Ice cube machines

Ice cube machines

Ice cube machines (25)

Ice maker for private and commercial use

What would a great drink or a sophisticated cocktail be without ice cubes? An ice machine automatically produces the cool component. As an alternative to the classic ice cube tray, an ice making machine is most suitable for a high-quality result. If you are looking for a practical, efficient and functional ice cube machine for sale, an extensive range can be found in the Klarstein online shop.

Ice machines in a private household

A small portable ice maker is ideal for home kitchens. It does not take up much space and the value for money is convincing. The ease of use ensures that the ice cubes are produced problem-free by the ice cube machine. The tedious use of a plastic container which must be placed carefully in the freezer, is now a thing of the past! The electric ice cube machine needs only water and a power outlet, the first ice cubes are then ready after only short time. Care and cleaning also function without a problem. The sophisticated technology and the components of the machine ensure that the ice cubes are completely tasteless.

If you decide to buy an ice cube maker, you can throw the next party! Fresh ice cubes are of course also welcome for all other occasions. In the summer, chilled drinks with ice are a must have, but even at other times of the year can you enjoy the convenience of having ice cubes. Visually, the chic crushed ice maker leave nothing to be desired. With a modern design, the ice cube machine does not need to be hidden away, rather it can be placed quietly on the worktop. A stainless-steel finish or an exciting colour is attractive to the eye. Modern ice cube maker operate with the touch of a button. A display on the front or a similarly convenient operating method is practical and functional.

Ice cube maker for the catering business

An ice cube machine is indispensable in the catering business. Whether in a café, in a bar or in a restaurant, ice cubes are an important element and production should be as fast and as uncomplicated as possible. Complying to hygiene regulations is also important. These standards are achieved by using a high-quality ice cube machine for the catering sector. The successful production of ice cubes is effortless and safe. If demand is on the low side, an ice cube machine that is small and handy is more than enough. Where there is high consumption of ice cubes, it is worth it buying a industrial ice maker. The output is correspondingly higher, so that even during high demand and intense activity, there are always enough ice cubes available. Klarstein offers you ice cube machines for the professional sector that work reliably and efficiently in the catering business. Depending on its features, professional ice cube machines are also suited to producing ice in flake-ice form.

Ice cubes and crushed ice are used not only for drinks but are also in demand in many other areas. Ice is ideal for cooling perishable foods. A modern cooling method is important in the food trade and the catering business. Food and ready meals stay fresh and are protected from premature deterioration by the cooling system. Ice is ideal for fish, crustaceans and shellfish that are on sale. Ice cube machines also provide a good service for buffets and for the entire catering sector.

Have a look at our range of ice cube machines at Klarstein and order the appliance that best suits your needs. Ice cube machines bought from us are of high-grade quality and delivered quickly and reliably.

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