Klarstein electric grills: durable and easy to use, for all your bbq needs

An electric grill is a type of mobile barbecue that runs on electricity and therefore does not need coal, wood or gas to cook food. You can use your electric barbecue wherever there is a power outlet: electric grills are therefore adapted to space and time requirements of city life, because they can be used in the kitchen, on the balcony of your flat or in the garden.

Electric barbecues and electric grills, in general, offer great versatility in cooking food and are often the most convenient choice for people who live in blocks of flats or condominiums, do not have a garden or do not have much space but do not want to give up the pleasure of a good barbecue. In recent years technological progress has helped manufacturers make great strides in the design and operation of electric barbecues, creating powerful, high-performance devices, meaning that the choice of an electric barbecue is no longer an obligatory fallback but a real alternative solution among the different grills on the market.

Take a look at the different electric grills in our product gallery and be inspired. When you buy a Klarstein electric grill, you can be sure that you will be able to cook your favourite dishes with a reliable device that is easy to use, easy to clean and made from durable materials.

How does an electric grill work?

Just like a gas or charcoal barbecue, an electric grill produces heat to cook food using the electricity naturally present in the home, without the need for other fuels whose use may be prohibited in a block of flats. All you need is an electrical socket and possibly an extension cord.

Although there may be variations, in most cases the heating elements (the coil) are made of a special nickel and chrome alloy acting like a large electrical resistor when current passes through it, causing it to heat up. The more electricity that passes through the coil, the more heat is produced. Using the thermostat, you can adjust the electrical power, which in the largest and most powerful models ranges typically from a minimum of 800 W to a maximum of 2000 W - 2300 W.

The great advantage of electric grills is that they do not directly produce flames, thus avoiding the other great enemy of apartment buildings, smoke. Using a smokeless indoor grill means you won’t have to give up the pleasure of a juicy grilled steak even when the temperatures are too low to use

Choosing the best indoor grill for your needs

There are different types of electric barbecues, depending on the location and use. There are outdoor electric barbecues, indoor barbecues, electric grills, the increasingly popular sandwich grills and raclette grills. Electric devices for smoking meat are also beginning becoming increasingly available.

Electric bbq for outdoor use

When considering the purchase of a large electric bbq grill, pay close attention to the thermostat, which ideally should be adjustable in small temperature increments to give you precise control, and not just low, medium or high. The most efficient models feature grease collection systems that make cleaning easier. It is important to know that an outdoor electric barbecue may still be prohibited if you live in a block of flats. Always check the building regulations, although in this case with a little common sense, no one should have any objections.

Electric indoor barbecue

Choosing a tabletop indoor electric grill suitable for indoor use allows you to enjoy a good steak or hamburger even when it is raining or in apartment blocks with particularly restrictive regulations. Although there are models of different sizes on the market, they can usually cook food for 2 to 4 people.

Very convenient, small, easy to carry and can be placed anywhere with a suitable extension cord. You can choose between a round or square grill. With this small electric grill, you can also cook indoors, and some come with a timer that allows you to program it to switch off. It is important to remember that even if an electric grill does not produce smoke, this could be generated by the food you are cooking, especially if it is particularly fatty or rich in marinade residues. Most indoor electric grills include a drip tray to catch melted fat and other liquids falling from the food you cook, and you should fill it with water.

Main features of an electric gril

The first element to consider when choosing an electric barbecue is its structure. Depending on your availability and needs, you can choose from several options. We will now look at all the aspects of the design individually.

  • Size
    The first consideration to make regarding the structure concerns the barbecue’s overall dimensions and specifically the hob. It is important to note the relationship between the electric barbecue’s actual size and the hob’s size. You can get an idea of this ratio by looking at the various products’ photos, particularly the edge width. The hob’s size is an important aspect to assess and is always expressed in the product specifications. When making your choice, we invite you to consider three aspects: the number of diners, how many and which dishes you want to cook at a time and space you have available. The hob’s width is usually not less than 25 cm and is proportionate to its length: on an electric barbecue with a width of 25-30 cm and a length of 40-50 cm you can easily cook four medium-sized steaks at the same time.

  • Weight
    Size and materials influence the electric grill’s weight. This aspect is not particularly relevant, except concerning the cooking surface (kitchen shelf, table) and the place you plan to cook. Bear in mind that if you want to use your electric grill in the kitchen and the garden, you will need a light model which is easy to transport. A slightly heavy structure helps to ensure the barbecue’s stability and may be safer in some situations. The weight can vary from a very light overall structure of around 1 kg to a more complex and important one that can weigh up to 10 kg or more. In any case, whether heavy or light, for safety reasons you should place the electric grill on a stable surface: you will therefore have to make sure that you buy an electric barbecue whose dimensions are compatible with the space you have available in the kitchen.

  • Shape and cooking surface
    Shape refers to both the structure’s overall shape and the electric grill or cooking plate’s shape. Electric grills are available in two main variants, with a rectangular or an oval shape. Evaluations of the overall dimensions of these two types are subjective, as to choose the best for your electric grill you should bear in mind the structure of your table. The cooking surface can vary from a simple metal grid to a plate with a smooth or wavy texture. The type of surface mainly influences how it is cleaned and the overall weight. Some small electric barbecues have different cooking surfaces, which have the great advantage of cooking other dishes simultaneously.
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