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In the past, there was a choice to be made: Either ceiling light or ceiling fan. Fortunately, things are different today. Thanks to ceiling fans with light, the fresh breeze can be combined with bright lighting. The magic lies in the middle of the fan, as many devices have built-in lights. This is practical because there are two ceiling units in one.

Lights with plain white light are available as well as models with LED lights so that you can not only switch the lights on and off but also set different colours via an included remote control. Therefore, you can operate the different rotation speeds and light options from any position in the room. On Klarstein you can buy from a variety of modern ceiling fans with light and remote control. The 2-in-1 products are practical and prove that you don't have to compromise between comfort and functionality.

Advantages of Ceiling Fans with light and remote control

The motto on hot days: Don't move. When you finally find the right position to fall asleep, you don't want to get up to turn off the fan. That is why ceiling fans with light and remote control have become a popular standard. Cosy light and pleasant temperatures at the touch of a button - that sounds like an all-round carefree package for your home. Depending on the model, you can use the remote control to control the functions for ventilation and lighting separately from each other. Following some advantages when using a ceiling fan with lighting and remote control:

  • Switch the ceiling fan on and off flexibility
  • Regulate the running speed
  • Switch the light on and off flexibility
  • Dim the light as you prefer

If you are looking for a ceiling fan to help you sleep on hot summer nights, but you don't want it to run all night, you can solve this problem with a ceiling fan with lights and timer function. On Klarstein you can choose from different ceiling fans that can be controlled via App. Just like with a timer, you can set a time via the App at which the ceiling fan automatically switches off. This is not only practical but also energy-saving.

Benefits when buying a Ceiling Fan with lights on Klarstein

Besides the many advantages of the practical nature that a ceiling fan with light offers compared to a ceiling fan without light, the versions with integrated lighting are also nice to look at in terms of LED lighting and design. Since the summers are getting hotter and hotter, the range of these devices has grown considerably - and with it the variety in terms of design.

Whether you are looking for ceiling fans with light in a retro look or modern ceiling fans made of wood. On Klarstein you can find models of ceiling fans in different styles that include smart home functions. Following some important benefits when buying a ceiling fan with lights:

  • Advantages of a ceiling fan with light
  • Space on the ceiling is saved
  • Only one ceiling connection required
  • Saves the cost of a second ceiling connection
  • Attractive appearance: fan is disguised as a light
  • Usually more affordable than two separate units

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