Black Friday 2020

Diverse, modern, enticing – discover the best household appliance deals to charge your modern lifestyle when Black Friday 2020 starts.

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Top Black Friday Facts

We'll answer all your questions regarding Black Friday. You'll learn how the hype surrounding the super sale known around the world came to be, and how it got its current name.

Finally, you'll find the top 7 shopping tips on how to snag the best Black Friday deals.

How Did Black Friday Start?

The name goes all the way back to a quote from the Philadelphia Police Department in the '50s, which used the term to describe the heavy traffic and masses of people who turned out to shop on the Friday after Thanksgiving.
According to a different theory, many companies have this day to thank for a large part of their annual sales, and equally good numbers to match – writing "black numbers" in the accounting book and causing the day to go down in history as Black Friday.

What Is Cyber Monday?

Not only Black Friday, but the Monday after Thanksgiving has historically tempted shoppers with unbeatable deals. Originally thought of as the last chance for those who weren't quick enough on the weekend, Cyber Monday has established itself in Europe and, like Black Friday, can no longer be ignored as a day of serious sales volume for online businesses.

Black Friday Fun Facts

  • "Friday-after-Thanksgiving-itis" is the name of the "sickness" you get the friday after Thanksgiving when you can't come to work on account of all the bargain hunting you're doing.
  • Cheers! According to a study, 12% of American shoppers are under the influence of alcohol on Black Friday. Whether being in this state leads more often to spending freely is still unknown.
  • Who would have thought? Black Friday is the busiest day for one particular occupational group - plumbers. As bizarre as this may sound, CNN has reported that plumbers have to sally forth more often in order to deal with the "system overload" from so many customers.

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The Best Black Friday Deal Shopping Tips

1. Good planning is half the battle

Especially on Black Friday, it's not always easy to keep track of all the deals. Thus, it is a good idea to decide in advance what you want to buy, where, and what the highest you're willing to pay is.

good planing klarstein black friday

2. Not too impulsive

It's good to be spontaneous - just not on Black Friday. It is better to make your shopping dreams a reality by choosing from a small pool of deals you've chosen in advance, rather than regretting a hasty impulse purchase.

impulsive shopping black friday

3. Newsletters are a must

The best Black Friday deals are always the ones you know about. The newsletter subscribers among you will be the ones to know days in advance which deals you might find interesting. 

newsletter klarstein black friday

4. Cheap by comparison

It is advisable to compare price and performance before the big day, because not every hotly-anticipated Black Friday deal is indeed a deal. So a comparison before the big sale is a good idea. By the way, our sale starts earlier, but our lips are sealed ☺.

cheap shopping black friday

5. Christmas is coming

Be merry - because today's Black Friday deals can be tomorrow's Christmas gifts. With a bit of planning in advance, you can get all your purchases out of the way early. Believe us, you've never had such a relaxing advent!

christmas black friday

6. Well informed

If you're following us on Instagram and Facebook, you are always getting information on the latest deals. In addition to all Black Friday deals, you'll also receive info on lots of events and giveaways. Join in and never miss out again!

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7. Time for modern living

If you love household helpers, you'll get your money's worth at our Black Friday sale: Whether it's kitchen appliances, household appliances or climate control products, there are no limits here to the great prices and colourful offerings.

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