Herakles 8G Kitano Power Blender Knife Set

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Top features

  • High-performance professional set: high-performance blender with 1800 W power (2.4 hp) in a set with 8-piece knife set

  • Heavy-duty blender: blends at up to 38,000 rpm, perfect for making smoothies, soups & baby food, crushed ice or grinding nuts

  • Healthy for the whole family: 2-litre BPA-free pitcher

Product description

The perfect team-up: the kitchen god for healthy nutrition is now armed with precision blades. Now the Klarstein Herakles 8G high-performance blender comes in a set with the 8-piece Kitano knife set - it can’t get any sharper!

Our strongest in the kitchen: no compromises with the high-performance powerhouse for the best mixing results.

Fruity-fresh smoothies, finely minced ingredients and perfectly mixed drinks or soups - the Klarstein Herakles 8G blender copes with all the tasks the kitchen gods ask of him. Thanks to his incredible strength, he is also the right man for all heavy-duty shredding in the kitchen. The powerful engine delivers up to 38,000 revolutions per minute with 1800 watts / 2.4 hp power - barely possible to have more power! The 6 razor-sharp high-performance blades also cut hard ingredients such as ice cubes, coffee beans or vegetables that other blenders have long since surrendered to. The high speeds combined with the sharp blades also ensure that as many cells as possible are split. This guarantees the maximum amount of vitamins and chlorophyll in your Green Smoothies!

Only the best for the family - delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Among the Greeks, Herakles was the god of recovery and protector of sports facilities. As such, it goes without saying that we deliberately avoid the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) in the manufacture of Klarstein Herakles 8G power blender. This way, we make sure that the healthy ingredients in the break-resistant plastic mix jug stay healthy! Whether for personal use, for friends & family or at the juice bar: with 2 litres of capacity, you never have to do half the job as it offers enough space for almost every recipe. Vertical inner ribs ensure the turbulence of the ingredients inside and prevent them from sticking to the mixer wall, resulting in extremely homogeneous blending results.

Ease of use is the name of the game - for a multitude of applications.

No matter what trial the gods imposed on him, Herakles did it with ease. Cooking can go just as easily for you! For an overview of results and ease of use, we have equipped the Klarstein Herakles 8G high-performance blender with a simple touch control and a digital display. This way, you can easily increase or decrease the speed and mixing time at the touch of a button: slow speed for coarse chopping like chopping onions or meat, and high speeds for pureeing and mixing smoothies or baby food. Here, the individual preparation is guaranteed. If you don't want to have to worry about settings, you can simply use one of 7 programs and directly preset the right speed and mixing time - it could not be easier. For short-term peak performance, the pulse button is also available. Spills and spraying are a thing of the past thanks to the fixed lid. Through its closable opening, additional ingredients can be added during the mixing process. It is also easy to clean, as the cutting unit can be easily separated from the pitcher - the Herakles is made pure and clean after every job!

Sharp, sharper, Kitano - the precision knives for the kitchen.

For easy preparation of your ingredients, the Klarstein Kitano knife set is the best partner: whether for cutting, peeling or filleting, here you always have the right knife at hand. 7 blades of hardened steel are the ideal tools for chopping, boning, filleting, chopping and shredding. Thanks to their light weight and ergonomically slim-shaped handles, they are easy to hold even with small hands. For tidy storage, a suitable wooden block is readily available. Visually, the knife set impresses with its Far Eastern Japanese design.


Properties blender:

  • Break-resistant container
  • Mixing jug with inner struts to improve the shredding results
  • Metal coupling between motor and mixing jug for best power transmission
  • Individually adjustable speed and mixing time
  • 7 pre-set programs: Sauces, Grind, Fruits, Bisque, FIB, Meat, Grain
  • Simple deep cleaning: screw-off cutting unit guarantees cleanliness right down to the last crevice
  • Isolated ball bearing
  • Rubberized can holder for easy putting on and taking off
  • Sealed rubber lid with lockable refill opening
  • Large plastic plunger for safe feeding of the ingredients to the blades
  • Powerful motor with overheating protection
  • Pulse button for short-term peak performance
  • Secure stance thanks to non-slip rubber feet
  • Power supply: 220-240V ~ | 50/60 Hz

Properties knife set:

  • 8-pc knife set in Japanese design
  • Precision blades made of hardened blade steel
  • Ergonomically shaped and slip-resistant handles
  • Floor slits in the knife block prevent bacteria from forming
  • Practical wooden block for tidiness in the kitchen
  • Plexiglas cover and guided insertion slots to protect the blades
  • Easy storage of long knives: always at hand and safe
  • Blades made of stainless steel (X30Cr13)
  • Care instructions: clean the blades with a damp cloth immediately after use
Product number: 60002212

Dimensions and Technical Details

Dimensions blender:

  • Dimensions: about 22 x 46.5 x 23.5 cm (WxHxD)
  • Cable length: 140 cm
  • Weight: about 5.4 kg

Dimensions knife set:

  • Dimensions knife block: about 20 x 22.5 x 10.5 cm (WxHxD)
  • Chef's knife about 20.5 cm
  • Bread knife about 20.5 cm
  • Filleting / ham knife about 21 cm
  • Universal knife about 13 cm
  • Small chef's knife about 12.5 cm
  • Santoku knife about 11 cm
  • Paring knife about 8.5 cm
  • Total weight: about 2 kg

What will be delivered?

  • 1 x device base
  • 1 x blender
  • 1 x plunger
  • English-language operating instructions (other languages: German)
  • 1 x knife block
  • 1 x chef's knife about 20.5 cm
  • 1 x bread knife about 20.5 cm
  • 1 x fillet / ham knife about 21 cm
  • 1 x universal knife about 13 cm
  • 1 x small chef's knife about 12.5 cm
  • 1 x Santoku knife about 11 cm
  • 1 x paring knife about 8.5 cm

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