Sous-vide cooker

Cooking to precision!

Sous-vide – the most tender way to cook

The sous-vide cooking process is a gentle preparation method for meat, fish and vegetables. The food is infused with spices or marinade with a vacuum bag and cooked to precision at low temperatures in the water bath of the sous-vide cooker.

Sous-vide: step by step

The sous-vide experience: juicy steaks, al dente vegetables and tender fish. Thanks to the sous-vide method, meat, fish and vegetables develop their full flavour with perfect consistency. The preparation of food using the sous-vide cooking method is very easy:

  • Wash, cut, season and marinate meat, fish or vegetables according to your taste
  • Pack food in a vacuum bag and vacuum seal
  • Adjust the water temperature and preheat the sous-vide cooking device
  • Set the cooking time and temperature precisely and cook at the exact temperature
  • Free delivery, no minimum order
  • 60 day cooling off period


Pleasure starts with cooking

  • Sous-vide cooker with a power of 520 watts and maximum volume of 6 litres
  • The coated aluminium inner pot ensures even temperature distribution
  • Temperature range: 45-90 ° C in 1 ° C steps with minimal deviations of 0.5 ° C
  • Cooking time setting in 30 minute steps selectable up to 72 hours
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Sous-vide cooking like the pros

  • Sous-vide cooker with a power of 550 watts and a maximum volume of 6 litres
  • The coated aluminium inner pot ensures even temperature distribution
  • Temperature range: 40-90 ° C in 1 ° C steps with minimum deviations of 1 ° C
  • Cooking time setting in 10 minute steps with cooking times of 1 - 24 hours
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Steam cooking in a water bath

  • Latest temperature control technology ensures minimal deviations of ± 0.1 ° C
  • Slow cooking mode and sous-vide mode with 4 to 16, or 1 to 24-hour timer
  • Three slow cooking modes: automatic, keep-low level, keep-high level
  • Coated aluminium insert provides uniform temperature distribution
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Precision for the smallest kitchen

  • Bring the cooking process into even the smallest kitchen or flexibly to family or friends
  • Despite compact dimensions, cook food gently within a very short time
  • Comfortable, easy attachment on the cooking pot by holder handle
  • To-the-minute precision: determine the cooking time so that all the nutrients and flavours are retained during cooking
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Cook to precision:
Meat, fish and vegetables from the sous-vide cooker

Sous-vide cooker

The Jacuzzi sous-vide cooker ensures
the best possible taste development.

For sous-vide cooking

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