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Most people are happy when the days get longer in summer, the temperatures rise and the sun shines from the sky all day. Therefore, everyone likes to enjoy their free time at home in a chilled environment. Also, nowadays, only a few can spend their workdays in short, light clothing in the garden or even by the pool.

So, what to do when it's hot outside and you haven’t got a pleasant indoor climate yet? For that reason, water cooler fans and evaporative coolers were developed precisely for such matters. They not only swirl the stuffy air in the room but also cool it down pleasantly so that you can concentrate on your work again. On Klarstein you can choose from different varieties of coolers. Following we’ll provide more information on how to find the right water cooler fan for your needs.

How does a Water Cooler Fan work?

With these air conditioners, no exhaust hose is necessary. Water cooler fans and evaporative coolers that are technically advanced have integrated dust and water filters, as well as filters for bacteria. Unpleasant odours are also filtered out of the water and air. No structural measures are required. The air con units work efficiently and require little space for installation.

In order to fulfil their function, a water tank is needed for the evaporative coolers. When buying a unit, care should be taken to ensure that the tank is the right size for the particular room if it is too cool. The tank can be filled with either ice or water. The water cooler fan is then connected to the power supply and operation can begin. When the water tank is empty, the modern devices usually switch off automatically.

Tip: if you fill ice cubes into the water tank, the cooling capacity often increases even more.

Advantages of an Evaporative Cooler

A big advantage is that the price for the water cooler fan or evaporative cooler is much lower than for complete air conditioning systems. The consumption of electricity during operation is also much lower. Simple technology is used in the units, which is why they can be easily and uncomplicatedly maintained even without specialist knowledge. Spare and wear parts can also be purchased at low prices.

Water air coolers work most efficiently in an environment with dry and hot air. Through evaporation, an optimal cooling effect can be achieved in such an environment. Dry rooms are humidified and cooled, and no special requirements need to be observed with regard to insulation. No substances or gases are used that pollute the environment.

In addition, modern models usually have several power levels and remote control. During operation, the noise level of the units is very low. Following are some advantages when buying a water cooler fan:

  • Lower purchase price than for classic air conditioners.
  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Easier maintenance and installation.
  • No refrigerants such as gases necessary.

Benefits when buying a Water Cooler Fan on Klarstein

Water air coolers are much cheaper to operate, and they take up little space, work efficiently and no structural measures are necessary for installation. The design of the units is usually slim and stylish. Tower air coolers are currently in particularly high demand, as they can cool even large rooms while they are space-saving too.

With our water air coolers there come some benefits:

  • Fans with water cooling not only ensure a pleasant room temperature but also provide the right humidity. This means they can also be used in winter.
  • The fans with water cooling are available in different sizes. From small table fans for the office to large floor fans for cooling entire rooms.
  • Thanks to modern variants with App connection and remote control, it is even possible to work in a pleasant climate while travelling or in the home office.

On Klarstein you can buy high-quality water cooler fans and evaporate coolers that suit your personal needs. You can find many attractive models with different useful capacities in our online shop, that come with a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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