Titania Dining Lounge Garden Set

£ 1049.99 (incl. VAT)
  • 195 cm
  • Garden furniture
  • 20.3 kg
Product number: 60002533
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Top features

  • Seating set with plenty of space: poly rattan corner couch with 3 stools and dining table for dinner parties in the garden or on the terrace

  • Extra soft: 8 cm thick seat cushions and 20 cm thick cuddly pillows

  • Feast and relax: up to 7 seating places for family or friends

Product description

Welcome to the Courtyard of the Fairy Queen: when the Blumfeldt Titania Dining Lounge Set garden table set comes out for a festive dinner, the garden or terrace turns into a banquet hall in the countryside. Relax and feast in the fresh air with the whole family and dear friends.

With the Blumfeldt Titania Dining Lounge Set seating group, every family member will find their own cosy place in the great outdoors: on the corner sofa with four seats or on one of the three stools - up to seven people can make themselves comfortable at the large dining table and enjoy their time together thanks to Family Comfort. The cuddly soft seat cushions add to the comfort, leaving nothing to be desired in terms of relaxation thanks to their 8 cm thickness. You are then completely taken care of by the five fluffy couch cushions with a thickness of 20 cm - you will immediately feel like you have been transported to Cloud 9. The large dining table of the Blumfeldt Titania Dining Lounge Set dining area is also very practical: on its large 120 x 55 cm, break-resistant glass top there is plenty of space for refreshing drinks, delicious snacks or whole coffee settings - and with a simple wipe, all traces of the festival are gone again.

So that you can enjoy the Blumfeldt Titania Dining Lounge Set garden furniture for a long time, the pieces of the set are weatherproof and extremely sturdy: the steel frames are fully galvanised and powder-coated. As a result, they defy any hint of rust. The basket-woven poly rattan is UV resistant and extremely durable. The covers made of 100% polyester are water-repellent and can be washed if necessary. A rain cover completes the set and protects it when not in use against the weather, such as rain or dust. And if the cosiness is not enough, you can simply add more cushions.

Turn the garden into a living room in the countryside: with the Blumfeldt Titania Dining lounge set you are at home in the Midsummer Night's Dream!


  • Durable cover made of UV-resistant poly rattan in basket weave look
  • Includes five soft pillows
  • Couch with half-high back and armrests
  • Coffee table with 120 x 55 cm storage space
  • Additional pillows available in each colour
  • Height-adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors
  • Material upholstery & cushion covers: 100% polyester (220 gsm); suitable for hand washing
  • Material rain cover: 100% polyester; wipeable
  • Colour poly rattan: black
  • Colour cushions & cushion covers: light grey
Product number: 60002533

Dimensions and Technical Details

  • Dimensions couch: approx. 195 x 74 x 142 cm (WxHxD)
  • Couch seat (without back cushions): approx. 257 x 49 cm (WxD)
  • Dimensions stool: approx. 35 x 35 x 35 cm (WxHxD)
  • Sitting area stool: approx. 35 x 35 cm (WxD)
  • Seat height (without / with seat cushion): approx. 36/46 cm
  • Backrest couch (without / with seat cushion): approx. 40/30 cm
  • Dimensions table: approx. 125 x 70 x 60 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions cushion: approx. 40 x 40 x 20 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions couch cover: approx. 129 x 8 x 49 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions of pillowcase: approx. 40 x 40 cm (WxH)
  • Dimensions stool cover: approx. 35 x 8 x 35 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions rain cover: approx. 194 x 76 x 143 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight (couch): approx. 20.3 kg
  • Weight (table): approx. 13.2 kg
  • Weight (stool): approx. 2.9 kg
  • Weight (cushion): approx. 0.4 kg each
  • Weight (seat cushion stool): approx. 0.3 kg
  • Weight (seat cushion couch): approx. 1.4 kg each
  • Weight couch cover: approx. 460 g
  • Weight stool cover: approx. 120 g
  • Weight pillowcase: approx. 90 g each
  • Weight pillowcase: approx. 800 g each

What will be delivered

  • 1 x corner couch (mounting kit)
  • 3 x stool (mounting kit)
  • 1 x dining table (mounting kit)
  • 2 x couch seat cushion
  • 3 x stool seat cushions
  • 5 x pillows
  • 2 x cover couch
  • 5 x cover cushions
  • 3 x cover stool
  • 1 x protective cover
  • Assembly instructions in English (other languages: German)

Delivery & shipment

This item is not in stock and must be reordered.

Customer reviews
5 Ratings

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Die Gartenlounge wurde geliefert für insgesamt 600 Euro inklusive Lieferung. Es gibt auf jeden Fall hochwertigere Gartenmoebel, besonders die Tischbeine sind sehr schlank, filigran. Dennoch muss man sagen dass der Kissenbezug robust ist, die Kissen sind angemessen dick (habe schon dünnere bei diversen Baumärkten gesehen), die Optik ist ansprechend. Wer nicht die absolute Topqualität haben muss, ist mit dem Set zu dem Preis gut bedient. Preis-Leistung ist absolut fair.

The garden lounge was delivered for a total of 600 euros including delivery. There are definitely higher quality garden furniture, especially the table legs are very slim, filigree. Nevertheless, one has to say that the pillowcase is robust, the pillows are appropriately thick (I've seen thinner ones at various hardware stores), the look is appealing. If you don't have to have the absolute top quality, you are well served with the set at the price. Value for money is absolutely fair.


Wir haben uns nach langem Suchen und Vergleichen für diese Lounge-Ecke von blumfeldt entschieden, weil sie u. A. eine der wenigen war, die auf unseren Balkon in die dafür vorgesehene Ecke passte. Zudem schienen uns die Polster ausreichend dick und der Rest insgesamt recht wertig. Dieser Eindruck bestätigte sich zunächst nach dem ersten Auspacken, entpuppte sich aber schnell als Trugschluss. Zunächst war der Aufbau recht schwierig, weil einzelne Bauteile falsch beschriftet waren, was für etwas Verwirrung und Verzögerung auf Grund eines kurzzeitigen Falschaufbaus gesorgt hat. Dies ließ sich aber richtig stellen. Dann waren viele der vorgesehenen Schraublöcher in den Rahmengestellen nicht optimal, d.h. so groß, dass die Unterlegscheibe durchzurutschen drohte. Wir mussten an manchen Stellen eigene/größere Unterlegscheiben verwenden. Die Schrauben allerdings waren hochwertig und ausnahmslos stabil. Als völliger Fehlgriff entpuppten sich allerdings die Bezüge und vornehmlich deren Reißverschlüsse, die schon bei leichter Belastung raussprangen und sich nicht mehr reparieren ließen. Nachdem wir alles einigermaßen ordentlich aufgebaut hatten, reklamierten wir ein Bauteil, dass sich durch den anfänglichen Falschzusammenbau an einer Stelle verzogen hatte sowie die Bezüge. Dieser Prozess der Reklamation zog sich jedoch recht lange hin und wir bekamen zögerliche Rückmeldung sowie nicht gehaltene Zusagen. Erst als ich den Service-Chat auf der Homepage nutzte, half mir ein sehr kompetenter und freundlicher Service-Mitarbeiter weiter und versprach mir neue Bezüge sowie eine kleine Teilrückerstattung, die ich annahm. Somit haben wir nun unseren neuen Bezüge, die mittlerweile bessere Reißverschlüsse vernäht haben sowie eine akzeptable Preisreduzierung, die am Ende alles wieder gut gemacht haben. Insofern kann ich dank des guten Services durch den Chat, die Preisreduzierung und die am Ende unkomplizierte Bereitstellung neuer Bezüge vier Sterne vergeben. Wenn ich mir allerdings den derzeitigen Preis von 999 € für die komplette Sitzecke ansehe, wären das für mich nicht mal 3 Sterne wert. Wir haben knapp die Hälfte bezahlt. Fazit: Was lange währt, wird endlich gut. Und wir haben gelernt, immer antisaisonal zu kaufen. Balkonmöbel im Winter, Heizstrahler im Sommer, ansonsten sind die Preise nicht mehr zu rechtfertigen und überteuert.

After a long search and comparison, we decided on this lounge corner from blumfeldt because, among other things, it was one of the few that fit in the corner provided on our balcony. In addition, the cushions seemed sufficiently thick and the rest was quite valuable overall. This impression was initially confirmed after the first unpacking, but quickly turned out to be a fallacy. At first the construction was quite difficult because individual components were labeled incorrectly, which caused some confusion and delay due to a brief incorrect construction. But this was corrected. Then many of the screw holes provided in the frames were not optimal, ie so large that the washer threatened to slip through. We had to use our own/larger washers in some places. However, the screws were of high quality and invariably stable. However, the covers and especially their zips turned out to be a complete mistake, as they jumped out even under light pressure and could no longer be repaired. After we had assembled everything reasonably properly, we complained about a component that had warped in one place due to the initial incorrect assembly, as well as the covers. However, this process of complaints dragged on for quite a long time and we received hesitant feedback and promises that were not kept. It was only when I used the service chat on the homepage that a very competent and friendly service employee helped me and promised me new purchases and a small partial refund, which I accepted. So we now have our new covers, which have meanwhile sewn better zippers and an acceptable price reduction, which in the end made up for everything. In this respect I can give four stars thanks to the good service through the chat, the price reduction and the uncomplicated provision of new covers in the end. However, if I look at the current price of 999 € for the complete seating area, that would not even be worth 3 stars for me. We paid almost half. Conclusion: What takes a long time will finally be good. And we have learned to always buy anti-seasonally. Balcony furniture in winter, radiant heaters in summer, otherwise the prices are no longer justifiable and overpriced.


The set was not the easiest to put together but also not the hardest weve had! The color is lighter than the picture and the material is a little rough to the touch. The cushions are the highlight as they are thick and the color is very nice. It is smaller than we had imagined and the table isnt big enough to eat on. It is just good for drinks or light snacks. Overall we like the set all together and for value for money is great.

The set was not the easiest to put together but also not the hardest weve had! The color is lighter than the picture and the material is a little rough to the touch. The cushions are the highlight as they are thick and the color is very nice. It is smaller than we had imagined and the table isnt big enough to eat on. It is just good for drinks or light snacks. Overall we like the set all together and for value for money is great.


Die Lieferung hat fast 2 Wochen gedauert. Kann passieren. Lieferung kam in 3 Einheiten zu unterschiedlichen Zeiten (Tagen). Hätte man ankündigen können. Das Markierungen der Einzelstücke vertauscht werden, ist menschlich und nach kurzer Zeit ist es uns aufgefallen. Was gar nicht geht ist die Qualität der Bezüge bzw. vom Reißverschluss. Bei 5! Bezügen ist der Reißverschluss wieder aufgegangen und ließen sich nur mit sehr viel Fummelei zusammenfügen. Zusammenbau war grundsätzlich OK, aber die Anleitung hätte detaillierter sein können. Für den Preis noch OK, obwohl dieser innerhalb von 2 Wochen um 40 Euro gestiegen ist.

The delivery took almost 2 weeks. Can happen. Delivery came in 3 units at different times (days). could have been announced. The markings of the individual pieces are mixed up is human and we noticed it after a short time. What doesn't work at all is the quality of the covers or the zipper. At 5! The zipper on the covers has come open again and could only be put together with a lot of fiddling. Assembly was basically OK, but the instructions could have been more detailed. Still OK for the price, although it has increased by 40 euros within 2 weeks.


Habe sie für unseren Balkon gekauft. Musste nur meinen kleinen Tisch stehen lassen, da der Tisch zu groß für unseren Balkon ist. Ist aber nicht schlimm, da dieser zu meiner ehemaligen Sitzgruppe passt und ich diese auf der Terrasse im Garten aufgestellt habe. Muss echt sagen, dass ich absolut glücklich mit der Sitzgruppe bin. Zusammenbau war auch nicht schwer. Sie ist sehr stabil, Auflagenbezüge sehr qualitativ. Alles in Allem sehr zu empfehlen.

Bought them for our balcony. Just had to leave my small table as the table is too big for our balcony. But it's not bad, because it fits my former seating area and I placed it on the terrace in the garden. I really have to say that I am absolutely happy with the seating group. Assembling wasn't difficult either. It is very stable, cushion covers are of very high quality. All in all very recommendable.