Like vacationing in your own garden – an outdoor barbecue grill makes it possible

Masonry barbecue grills are real all-rounders

Outdoor barbecue grills are hugely popular, particularly during the summer, and are available in many different versions. An outdoor barbecue grill made of stone is a surefire eye-catcher in your own garden and will last forever. These grills represent a special purchase, specially developed for garden and barbecue enthusiasts alike. Even though masonry grills are priced slightly higher than comparable outdoor grills, they do offer several advantages. While the masonry grill is a somewhat bulkier and requires a relatively large amount of space compared to other types of barbecue grills, it is particularly stable and is also well protected against adverse weather conditions. If you like to barbecue frequently, have a relatively large property and enjoy inviting friends around to your garden parties, you're on to a good thing with an outdoor barbecue grill made of stone. A particular plus point is its traditional flair, but the intense aroma it gives the barbecued food shouldn't be overlooked either. An outdoor grill enclosed in masonry will also fit perfectly in a Tuscan-style garden. There's no doubt about it: Barbecues using this kind of grill are guaranteed to be good tasting affairs and this grill will certainly gain the attention of the whole neighborhood.

Traditional barbecue fun with charcoal grills

In general, charcoal grills are very suitable for the garden as they symbolize the original method of grilling food. When an outdoor grill is filled with charcoal, the special aroma is transferred to the food grilled on it. If you lack the space for a masonry outdoor grill, you're on the safe side with a classic portable charcoal grill. These can be transported outside when the weather is suitable, but can also be conveniently stowed away again and protected against the elements. Some of these grills combine a charcoal grill with a smoker. They often have several levels and therefore offer enough space for an exuberant BBQ party. Steaks, crispy sausages, ribs, fish or vegetables can be deliciously barbecued on an outdoor grill using charcoal. Anyone who would like to buy an outdoor grill should take care that it is constructed from a solid material. A stainless steel grill has the advantage of being particularly stable. The shiny metal gives it a classy look. An outdoor barbecue grill made from stainless steel distinguishes itself with its stability and can also withstand inhospitable weather conditions. In contrast to other charcoal barbecue grills, this outdoor barbecue grill doesn't need to be brought to safety when it rains. It won't rust and can be easily cleaned with a little grill cleaner.

Quick and easy with a gas barbecue grill

Gas barbecue grills are a very popular type of barbecue grill. Although hardcore barbecue fans consider that the original charm of barbecuing is lost with a gas barbecue grill, it does have a number of advantages up its sleeve which can't be ignored. A gas-powered garden grill doesn't produce any smoke or soot and therefore has much lower emissions – a fact which will particularly pleases the neighbors. And it doesn't just look great in the garden, but will also cut a fine figure on the balcony. Furthermore, there's no ash that will need to be disposed of later. Anyone looking to buy an outdoor barbecue grill should also bear in mind that gas grills heat up substantially faster than charcoal ones. A gas grill reaches full temperature very quickly and has no limits in terms of its length of use, just as long as you ensure a sufficient supply of gas. A minor drawback of gas grills is the lack of smoky taste they give to the barbecued food – something which is the decisive criterion for many barbecue enthusiasts.

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