Canopy Cooker Hoods

Breath well in your kitchen with the perfect Integrated Cooker Hood

An integrated cooker hood is an essential element in any modern household. Not only because regulations make their use compulsory in all kitchens equipped with gas hobs, but mostly because of the benefits they can bring to the whole house. Canopy cooker hoods perform the fundamental task of eliminating fumes, vapours, airborne grease and unpleasant odours from the room while you are cooking, creating a healthier environment and protecting your interior and furniture from the accumulation of fat on walls and surfaces.

The design of integrated cooker hoods has become one of the main criteria for making the right choice, and if you are planning your kitchen from scratch, there are various solutions on the market within the range of canopy cooker hoods, ceiling cooker hoods and built in cooker hoods. If, on the other hand, your kitchen is already furnished and a wall cabinet occupying the space above the cooker hob, the choice is somehow tricky, but not limited.

Choose the right size of an Integrated Cooker Hood

Especially when the kitchen has a reduced size, some compromises in terms of space are necessary. On Klarstein you can find your perfect small-sized canopy cooker hood or ceiling cooker hood designed to be mounted on the wall or under minimal wall units. If you're looking for an integrated cooker hood 60cm, take a look at the technical specifications of our Purista and Contempo models: compact and easy to install, they can remove steam and odours with minimal consumption and noise effectively.

With a suction capacity of up to 175 cubic metres of air per hour and thanks to their halogen or LED bulbs, our integrated cooker hoods are an intelligent solution to keep the air in your kitchen clean at all times, even when cooking for long periods. The grease filters are made of aluminium and can be easily washed and replaced, to ensure maximum durability.

If you have more space available in your kitchen including a standard-size hob, you can select an integrated cooker hood 90cm designed with innovative aesthetics and top performance. If you're looking for a solution that allows you to leave enough space to store utensils and containers, our Mariana flat screen hood will impress with its space-saving, simple yet innovative design.

With its small footprint of just 30cm depth, this integrated cooker hood model features a smart retractable extension mechanism. It is also easy to adjust the power, and the four internal grease filters can be replaced or washed in your dishwasher.

Benefits when buying a Canopy Cooker Hood on Klarstein

On Klarstein you can find an integrated cooker hood, canopy cooker hood or ceiling cooker hood that suits your kitchen perfectly, choosing from a wide range of models manufactured with high-quality materials and technology, in different colours to blend elegantly with the existing furniture, including different power levels, according to your needs.

If you have a ducting system in your kitchen, you can opt for an integrated cooker hood; this device does not filter or process air, it just sends the air outside, and in this case, the suction duct is hidden inside the cabinet. On the other hand, if your kitchen doesn’t have a ducting system, the best alternative to a canopy extractor fan is a cooker canopy equipped with a recirculation mechanism; a recirculating cooker hood is no less effective in eliminating fumes and unpleasant odours, thanks to active filtering systems that use the purifying properties of charcoal before pumping the clean air back into your kitchen.

Find the right integrated cooker hood today to always extract fumes in your kitchen. Our products come in a high-quality and chic design, as well as with a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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