions. We don't only want to show you a path, but to travel through our colourful world of brands together with you.

Only the best for you and your guests! From delicious quiches to sensational soups and creamy cheesecakes, you'll discover plenty of delicious and healthy ideas in our recipe finder - with a practical ingredient calculator and easy instructions. This way you can combine the power of our advanced kitchen appliances such as the smart vacuum cooker and impress everyone with great dishes every time. ​​Create your own cookbook, inspire us with your creations and be part of the great Klarstein recipe world.

Welcome to the cooking pro app​

If you're entertaining friends or family for dinner, or planning a romantic evening for two, then you' re looking for perfect outcomes. Whether you're a kitchen newbie or a star chef, our Klarstein app supports and inspires every user in the same way: Beginners will become professionals and those with already existing expertise will be delighted with the time they save.

By connecting your smart kitchen appliance to the Klarstein app, you can access exclusive recipes that work perfectly with our smart home products. All the instructions are clear and detailed.​

​As soon as the ingredients are prepared, simply transfer them into the smart kitchen assistant, press the start button in the app and sit back and relax. Worried about cooking times and temperatures? No longer necessary, the relevant settings are made automatically. Your new standard recipe will be: Decide on a menu and trust your Klarstein appliance. Let's face it: only a private chef is more convenient.​​

The Klarstein app is growing along with our list of smart home appliances: We don't just think about improvements, we implement them and offer new functions in regular updates. ​ Be even smarter and download the app now!

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