Klarsteins Steam Cookers : the best kitchen helper for your home

The reliable kitchen aids from Klarstein are small, practical and extremely versatile. With a Klarstein kitchen steam cooker, cooking is no longer a burden. After all, kitchen work should be fun and as easy as possible to do. In no time at all and with little effort, you can conjure up various delicacies, for example for the perfect breakfast for two. Klarstein's range of kitchen aids includes among other things:

  • Multifunctional kitchen machines
  • rice cooker
  • vacuum generator

Vacuum sealer

Flexibly usable vacuum sealers for every kitchen

Vacuum-packed foodstuffs have a much longer shelf life than those stored in open storage. In addition, the vacuum effectively protects against freeze burning. Vacuum cooking is even indispensable for various types of preparation such as sous-vide cooking. All you need is a vacuum sealer and a suitable vacuum bag. You will find both in high brand quality and at a reasonable price.

Vacuum equipment for different requirements

With a device in slim construction, for example, you decide on a very space-saving model. Nevertheless you do not have to make any compromises in terms of performance. A powerful 130 Watt power supply unit supplies the film sealing unit with sufficient power to generate a vacuum of up to -0.75 bar. A maximum suction speed of 9 l/min is thus possible. If this is not enough for you, you can opt for the Foodlocker Pro vacuum unit with brushed stainless steel surface. With comparably compact dimensions, it can extract a full 12 litres per minute. Only the Foodlocker vacuum sealer with 175 Watt power supply and a suction capacity of 16 l/min is more powerful in this format.

Convenient vacuuming

All three models are suitable for a bag width of up to 30 cm. You can use ready-made vacuum bags or produce your own bags from special film thanks to the separate seal function. In order to protect particularly sensitive bag contents such as herbs, soft fruit or liquids, it is also possible to interrupt the automatic vacuuming process manually. With the pulse function, you can then continue in batches until almost all the air has been extracted.

The built-in vibration damper ensures whisper-quiet operation, regardless of which task the vacuum generator is currently performing. To make cleaning as easy as possible, there are also collection containers for easy removal. With the enclosed 5 large and 5 small vacuum bags you can start right away and vacuum vegetables, coffee, nuts, fish, meat and much more immediately after unpacking your new vacuum sealer.

Foil sealing device of the professional class

Those who frequently vacuum like to rely on maximum performance. Here it is advisable to buy a vacuum device that can vacuum even larger bags with a width of a good 40 cm in a matter of seconds. With the Klarstein FoodLocker 650 such a model is available. It offers a powerful double pump and a remarkable 650 watts in a robust stainless steel housing. In addition, it is ready for use in a flash with a heating time of only 2 to 3 seconds. The clearly arranged control panel allows the precise control of numerous functions. In addition to the various sealing and vacuuming operating modes, this also includes its own marinating mode. The FoodLocker 650 also allows you to variably adjust the sealing time as well as use vacuum containers, bottle closures and much more via the accessory button. A power device that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of vacuuming.

Buying the right vacuum sealer

Our compact devices Foodlocker Slim, Pro and Standard offer you powerful features. At the same time, they can be easily accommodated in smaller kitchens or for occasional use with minimal space requirements. For demanding daily use and larger quantities, however, a real workhorse such as the FoodLocker 650 is an option. With all models you can not only vacuum food such as meat, but also protect many other objects from oxidation, mold and the like.

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