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With a bedroom fan or an air cooling unit for your bedroom, you can be sure of pleasant summer nights. On Klarstein there are different bedroom air conditioners available: from portable air conditioners to air coolers.

Portable air conditioners have exhaust ventilation that discharges the warm air to the outside through a window or door gap. Whilst air coolers and stand fans are portable as well as they can be placed in any corner of the bedroom. Following some things to consider when buying a bedroom fan:

  • For cool temperatures day and night, you can use air conditioners in your bedroom, but also air cooling units and bedroom fans.
  • Portable air conditioners and air coolers can be placed flexibly in the corner of the bedroom.
  • To avoid getting a cold or endangering your baby, you need to set the bedroom air conditioner correctly. The ideal temperature is 6 - 7 °C below the outside temperature.

Features to consider when buying a Bedroom Fan or Air Cooling Unit

On Klarstein you can buy different models of air coolers. With the help of some criteria, we will show you which factors are important for an air cooling unit for your bedroom. These will help you to find out how to choose the right bedroom fan or bedroom air conditioner for your needs.

The criteria for the best cooling fan include cooling capacity, energy efficiency and power consumption, noise level, ease of use, as well as refrigerant. Following some more detailed information about the individual features to consider when buying the best indoor cooler:

  • Cooling capacity:
    When buying a bedroom air conditioner, the cooling capacity is a decisive factor because it indicates how many square metres the device can cool. You can use online calculators to determine the cooling capacity of the air cooling unit based on the size of the room. The higher the cooling capacity of the device, the better the room will be cooled. Unfortunately, a high cooling capacity also means higher electricity consumption, so you should find a good balance.

  • Energy efficiency and power consumption:
    When buying an air conditioner, it is important to pay attention to the energy consumption so that your electricity bill does not increase too much. An A+++ unit consumes about 40% less electricity than a class B air conditioner. The higher the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) value, the better. The higher the energy efficiency rating, the less electricity your air conditioner will consume, e.g. the lower the cost. The better the energy efficiency, the more expensive the cooling.

  • Noise level:
    A pleasant atmosphere is very important in the bedroom, and this includes silence. A quiet bedroom fan is crucial so that it cools our warm daily lives but does not disturb us. It also enhances concentration whilst working from home.

  • Ease of use:
    Ease of use is a relevant factor when buying an air cooling unit for bedroom. There are various ways to operate an air conditioner, from remote control to Apps. The most important functions such as dimmer, humidity, temperature or recirculation, can usually be adjusted for your individual needs. Some air conditioners have a timer function that allows you to set the usage times in advance. An illuminated display can also be of great help, so that you can read the settings of the device even in the dark.

  • Refrigerant:
    Air conditioners work with refrigerants. Most are harmless to the environment, but some can be quite harmful. Flourinated gases are among the refrigerants in air conditioners that are harmful to the environment and natural refrigerants / non-halogenated refrigerants are environmentally friendly.

  • Room temperature:
    When using a bedroom fan, the difference between room and outdoor temperature should not be too significant. Your room temperature should be about 6 - 7 °C below the outdoor temperature. With kids and air conditioning in the house, you need to take certain precautions. Rapid temperature changes can weaken the immune system, so the air-conditioning temperature should be constant. During the day, the temperature in the bedroom should be around 21 - 24 °C and at night 19 - 21 °C.

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