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Sooner or later the time comes when your old iron needs a replacement because it doesn't work like it used to. The first question you ask yourself is, then, which one to choose from the hundreds of models available. If you are tired of having a hard time ironing and wasting hours in this and can’t hire someone who can do this for you, it’s time to get yourself a new, reliable iron.

On Klarstein you will find some steaming irons designed to ensure high performance with minimal investment. Find out everything you need to know before purchasing a steam iron and continue to read the following paragraphs, where we provide you with some general information on the main models on the market and the different features they offer. With one of our irons, you can substantially reduce the time spent on this boring activity and always get soft, wrinkle-free clothes. Discover our offers and get your new steam iron online today!

Wet and dry steam: what is the difference?

A steam iron that runs smoothly over trousers and shirts and makes them perfect the first time is a dream, especially if so far you have been using oner that, after going back and forth, is not capable of eliminating those horrible creases and wrinkles. Steam generator irons have been on the market for several years now and more and more people are buying them because they understand its effectiveness.

In simple, compact irons without a separate boiler, the water is heated by an internal heating element inside the iron and steam escapes through the holes in the plate. Unlike boiler steaming, however, the hot air produced in this case is humid and therefore not able to penetrate completely into the fibres of the fabric. For this reason, boilerless steamers require more passes, which are essential both to smooth out the folds of the garment and to dry the moisture through the heat of the plate.

Why is a steam generator iron with boiler an excellent solution? First of all, it should be specified that this kind of iron uses thermal energy and transforms water into steam. The steaming process allows ironing with higher speed and quality. The moisture-free hot air coming out of the holes in the plate enters the fibres of the fabric evenly. The steam jet of a boiler iron is very powerful, so much so that can easily remove creases with no further effort. Moreover, the steam is dry and basically the plate serves only to adjust minor details. For this reason, generally, the plate of steam irons with boiler has a tapered tip, which allows you to iron even hard-to-reach areas such as collars and cuffs.

Next-generation steam irons with boiler: unprecedented comfort to iron your clothes

Steam generator irons with an external boiler, unlike older models, manage to generate a high quantity of steam. The flow rate is such that in a few passes the folds can be completely eliminated. On the market, there are many types of steam irons with boiler for sale, each one with its characteristics and therefore with its price. The fundamental elements that make up an ironing system with boiler: the plate, the tank and the tip. Let's see one by one what the characteristics of each element are.

  • plate: no doubt, the plate is the most important element for a steam iron and can be made of different materials, basically stainless steel, Teflon and aluminium. These alloys are the most used as they are the best in heat conduction and to prevent overheating in the iron.

  • tank: it can be internal or external. Internal tanks have reduced capacity compared to the external ones.

  • tip: irons made of aluminium are usually the best and the heat is concentrated in the tip. This feature is very useful when dealing with difficult areas such as collars and corners.

Other aspects to consider are the jet power, and the advice is to go for a model that offers a comfortable and ergonomic handle and a that is not too heavy, ideally under 2 kg. Other interesting features are the possibility of ironing on different fabrics, the anti-scale filter, overheating protection, vertical steam to iron vertical jackets and curtains, an anti-drip system and a micro steam plate with micro holes for the steam outlet.

Types of bed warmers: mat heaters and electric blankets

The term bed warmer is normally used for all products that use electricity to heat the surface of the bed. It is important to distinguish between thermal mat heaters, to be placed between the sheets and the mattress, and electric throws or blankets that replace duvets and traditional wool blankets. The former offer greater efficiency from the point of consumption, since all the heat generated by them stays in the bed, and are subject to less wear and tear over time, because they are laid on the mattress are less likely to form wrinkles.

Heated throw blankets are less efficient, as half of the heat produced is actually dispersed towards the ceiling. On the other hand, they offer more versatility, as they can also be used on a sofa replacing a normal blanket, and even when travelling, when equipped with a battery power system or with connected to the cigar lighter socket.

Irons with and without boiler: which one to choose?

Maybe you've always used a traditional iron and you are wondering whether switching to the boiler iron is an advantage. Before making your decision, consider a few points. If ironing is one of the activities you do most often in your home, then consider buying an iron with a boiler, as this will save you time and effort. Compared to traditional irons, even entry-level boiler irons allow you to have a larger tank and therefore continuous steam for a longer time.

Filling the tank fewer times will is certainly a great advantage, but also consider the type of clothes you iron more often: for shirts and clothes, then you need a boiler iron, as steam has more pressure, making for higher ironing quality. For clothes that usually require more passes, a boiler irons the passes you need to obtain a good result.

Finally, consider where you are going to iron and position your iron. If your house is big enough and you have a table where you can keep the iron, then don't think twice, this is the best choice for you. When you have everything at hand and you don't have to start the ironing process by taking the iron from the furniture, the easel, the clothes etc., the process takes significantly less time. The advantages in terms of speed and quality a steam iron with boiler offers are considerable, compared to a traditional model.

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