Tommi Children's Desk Set 2pcs. Table Chair Height Adjustable Blue Fuchsia
Tommi Children's Desk Set 2pcs. Table Chair Height Adjustable Blue Fuchsia
Tommi Children's Desk Set 2pcs. Table Chair Height Adjustable Blue Fuchsia
Tommi Children's Desk Set 2pcs. Table Chair Height Adjustable Blue Fuchsia
Tommi Children's Desk Set 2pcs. Table Chair Height Adjustable Blue Fuchsia
Tommi Children's Desk Set 2pcs. Table Chair Height Adjustable Blue Fuchsia
Tommi Children's Desk Set 2pcs. Table Chair Height Adjustable Blue Fuchsia

Tommi Children's Desk Set

66 cm Kids desk set 14.9 kg
£ 99.99 (incl. VAT)
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Tommi Children's Desk Set

£ 99.99 (incl. VAT)
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Top features

Ergonomic children's desk set consisting of a desk and chair

Ideal for all activities at the table: homework, painting, crafts, reading and much more

Healthy posture: table and chair are ergonomically shaped in such a way that the child takes a healthy physical posture

Product description

Smart set for smart kids: the oneConcept Tommi children's desk set is not only the ideal place for school assignments, hobbies or games, it is also grows along with your child!

They grow so quickly - so it’s important to always have the right furniture to fit their small size. The two-piece set of the desk and chair can be adjusted accordingly to the size of your child. Seven positions for the chair and eleven for the height of the table are available, which means that the ideal sitting and working height can be created for children with a body size of 115 to over 170 cm. And this is not the only problem that the oneConcept Tommi children's desk set solves in a skilful way. It also provides the perfect place for everything that is best done at a table: homework, painting & drawing, reading or crafting or assembling and painting the latest model airplane. For this purpose, the plastic table top can be individually aligned at an angle of 0 to 40 °. The surface is specially treated to reduce the aperture effects and reflections of sunlight and to protect the children’s eyes. A drawer with compartment provides space for storing pens, paints, craft tools, blocks or books. For even more order at the table, the desk features a side pocket hook, on which a schoolbag can be hung.

For long-lasting comfort when sitting at the desk for longer periods of time, the ergonomically-shaped seat and backrest surfaces of the chair have ventilation slots, which also ensure pleasant air circulation on warm summer days.

The smart furniture set, which grows with your child: the oneConcept Tommi children's desk set ensures healthy sitting comfort and always offers the perfect place for all work that children can do at a table.

Available versions: Tommi (blue), Annika (pink) (item 10031519)

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  • Everything in order: pull-out drawer with compartments for pens, craft tools, notebooks, blocks or books
  • No sweating: seat and leaning surface with ventilation slots for good air circulation even on warm summer days
  • Good for the eyes: surface of the tabletop treated against glare and reflection effects
  • Desk surface with safety spacer to prevent pinching of the fingers
  • Raised edge on the table top as a stop for blocks or books with tilted position
  • Pocket hook for the side hanging of satchel
  • Sturdy frame made of powder coated steel tube
  • 11 height steps for the desk: 54 to 76 cm height
  • 7 height steps for the chair: 32 to 44 cm height
  • Chairrest adjustable in two steps
  • Anti-slip rubber feet for safe standing
  • Kid-friendly cheerful design in pink
  • Recommended age levels: 3 - 10 years
Tommi Children's Desk Set 2pcs. Table Chair Height Adjustable Blue

Properties & dimensions

  • Dimensions (table, lowest level): about 66 x 55 x 47 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions (table, highest level): about 66 x 75 x 47 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions (chair, lowest level): about 36 x 67 x 48 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions (chair, highest level): about 36 x 85 x 48 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight table: about 10.2 kg
  • Weight chair: about 4.7 kg

What will be delivered

  • 1 x desk (assembly kit)
  • 1 x chair (assembly kit)
  • English user manual (other languages: German)

Delivery & shipment

Ready for shipping Delivery time: 3 - 5 workdays

Customer reviews

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Customer reviews from other countries

Tested review

Gute Qualität und sehr schnelle Lieferung

Good quality and very fast delivery

Tested review

Kam hier und da mit unschönen Kratzern an. Bin mal auf die Langlebigkeit gespannt.

Arrived with ugly scratches here and there. I'm curious about the longevity.

Tested review

Sehr toller Schreibtisch

Very nice desk

Tested review

Schöner kinder schreibtischt

Beautiful children's desk

Tested review



Tested review

Es gibt nur eine Problema die Schreibtische nicht wieder runter gehen

The only problem is that the desks don't go down again

Tested review

Bereits der 2. Tisch, nun für unseren kleineren Enkel. Nur zu empfehlen!

Already the 2nd table, now for our smaller grandson. Only to be recommended!

Tested review

Sehr stabil, einfach aufzubauen, gute Beschreibung dabei und unsere Tochter ist begeistert

Very stable, easy to set up, good description included and our daughter is thrilled

Tested review

Die Aufbauanleitung ist sehr übersichtlich und leicht verständlich. Damit ist ein wirklich schneller und unproblematischer Aufbau möglich. Der Schreibtisch und der Stuhl sind von der Farbe her weis/pink, also perfekt für kleine Prinzessinnen wie meine Tochter. Sie haben eine wirklich sehr gute Qualität und sind, sehr stabil was ich bei Möbeln für Kids sehr wichtig finde. Die Verarbeitung ist tadellos, keine scharfen Kanten oder spitze Ecken habe ich gefunden. Eine wirklich Kindgerechte Ausführung. Die Höhenverstellbarkeit beim Schreibtisch und dem Stuhl ist ein großes Plus, somit kann ich die Höhe an meiner Tochter perfekt anpassen. Der Schreibtisch hat viel Stauraum für Stifte, Zeichenblätter usw., sowie ein seitlicher Haken für den Ranzen ist vorhanden. Kurzum das Set sieht gut aus, hat eine gute Qualität, ist Kindgerecht und passt perfekt in unser Kinderzimmer.

The assembly instructions are very clear and easy to understand. This allows for a really quick and unproblematic set-up. The desk and chair are white/pink in color so perfect for little princesses like my daughter. They are of really good quality and are very stable, which I think is very important when it comes to furniture for kids. The workmanship is impeccable, I didn't find any sharp edges or pointed corners. A really child-friendly version. The height adjustability of the desk and the chair is a big plus, so I can adjust the height perfectly for my daughter. The desk has plenty of storage space for pens, drawing paper, etc., and there is a side hook for your satchel. In short, the set looks good, is of good quality, is suitable for children and fits perfectly into our children's room.

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