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Hot plates

Hot plates (53)

With an induction hob, simmer and fry where you want

Cooking pleasure at any time, anywhere. This is made possible with the compact and highly practical induction hob from Klarstein. The only condition and basic requirement is an electrical outlet. Otherwise, you are completely independent with regard to the location of your culinary experiments. An induction hob from Klarstein can be easily set up on the balcony or the terrace. You can also set it up to cook or fry delicious dishes in your party garage or at a campsite without any problems.

Induction hobs with timer function for even more cooking independence

A particular advantage offered by the Klarstein VariCook XL, for example, is the possibility of timed cooking with the timer function. The desired wattage or temperature may be easily linked with the desired operating time. Once the set cooking time has expired, the hob switches off automatically. While your food simmers all by itself in front of you, you can attend to other tasks or perhaps prepare a delicious dessert for your meal.
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