Fruitberry Juicer Slow Juicer 400 Watt 60 rpm Ø 8.5 cm BPA-free Silver Metallic

Fruitberry Juicer

Silver Metallic Juicers 400 watt
£ 109.99 (incl. VAT)

Fruitberry Juicer

£ 109.99 (incl. VAT)
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Top features

Fruity & delicate: gentle juicer with stainless steel micro sieve

Elegant design: space-saving stainless steel housing with plastic components

Quickly filled: even with larger pieces of fruit and vegetables

Product description

Vitamin bombs made easy: With the Klarstein Fruitberry juicer, you can prepare wholesome shakes from fruit and vegetables quickly and easily. With 60 revolutions per minute, the ingredients are chopped particularly gently without being heated and robbed of their vitamins. The feed tube has a pleasantly wide opening, which makes your work easier, as you can also put in larger pieces of fruit and vegetables. Thanks to the fine stainless steel micro sieve, neither fruit residues nor seeds get into your vitamin-rich smoothies!

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  • Stainless steel housing
  • 2 plastic containers with 1000 ml capacity each
  • Vertical juicer
  • Gentle pressing process with 60 revolutions per minute
  • Incl. fine stainless steel micro sieve
  • Easy to fill, even with large pieces of fruit
  • Separate output of juice and press residues (pomace)
  • Start-stop protection - unit starts only with the filler tube in place
  • Return flow to unclog
  • Safety lock
  • Low operating noise
  • Extremely easy to clean thanks to demountable pressing unit
  • Suction cups for safe stand
  • Completely BPA-free
Fruitberry Juicer Slow Juicer 400 Watt 60 rpm Ø 8.5 cm BPA-free

Dimensions and Technical Details

  • Unit (without filler tube): 16 x 31 x 21 (WxHxD)
  • Unit (with filler tube): 16 x 52 x 21 (WxHxD)
  • Cable length: approx. 115 cm
  • Weight: approx. 4.9 kg
  • Power: 400 watts

What will be delivered

  • 1 x juicer
  • 1 x cleaning brush
  • 2 x containers
  • 1 x filler tube
  • 1 x juicer auger
  • Multilingual user manual

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Ready for delivery Shipping time: 3 - 5 days

Customer reviews

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Ich bin einfach begeistert! Die Ware war keine 24h unterwegs, das habe ich noch nie erlebt. Ich benutze das Gerät sehr oft und es hält immernoch. Mittlerweile ist diese Saft Presse zu meinem wichtigsten Gerät in der Küche geworden.

I'm just thrilled! The goods were on their way in less than 24 hours, I've never experienced that before. I use it a lot and it still holds up. In the meantime, this juicer has become my most important appliance in the kitchen.


Habe fünf reife Äpfel damit entsaftet. Es wurde zwar alles vermisst, aber eine beträchtliche Menge Mus blieb im oberen Teil der Schnecke. Eine Wiederholung erbrachte das selbe Ergebnis. Daher nur drei Punkte. Der Saft war o.k., dem Trester hatte ich keine Beachtung geschenkt, wegen dem Mus. Ich schickte das Gerät zurück, da es nicht so arbeitete wie ich es erwartet hatte. Ein geringfügig billigeres Gerät arbeitet so wie ich es wollte. Dieses hatte nur eine, größere, Einfüllöffnung. Keine mit zwei Öffnungen. Denke es lag daran. (Strömungstechnisch ungünstig)

I juiced five ripe apples with it. It was all missed, but a significant amount of mush remained in the top of the snail. A repeat gave the same result. So only three points. The juice was ok, I didn't pay any attention to the pomace because of the puree. I sent the device back because it didn't work as I expected. A slightly cheaper device works the way I wanted it to. This only had one, larger, filling opening. None with two openings. Guess it was because of that. (Unfavorable in terms of flow)


Estupenda licuadora semiprofesional, perfecta para cualquier cocina que se diseño combinando acero inoxidable y plastico, da como resultado un exprimidor de alta gama..

Montaje facil, de hecho muestro video, y funcionamiento basico, y funciona con dos velocidades. Una vez montada, solo tienes que introducir las piezas por el embudo superior y si es necesario empujar con el accesorio de empuje, al ser extraancha puedes hacer zumos incluso de piezas enteras.

Podras preparar exquisitos zumos, sin pulpa ni pepitas gracias al microtamiz de frutas y verduras, naranjas, manzanas, frutos del bosque, limones, zanahorias, apio, tomates, etc. Los zumos más tentadores son los de elaboración propia, por ejemplo frambuesa, manzana y maracuyá, fresa y kiwi o apio, pepino, espinaca y mango.

Esta licuadora| Incluye 2 jarras de 1 litro de volumen, salida independiente para el zumo y los restos de pulpa ( esta salida tal y como muestro en el video tiene un tapon de cierre independiente y cepillo de limpieza.

Great semi-professional blender, perfect for any self-respecting kitchen... its design combining stainless steel and plastic results in a high-end juicer. Easy assembly, in fact I show video, and basic operation, and it works with two speeds. Once assembled, all you have to do is introduce the pieces through the upper funnel and if necessary push with the pusher accessory, as it is extra wide you can even make juices from whole pieces. You can prepare delicious juices, without pulp or seeds thanks to the microsieve for fruits and vegetables, oranges, apples, berries, lemons, carrots, celery, tomatoes, etc. The most tempting juices are those made in-house, for example raspberry, apple and passion fruit, strawberry and kiwi or celery, cucumber, spinach and mango. This blender| It includes 2 jugs of 1 liter volume, an independent outlet for the juice and the remains of pulp (this outlet, as I show in the video, has an independent closing cap and cleaning brush.


Excelente exprimidor/licuadora, de fácil montaje y fácil uso. Empecemos por el montaje| el paquete llega con un embalaje muy grande. No os asustéis, no es que la licuadora sea enorme, es que viene muy protegida. El paquete contiene:

-2 x Vasos 1L
-1x Cepillo limpiador
-Piezas del exprimidor: Exprimidor lento con ventosas en la base, recipiente de salida, mecanismo exprimidor, filtro y recipiente de entrada/llenado (tolva).
-Manual de instrucciones disponible en español (otros idiomas disponibles: inglés, alemán, italiano y francés)

Fijas el exprimidor lento (el aparato principal) a una superficie, tiene ventosas por lo que tendrá mucha estabilidad. Ya viene con un recipiente colocado en el centro. Ese recipiente es el de salida, que tiene dos conductos, uno para el zumo (dcha) y otro para la pulpa (izq). Colocas el mecanismo exprimidor en el centro, posteriormente el filtro. Encima colocas el recipiente de llenado (llamada tolva, por donde meterás la fruta, recipiente alargado), y lo fijas girándolo. Por último colocas los vasos en los conductos de salida, y ya está. Puedes utilizar tu exprimidor.
Comenzamos con su utilización| introduces la fruta por la tolva, con el utensilio de cierre, presionamos los cachos que se queden atascados, y le damos al on. Si surgen dificultades, tienes marcha atrás para que se desatasque. Esperas un momento y tienes tu zumo en un vaso y la pulpa en el otro. ¡A disfrutar de tu propio zumo! ¡Rico y saludable!

Destacaría del producto, que tiene:
-Salida independiente para el zumo y los restos de pulpa
-Encendido/apagado de seguridad: solo arranca si está completamente montada
-Marcha atrás para desatascar restos atascados
-Cierre de seguridad, que te permite mover los trozos que se queden atrás en la tolva
-Pies de ventosa para la máxima estabilidad
-Mecanismo silencioso y fácil de desmontar para su limpieza.

Excellent juicer/blender, easy to assemble and easy to use. Let's start with the assembly | The package arrives with a very large packaging. Don't be scared, it's not that the blender is huge, it's that it comes very protected. The package contains: -2 x 1L glasses -1x Cleaning brush -Juicer parts: Slow juicer with suction cups on the base, outlet container, juicer mechanism, filter and inlet/fill container (hopper). -Instruction manual available in Spanish (other languages available: English, German, Italian and French) You fix the slow juicer (the main device) to a surface, it has suction cups so it will have a lot of stability. It already comes with a container placed in the center. This container is the outlet, which has two ducts, one for the juice (right) and another for the pulp (left). You place the juicer mechanism in the center, then the filter. On top you place the filling container (called a hopper, where you will put the fruit, an elongated container), and fix it by turning it. Finally you place the glasses in the outlet ducts, and that's it. You can use your juicer. We begin with its use| You introduce the fruit through the hopper, with the closing utensil, we press the pieces that get stuck, and we press the on. If difficulties arise, you have to reverse so that it gets unstuck. You wait a moment and you have your juice in one glass and the pulp in the other. Enjoy your own juice! Rich and healthy! I would highlight the product, which has: -Independent outlet for juice and leftover pulp -Security on/off: it only starts if it is fully assembled -Reverse gear to clear clogged remains -Safety lock, which allows you to move the pieces that stay behind in the hopper -Suction cup feet for maximum stability -Silent mechanism and easy to disassemble for cleaning.


Dans une cuisine déjà bien équipée, l'arrivée d'un nouvel appareil doit vraiment apporter un plus. Cet extracteur de jus Klarstein reçu pour un test honnête est facile à utiliser avec un résultat étonnant. Il permet de consommer toujours plus de fruits ce qui est un gros atout pour toute la famille.

Au déballage du carton, l'appareil est complet avec en plus une notice en français. L'assemblage du mécanisme est simple. Deux récipients doivent être placés sous le récupérateur de jus et sous celui de la pulpe des fruits ou des légumes.
Avec des fruits plutôt mûrs, une fois épluchés et coupés en morceaux pas trop gros, la mise en route se fait par le bouton de commande en façade (Off, On et Reverse). L'appareil n'est pas bruyant sans que le moteur de 400 W ne donne l'impression de peiner.

Utilisé avec des carottes, des pommes, des fraises ou encore des bananes, le résultat est toujours enthousiasmant avec des jus délicieux (si les fruits le sont aussi...). Le nettoyage du mécanisme d'extraction du jus est facile grâce au démontage complet.
Il est aussi parfait pour les gelées de fruits : le jus extrait des mûres permet de réussir la gelée à tous les coups.

Enfin, avec son esthétique réussi en inox, l'extracteur trouve facilement sa place sur une plan de travail de la cuisine.

In an already well-equipped kitchen, the arrival of a new appliance should really bring a plus. This Klarstein juicer received for an honest test is easy to use with an amazing result. It allows you to consume more and more fruit, which is a big plus for the whole family. When unpacking the box, the device is complete with an additional manual in French. Assembling the mechanism is simple. Two containers must be placed under the juice collector and under that of the fruit or vegetable pulp. With rather ripe fruits, once peeled and cut into not too large pieces, the start is done by the control button on the front (Off, On and Reverse). The device is not noisy without the 400 W motor giving the impression of toiling. Used with carrots, apples, strawberries or even bananas, the result is always exciting with delicious juices (if the fruits are too...). Cleaning the juicing mechanism is easy thanks to the complete disassembly. It is also perfect for fruit jellies: the juice extracted from the blackberries makes the jelly a success every time. Finally, with its successful aesthetic in stainless steel, the extractor easily finds its place on a kitchen worktop.


Der Entsafter ist fast perfekt. Aber nur fast. Der Zusammenbau ist auch nach 3 Monaten täglicher Benutzung immer noch nicht so ganz einfach. Jedes Teil muss korrekt sitzen und einrasten, sonst passt es am Ende nicht. In der Beschreibung ist der Aufbau leider auch nicht ausführlich beschrieben. Die Reinigung ist schon etwas aufwendig, aber ich hab auch alles schon in die Spülmaschine gegeben und sie haben es gut überlebt. Ich bin gespannt, wie lange das Gerät hält, denn alle Teile sind aus Plastik, das manchmal schon verdächtig knarckst, wenn man harte Früchte versaftet. Der Auslauf für den Trester ist extrem klein, so dass faserige Früchte den Auslauf sehr leicht verstopfen. Sachen wie Rhabarber oder Stangensellerie müssen ganz klein geschnitten werden, dann geht's. Ich finde toll, dass das Gerät so ein großes Einfüllrohr hat. Allerdings ist in dem Rohr ein kleiner Plastikstutzen. Dieser soll wahrscheinlich verhindern, dass man mit der Hand in das Gewinde fassen kann. Allerdings verhindert dieser auch, dass man z.B. ganze Äpfel hinein geben kann. Das finde ich ziemlich schade. Blättrige Sachen wie Salat oder Spinat lassen sich nur schwer entsaften. Sie kleben sich an die Wand des Entsafters oder wickeln sich um die Schnecke. Nichtsdestotrotz bin ich mit dem Gerät sehr zufrieden. Das Ergebnis ist immer gut, die Säfte schmecken toll und das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist top.

The juicer is almost perfect. But only almost. Even after 3 months of daily use, assembly is still not that easy. Each piece has to fit and snap into place correctly, otherwise it won't end up fitting. Unfortunately, the structure is not described in detail in the description. The cleaning is a bit time-consuming, but I've already put everything in the dishwasher and they survived it well. I'm curious how long the device lasts, because all parts are made of plastic, which sometimes makes a suspicious creaking sound when you juice hard fruit. The spout for the pomace is extremely small, so fibrous fruit can very easily clog the spout. Things like rhubarb or celery have to be cut very small, then it works. I think it's great that the device has such a large filling tube. However, there is a small plastic nozzle in the tube. This should probably prevent you from reaching into the thread with your hand. However, this also prevents you from putting whole apples in it, for example. I think that's a shame. Leafy things like lettuce or spinach are difficult to juice. They stick to the wall of the juicer or wrap around the auger. Nonetheless, I am very satisfied with the device. The result is always good, the juices taste great and the price-performance ratio is great.


Vollauf zufrieden...Super Service...Unkomplizierte Abwicklung..Nur zu empfehlen...sowohl der Shop..das Nette Personal...als auch das Gerät..

Completely satisfied...super service...uncomplicated handling...can only be recommended...both the shop...the nice well as the device...Mfg.Kundinger


Ho testato la prima volta la centrifuga, non a caso, con le arance | Questo perchè con i tradizionali spremiagrumi si ha sempre la sensazione che non vengono spremuti perfettamente, lasciando ai bordi sempre molto succo che va a finire nella spazzatura.
Grazie a questa macchina però, riusciremo a ricavarne fino all' ultima goccia.

La macchina arriva a casa ben protetta, all' interno di una doppia scatola di cartone per evitarne ogni piccolo problema durante il trasporto.
Una volta aperta la confezione principale troviamo all' interno :

- 1 Spremiagrumi con tutti i suoi componenti
- 1 Vaschetta per la raccolta del succo trasparente
- 1 Vaschetta per la raccolta della polpa, in colorazione nera
- 1 Manuale di istruzioni ben dettagliato in molte lingue : ITALIANO , Tedesco, Inglese, Francese e Spagnolo
- 1 Spazzola per pulire a fondo gli spazi più difficili da raggiungere

Prima di assemblare la macchina è opportuno lavare i componenti in acqua calda con sapone ( che non contenga prodotti abrasivi ) utilizzando una spugna o panno morbido per evitare di graffiare i componenti.
Per una corretta installazione, dovremo far attenzione che i componenti siano inseriti nel verso giusto, incastrandoli perfettamente nella zona dedicata. I passaggi si effettuano dal basso verso l' alto, quindi come prima cosa dovremo montare il Bicchiere ( con le 2 uscite dedicate al succo ed alla polpa ) - Dentro ad esso dovremo inserire il supporto per il filtro - In seguito inseriamo il filtro ( e lo facciamo combaciare con una rotella presente nella base ) - A quel punto è il momento della Trivella ( un pò più complicata da inserire ) - Per concludere poggiamo l' imbuto e chiudiamo il tutto.


Una volta che avremo effettuato i primi passaggi, ed avremo assemblato il tutto, saremo pronti per andare a centrifugare moltissimi tipi di frutta e verdura. Per far si che la macchina non subisca danni, o blocchi, dovremo togliere il nocciolo dalla frutta, la buccia dagli agrumi, dal melone, ananas e mango.
A questo punto, dopo un lavaggio accurato potremo andare a tagliare la frutta in piccoli pezzi, così da poterla inserire all' interno dell' imbuto senza problemi.
Adesso saremo pronti per azionare la macchina, ed inserendo all' interno la nostra frutta o verdura, in pochi secondi inizierà a scorrere il succo nella zona dedicata, mentre la polpa dall' altro.


Con questo tipo di macchina è possibile estrarre il succo da ogni tipo di frutta e verdura ( meglio se di stagione e che non contenga amido )
Possiamo infatti inserire all' interno anche : Sedano - Carote - Spinaci - Mele - Pere - Cetrioli - Pomodori - Banane ecc.
Per quanto riguarda gli ortaggi a foglia è consigliato mischiarli con altri prodotti che contengono maggior succo


- E' perfetta per creare centrifugati in tutti i mesi dell' anno, per chi si allena, ha bisogno di energie durante la giornata, ha bisogno di vitamine, sarà la macchina ideale, una centrifuga la mattina a colazione darà sicuramente molte più energie che un succo di frutta al bar.
- Il montaggio dei componenti è semplicissimo e veloce, le prime volte risulterà un pò scomodo, ma una volta presa la mano sarà un attimo assemblarla
- A differenza di altre macchine simili, è possibile inserire quasi tutti i tipi di frutta e verdura, per creare mix veramente particolari di gusti mai provati prima.
- Ha un livello di sicurezza altissimo, se montata correttamente sarà impossibile inserire le mani all' interno ( compresi i bambini ) ed il motore non partirà fino a che non sarà chiusa perfettamente ogni singola parte.
- Estrae tutto il succo possibile, infatti la polpa risulta secca e priva di alcun liquido all' interno
- Gli " scarti " potremo utilizzarli per concimare le piante in terrazzo o giardino, così da non buttar via niente oltre alla buccia.


- Non è un vero e proprio contro, ma ,essendo un pò troppo alta, in alcune cucine ( come la mia ) è difficile trovare un posto fi

I tested the centrifuge for the first time, not surprisingly, with oranges | This is because with traditional juicers you always have the feeling that they are not squeezed perfectly, always leaving a lot of juice at the edges which ends up in the trash. Thanks to this machine, however, we will be able to get every last drop out of it. The machine arrives home well protected, inside a double cardboard box to avoid any small problems during transport. Once the main package is opened, we find inside: - 1 Citrus squeezer with all its components - 1 Tray for collecting the transparent juice - 1 Tray for collecting the pulp, in black color - 1 Detailed instruction manual in many languages : ITALIAN , German, English, French and Spanish - 1 brush for thoroughly cleaning the most difficult to reach spaces Before assembling the machine it is advisable to wash the components in hot water with soap (which does not contain abrasive products) using a sponge or cloth soft to avoid scratching the components. For correct installation, we will have to make sure that the components are inserted in the right direction, fitting them perfectly into the dedicated area. The passages are carried out from the bottom to the top, therefore first of all we will have to assemble the Glass (with the 2 outlets dedicated to the juice and the pulp) - We will have to insert the filter support inside it - Then we insert the filter (and we make it match with a wheel present in the base) - At that point it is time for the Auger (a little more complicated to insert) - To conclude, we place the funnel and close everything. HOW IT WORKS: Once we have carried out the first steps, and we have assembled everything, we will be ready to go and centrifuge many types of fruit and vegetables. To ensure that the machine does not suffer damage or blocks, we will have to remove the stone from the fruit, the peel from citrus fruits, melons, pineapples and mangoes. At this point, after a thorough washing we can go and cut the fruit into small pieces, so as to be able to insert it inside the funnel without problems. We will now be ready to operate the machine, and by inserting our fruit or vegetables, in a few seconds the juice will start flowing in the dedicated area, while the pulp in the other. WHAT WE CAN CENTRIFUGATE: With this type of machine it is possible to extract the juice from all types of fruit and vegetables (preferably in season and which do not contain starch). In fact, we can also insert inside: Celery - Carrots - Spinach - Apples - Pears - Cucumbers - Tomatoes - Bananas etc. As far as leafy vegetables are concerned, it is recommended to mix them with other products that contain more juice. vitamins, it will be the ideal machine, a juice extractor in the morning at breakfast will certainly give you much more energy than a fruit juice at the bar. - The assembly of the components is very simple and fast, the first few times it will be a little awkward, but once you get the hang of it it will be a moment to assemble it - Unlike other similar machines, it is possible to insert almost all types of fruit and vegetables, to create truly special mix of tastes never tried before. - It has a very high level of safety, if assembled correctly it will be impossible to insert your hands inside (including children) and the engine will not start until every single part is perfectly closed. - It extracts all the juice possible, in fact the pulp is dry and without any liquid inside - We can use the "waste" to fertilize the plants on the terrace or in the garden, so as not to throw away anything other than the peel. CONS : - It's not a real con, but, being a little too tall, in some kitchens (like mine) it's difficult to find a place for


Questo estrattore utilizza il sistema di spremitura lenta per mantenere inalterate tutte le proprietà della frutta, al contrario degli altri apparecchi che si basano sul concetto di lame ad altissima velocità, creando attrito aumentano la temperatura all’interno dei cestelli causando il riscaldamento e l’ossidazione dei succhi prodotti.
Il rumore emesso dall’apparecchio in fase di erogazione è davvero basso, grazie al sistema di spremitura lenta. La manopola laterale ci permette di azionare l’estrattore in senso orario e antiorario. Il prodotto è abbastanza ingombrante, ve ne accorgerete dalla scatola, sembra fatto per creare grandi quantità si succo. La qualità dei materiali è ottima ed ogni singolo pezzo è rimovibile per essere lavato con accuratezza, è presente anche un piccolo spazzolino per facilitare l’operazione di pulizia.
Sul fondo sono presenti delle ventose che eviteranno il movimento del macchinario durante l’utilizzo anche se le vibrazioni sono davvero poche. Sono presenti anche i due boccali per contenere il succo e le ‘bucce’.
Il funzionamento e il montaggio dei rotori è davvero elementare, una volta capito il meccanismo di innesto non ci saranno giù problemi, il tutto è agevolato dal manuale utente in lingua italiana.
Vi lascio un piccolo video in cui mostro il montaggio e il funzionamento dell’apparecchio.

This extractor uses the slow squeezing system to keep all the properties of the fruit unaltered, unlike other appliances which are based on the concept of very high speed blades, creating friction they increase the temperature inside the baskets causing heating and oxidation of the juices produced. The noise emitted by the appliance during dispensing is really low, thanks to the slow squeezing system. The side knob allows us to operate the extractor clockwise and counterclockwise. The product is quite bulky, you will notice from the box, it seems made to create large quantities of juice. The quality of the materials is excellent and each single piece is removable to be washed accurately, there is also a small brush to facilitate cleaning. On the bottom there are suction cups that will prevent the movement of the machinery during use even if the vibrations are very few. There are also two jugs to contain the juice and the 'skins'. The operation and assembly of the rotors is really elementary, once you understand the engagement mechanism there won't be any problems, everything is facilitated by the user manual in Italian. I leave you a small video in which I show the assembly and operation of the device.


Vor allem im Herbst und Winter benutze ich gerne Entsafter, hauptsächlich für Äpfel. Wir haben viele davon im Garten und die kleinen Cox-Äpfel werden zu Saft verarbeitet oder enden als Apfelmus. Ich habe bisher einen herkömmlichen Entsafter mit Zentrifugaltechnik verwendet, einen Slow-Juicer hatte ich auch schon, aber nur für kurze Zeit, da war mir der Einfüllstutzen zu klein. Der Slow Juicer von Klarstein hat mich schon aufgrund der riesigen Einfüllöffnung sofort begeistert. Dafür hat er dann auch eine ungewohnt hohe Bauweise, passt aber bei uns vor die Hängeschränke, das Netzkabel ist ca. 1 m lang. Durch das Edelstahlgehäuse macht er einen hochwertigen Eindruck. Das Obst wird durch eine Press-Schnecke gedreht. Vorteil dabei ist, dass die Saftausbeute höher ist und das Gerät ist auch viel leiser und es entsteht kaum Schaum. Außerdem sollen die Vitamine und Enzyme durch diese Art des Entsaftens wesentlich schonender verarbeitet werden. * Bedienung * Der Entsafter lässt sich leicht bedienen und auch der Zusammenbau ist praktisch selbsterklärend. Das Obst muss nur grob zerteilt werden und es lässt sich zügig damit arbeiten. Ich trinke gerne einen Mix aus 3 Äpfeln, 1 Orange, 1 Banane und einer Handvoll Weintrauben. Die Saftausbeute ist sehr gut (Zubereitung + Ergebnis davon sieht man auf den Fotos), der Entsafter holt alles aus dem Obst heraus, was möglich ist. Im seitlichen schwarzen Tresterbehälter landen nur noch recht trockene Trester-Würstchen. Die Kerne von Weintrauben, Äpfeln oder sonstige harte Stückchen werden mit ausgefiltert. Die beiden Auffangbehälter sind groß genug und mit einem Griff versehen. Der Saftbehälter ist transparent und hat ein Volumen von gut 1 Liter, das reicht für eine Tagesration aus. Am Auslauf ist ein Pfropfen zum Verschließen angebracht, damit nichts heraustropft, wenn man den Behälter wegnimmt. Und das Wichtigste: Die selbstgemachten Säfte sind extrem lecker :-) * Reinigung * Die Reinigung ist im Prinzip einfach und schnell erledigt. Die Teile sind vermutlich nicht alle spülmaschinenfest, nach Gebrauch spüle ich daher alles per Hand ab. Für das feinmaschige Sieb liegt noch eine Bürste bei, das muss etwas geschrubbt werden, um die Reste zu entfernen. * Fazit * Das Gerät gefällt mir sehr gut und für kleinere Mengen an Saft (Tagesvorrat) ist es ideal. Die Säfte sind frisch, lecker und ohne Konservierungsstoffe und Zuckerzusätze. Evtl. werde ich die Rezension später noch überarbeiten/ergänzen, wenn Langzeiterfahrungen vorliegen, bisher ist es jedenfalls mein bester Entsafter. Der Entsafter wurde mir im Rahmen eines Produkttests kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt, dies hat jedoch keinerlei Einfluss auf meine Bewertung. Plus: Hohe Saftausbeute Leicht zu bedienen Sehr leise im Vergleich zu einem Zentrifugal-Entsafter Minus: vermutich sind nicht alle Teile spülmaschinenfest

Especially in autumn and winter I like to use juicers, mainly for apples. We have lots of these in the garden and the small Cox apples are made into juice or end up as applesauce. So far I have used a conventional juicer with centrifugal technology, I also had a slow juicer, but only for a short time because the filler neck was too small for me. The slow juicer from Klarstein immediately impressed me because of the huge filling opening. On the other hand, it has an unusually high construction, but it fits in front of our wall cabinets, the power cable is approx. 1 m long. The stainless steel case makes a high-quality impression. The fruit is rotated by a press screw. The advantage here is that the juice yield is higher and the device is also much quieter and there is hardly any foam. In addition, the vitamins and enzymes should be processed much more gently through this type of juicing. * Operation * The juicer is easy to use and the assembly is practically self-explanatory. The fruit only has to be roughly divided and you can work with it quickly. I like to drink a mix of 3 apples, 1 orange, 1 banana and a handful of grapes. The juice yield is very good (you can see the preparation + result of it in the photos), the juicer gets everything out of the fruit that is possible. Only very dry pomace sausages end up in the black pomace container on the side. The cores of grapes, apples or other hard pieces are also filtered out. The two collection containers are large enough and have a handle. The juice container is transparent and has a volume of a good 1 liter, which is sufficient for a daily ration. A stopper is attached to the spout for sealing so that nothing drips out when the container is removed. And the most important thing: The homemade juices are extremely tasty :-) * Cleaning * In principle, cleaning is quick and easy. The parts are probably not all dishwasher safe, so I wash everything by hand after use. A brush is also included for the fine-mesh sieve, which needs to be scrubbed a little to remove the remains. * Conclusion * I like the device very much and it is ideal for smaller amounts of juice (daily supply). The juices are fresh, delicious and without preservatives or added sugar. I may revise/supplement the review later when there are long-term experiences, so far it is my best juicer. The juicer was made available to me free of charge as part of a product test, but this has no influence on my rating. Plus: High juice yield Easy to use Very quiet compared to a centrifugal juicer Minus: Probably not all parts are dishwasher safe

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