Dampflok Smoker Grill

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  • Black
  • Charcoal grill
Product number: 10030555
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Top features

  • Eye-caching design: mighty smoker frill in the form of a western steam locomotive

  • Almost indestructible due to the 3 mm thick steel sheet

  • Weatherproof due to the black high-temperature powder coating for temperatures up to 380 ° C

Product description

Full steam ahead to the land of taste! The Klarstein Dampflok smoker grill brings in a kind of radiance to grilling and provides a crowd of hungry stomachs deliciously grilled or smoked fish, meat and vegetables. It also makes every garden into a very big train station!

When the Klarstein Dampflok charcoal grill is turned on, then all of the horsepower work to bring you the full taste experience! The huge grill at first sight displays its hood made of 3mm thick steel sheets - railway fans won't be the only ones that have their hearts beating faster when watching this Dampflok in the garden. There are two large grilling areas, which will be occupied by barbecue specialties. As a result, the stomachs of the party guests are guaranteed to be filled. No matter whether you are grilling, slow cooking or smoking, everything becomes a delicacy in this oven. A practical thermometer helps to control the heat in the Klarstein Dampflock smoker at all times. The heat can be regulated with the ventilation flaps. A large shelf in from of the main grill makes barbecuing quite simple. There you can place your bowls of meat, sauces, grill cutlery or the beer bottle of the drive. Everything has space for itself. A large storage compartment under the grill accommodates fuel when you plan to having a long smoking time for trout with some liver sausage and bacon on the side.

With the Klarstein Dampflok smoker grill, partygoers will get their snarling stomachs satisfied.


  • Four large smooth-running steel wheels for easy displacement
  • Practical storage area in front of the main grill
  • Temperature can be adjusted easily via ventilation flaps
  • Storage for fuel is under the main grill
  • Wooden handles for easy opening even at high heat
  • Flue with ventilation flap to regulate the flow of smoke
  • Includes a coal pan, cooking grate and a chimney 
Product number: 10030555

Dimensions and Technical Details

  •  Dimensions: approx. 200 x 147 x 70 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: approx. 118 kg

What will be delivered

  •  1 x smoker grill (assembly kit)
  • Operations manual in English (other languages: German)

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This item is not in stock and must be reordered.