Klarstein bbq accesories: go the extra mile in your outdoor and indoor grilling

For some, grilling is synonymous with genuine simplicity, and to do this you just need a wood-burning fire, or at least a barbecue grill and charcoal. However, true barbecue masters consider it a real ritual, if not an art, for which a more complete equipment is required. For this reason, in specialised shops and do-it-yourself centres, it is more and more common to find professional barbecue grills that, in addition to the greater solidity of construction and care for materials, come with a wide range of bbq accessories, to cook meat and other food without distractions and in full comfort and always obtain the best result.

On Klarstein you can find a wide range of charcoal barbecues for your garden or terrace, and if you already have one, with one of our barbecue sets you could turn into a real pitmaster and impress your guests with even better results, using the power of fire to create recipes that go way beyond the usual barbecued meat. Barbecue utensils are not simply a decorative element to keep close to your grill: they greatly facilitate the whole grilling process and will allow you to obtain the desired result without effort or stress.

Dutch oven and barbecue rotisserie: aim at perfection with our bbq tools

Do you love spit-roasted chicken, pork and gyros, and you don't want to give up the crunchiness of meat cooked to the right point? The alternative to turning the meat all the time manually is our van Helsing barbecue rotisserie; its motor can be positioned on any type of grill, ensuring two rotations per minute, to cook even the best cuts in a slow, delicate way. Once you've tried it, you'll simply wonder how you managed to do without it for so long.

And if you enjoy cooking on a campfire, why not trying a Dutch oven? This pot looks similar to the others, but it is much heavier because it is made of cast iron, which allows you to put it in direct contact with the fire and cover it with embers. A Dutch oven can also be used for long cooking in the oven or on a barbecue grill, and therefore it’s ideal for the preparation of stews and other recipes based on an even distribution of the heat. Our Dutch ovens, available in different sizes, are characterised by their strong handle, which can be easily grasped even when using gloves. In our online shop, you can buy a nicely crafted Dutch oven, and you will also find spare handles.

Ensure maximum durability for your grill with our bbq covers

If you have made a substantial investment to buy an outdoor barbecue, the last thing you want is for it to deteriorate or rust. But if you leave it exposed to the weather during the off-season, it will happen sooner or later. With our Tomahawk barbecue covers, you don't have to worry. Our bbq covers are available in different sizes, and they'll keep your garden fixture in good working order for years to come.

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