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Discover Klarstein’s latest 7000 BTU Air Conditioners

When the hot summer makes rooms unbearably warm, the right air conditioner helps a lot. In the following overview, we provide detailed information and recommendations on the best air conditioners with a cooling capacity of 7000 BTU and more.

When you like to cool a room, you should pay attention to the technical features and energy consumption. Therefore, on Klarstein you can buy an air conditioner that is perfect for use in your home, caravan, or weekend cottage.

What does BTU mean?

To find the right air con unit, you need to get an understanding of the measurement of air conditioners. BTU means ‘British thermal unit’ and it measures the energy that indicates the cooling capacity of an air conditioner. For example, 1000 BTU per hour is approximately 293 Watts per hour.

Particularly in the case of heat pumps and air conditioners, the cooling capacity of appliances is often given in BTU. Therefore, BTU is defined as how much heat energy is needed to raise one British pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.

When we talk about BTU per hour (BTU/h) for air conditioners, we mean the cooling capacity per hour. The larger the room to be cooled, the greater the cooling capacity (BTU/h) should be. Most mobile cooling systems start at 4000 - 5000 BTU/h, while a 7000 BTU air conditioner is of average consumption.

How to choose the right BTU capacity for an Air Conditioner?

When buying an air conditioner, you should pay attention to the wattage and the BTU/h rating. In terms of air conditioning, this is referred to as cooling capacity - 1,000 BTU/h is equivalent to 293 watts. Calculations show that about 6800 BTU are needed for 20 square metres of space. Therefore, a 7000 BTU air conditioner or portable air conditioner is best suitable for small apartments that come with 46 square metres of space.

For further guidance, following a table that includes an estimated room size for air conditioners with different cooling capacities:

Cooling Capacity (BTU) Room Size Example
4,000 BTU air con 18 m² 1 room
6,000 BTU air con 28 m² Small studio
8,000 BTU air con 37 m² Studio, tiny apartment
10,000 BTU air con 46 m² Small apartment
12,000 BTU air con 56 m² Average apartment
14,000 BTU air con 65 m² 2 room apartment
16,000 BTU air con 74 m² 2 room apartment
18,000 BTU air con 84 m² 3 room apartment
20,000 BTU air con 92 m² Large 3 room apartment
24,000 BTU air con 111 m² 4 room apartment

Things to consider when buying a 7000 BTU Air Conditioner

We like to provide more information on what to consider when buying a 7000 BTU air conditioner and how you can find the best device for your needs on Klarstein. The following are important facts to consider before the purchase:

  • How many people are in the room? One person gives off 100 watts of heat, which the air conditioner must compensate for.
  • Do you have windows on the sunny side? If so, make sure you have blinds or dark curtains.
  • Should an attic or a cellar be air-conditioned? Both types of rooms have different requirements. A cellar needs much less cooling capacity than an attic.
  • Which rooms are next to, below and above the room to be cooled? For example, are there rooms that give off a lot of heat?
  • What other heat sources are present in the room? For example, light bulbs, computers, and technical devices with power supplies, such as televisions or music systems. The number of watts you need more.
  • How is the room itself insulated? Does coolness escape quickly, or does it stay in the room? Are windows regularly open or is there a draught under the doors?
  • If you are not sure of the facts, it is better to buy a unit of a larger rating. This way you can be sure that your room will be cooled according to your wishes!

On Klarstein you can buy a high-quality 7000 BTU air conditioner that suits your personal needs. Our products can be used as portable air conditioners, fans and dehumidifiers. Furthermore, Klarstein offers a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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