Fancy a quick snack?

Discover the sandwich maker in you​

We all know the phenomenon only too well: this little hunger creeps in between the large meals of the day. Especially for people with little time, quick and healthy options for preparing their favourite snacks are essential in order to stay fit. Whether for warm, cold, savoury or sweet snacks - Klarstein's kitchen gadgets provide you with simple solutions for appetizing moments in your everyday life.​


Knife sets for healthy finger food

Whether for small rolls, fruit or vegetables: everything can be sliced well and eaten quickly in passing. Our Klarstein knife sets with sharp blades, robust habitat and different sizes ensure that you can always prepare your snacks precisely and in bite-sized pieces.

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Cold cuts boxes for your snack platter

Suitable for sandwich toppings, ready-made snacks or the preparation of sliced snacks, our Glaswerk cold cuts boxes from Klarstein are the ideal addition to the knife set. Shapely, space-saving and plastic-free, they blend in with your dining table or refrigerator and also allow you to present your snacks to yourself or others.


Sandwich toaster for hearty strengthening​

If your small hunger gets a little bigger, you can make even more: There is nothing like a richly filled sandwich. From cheese and avocado to tomatoes, cucumber and honey-mustard cream, you can toast your double decker crispy on the outside and melted in the middle quickly and easily with our Klarstein sandwich makers and contact grills.

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Potato crisps as a vegetarian finger food

Don't have much time and still need to warm up your sandwich from this morning? Would you like to turn a few potato slices into deliciously crunchy crisps as a healthy after-work snack? No problem: Our Klarstein mini ovens heat up in no time and can be operated intuitively so that you can quickly devote yourself to other things. So: open the door, add the snacks, and enjoy!

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Stand mixer for quick, sweet snacks full of vitamins

Do you need a quick burst of energy in passing and don't know what to do with this one somewhat older banana along with a few grapes or mangoes? Simply mix everything with a few oats and water, juice or milk substitute and you have a delicious, sweet and healthy snack to go that will keep you full for a long time. Our Klarstein stand mixers also shred large pieces in no time and thus offer you a quick and easily digestible meal in everyday life.

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Microwave snacks for all cravings: Fancy salty popcorn or popcorn with caramel?

This is where opinions differ before gathering on the sofa to watch a film together: Are you part of the sweet or salty popcorn team? Both are deliciously addictive and can be prepared quickly with our Klarstein microwave. As an ideal addition, you can also warm up the caramel dip in it so that you are well prepared for any snack variant.

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Klarstein food storage containers for finger food to take away

Delicious snacks from morning to night on the go? Klarstein says: Definitely! Whether it's the home-made club sandwich in the morning in the office, the salad for lunch in the park, or fruit and vegetables with a few nuts to give yourself some energy on the way home - our Klarstein food storage containers make meal prep, snacking and small, healthy meals easier than ever.

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