[Refurbished] Cucinata Induction Hob

£ 80.99 (incl. VAT)
Product number: 53034503
Cucinata Induction Hob
£ 80.99 (incl. VAT)
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Refurbished: Repackage with small signs of use

Warning: this item is a repackaged item or an item with minor packaging damage or signs of use.
The article has been checked for full functionality. We offer a 1-year warranty.

Top features

  • Luxury for the kitchen: elegant induction hob with glass ceramic surface

  • Powerful heat: total output of 3100 watts in two cooking zones, each with 1800 and 1300 watts of individual output

  • Precision cooking: adjustable power in 10 stages of 200-1300 watts and 60-240 ° C


  • Power consumption: 3100 W (1800 W + 1300 W)
  • Adjustable temperature: 60-240 ° C
  • Timer: 1-180 minutes
  • Power supply: 220-240V ~ | 50/60 Hz
Product number: 53034503

Dimensions and Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 60 x 8 x 37 cm (WxHxD)
  • Power cable length: 120 cm
  • Weight: approx. 5.1 kg

What will be delivered

  • 1 x induction hob
  • English user manual (other languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian)

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Customer reviews
31 Ratings

Love this. I'm new to induction so still getting used to cooking on it, but just being able to set and forget my moka coffee maker for 1200W for 4 minutes is fantastic!

It's a bit too sensitive to airflow restrictions at the front; sometimes just briefly standing in front of the hob can cause it to error.

I am probably fine with 2 cooking zones but it would be nice if there was a matching single unit if I decide I need a third.


Contente de mon achat un peu de bruit pour les ventilateurs sa chauffe très vite c'est arrivé avec 2 cartons d'emballage rien a dire

Happy with my purchase a little noise from the fans it heats up very quickly it arrived with 2 packaging boxes nothing to say


Schnelle Lieferung. Ausgepackt, Beschreibung durch gelesen. Und gekocht. Wichtig für mich war die Kindersicherung. Wenn man den Topf herunter nimmt,geht der Elektroherd aus. Ich bin älter und ich fühle mich sicher

Fast delivery. Unpacked, read the description. And cooked. The child safety lock was important to me. If you take the pot down, the electric stove goes off. I'm older and I feel safe


Sicherheit Schnelle Lieferung. Ausgepackt, Beschreibung durch gelesen. Und gekocht. Wichtig für mich war die Kindersicherung. Wenn man den Topf herunter nimmt,geht der Elektroherd aus. Ich bin älter und ich fühle mich sicher

Safety Fast delivery. Unpacked, read the description. And cooked. The child safety lock was important to me. If you take the pot down, the electric stove goes off. I am older and I feel safe


immer gerne wieder

It was a pleasure





rien à dire vraiment tres pratique pour transporter partout !! facile . sauf petit bruit mais c'est normal . sinon je suis content de l'acheter .

nothing to say really very practical to carry everywhere!! easy . except for a little noise but that's normal. Otherwise I'm happy to buy it.


Le produit est de grande qualité et le prix est plus que correct. Facile à utiliser, un bruit assez fort mais que l'on oublie très vite. Le service client est très professionnel et rapide. Je recommande vivement.

The product is of great quality and the price is more than fair. Easy to use, quite loud noise but which you quickly forget. Customer service is very professional and fast. I highly recommend.


ATTENTION : L'article reçu n'est pas le modèle proposé. Sensiblement identique sauf que la plaque en verre sur le dessus est en deux parties, dessins différents. (voir photo) Boutons différents également. Néanmoins, Cet appareil est très beau et robuste. Il se nettoie facilement. L'utilisation est très facile. je règle la puissance pas la température. Je ne me sert pas du minuteur. Il faut surveiller la cuisson car l'eau bout à 1200 W assez vite. Pour le réchauffage de plat, je mets 650, voire 450 et je n'hésite pas à remuer les aliments. Pour la soupe c'est génial, les légumes sont cuits en 12 minutes. Cet appareil me fait gagner du temps. Les ventilateurs ne sont guère bruyants. Ma hotte aspirante fait elle beaucoup plus de bruit. IMPORTANT : retirer la prise après avoir éteint l'appareil. Superbe achat que j'espère garder longtemps.

PLEASE NOTE: The item received is not the model offered. Substantially identical except that the glass plate on top is in two parts, different designs. (see photo) Different buttons too. Nevertheless, this device is very beautiful and robust. It cleans easily. It is very easy to use. I adjust the power not the temperature. I don't use the timer. You have to watch the cooking because the water boils at 1200 W quite quickly. For reheating dishes, I use 650, even 450 and I don't hesitate to stir the food. For soup it's great, the vegetables are cooked in 12 minutes. This device saves me time. The fans are not very noisy. My extractor hood makes a lot more noise. IMPORTANT: Remove the plug after turning off the device. Superb purchase that I hope to keep for a long time.


Très facile à prendre en main Pour le moment ça va faire un mois et demi que je l’utilise et je suis très satisfait la montée en température est rapide et facile à déplacer Dans la cuisine

Very easy to use For the moment I have been using it for a month and a half and I am very satisfied the temperature rise is quick and easy to move In the kitchen


tres bien

three good


Entgegen des Fotos ist die Oberfläche geteilt. Die Einstellungen sind recht unkomfortabel. Die Wärmeleistung ist wie erwartet gut. Es funktioniert, aber würde ich nicht wieder kaufen.

Contrary to the photo, the surface is divided. The settings are quite uncomfortable. The thermal performance is good as expected. It works but I wouldn't buy again.


This hob is quite large, so be prepared for that. It works efficiently, has two roomy sensor areas, and the controls are responsive. A useful extra cooking area for the kitchen.

This hob is quite large, so be prepared for that. It works efficiently, has two roomy sensor areas, and the controls are responsive. A useful extra cooking area for the kitchen.


Zuerst muss ich sagen alle die etwas zu bemängeln haben das die Geräte immer besser werden! Das Gerät macht was es soll und das sehr schnell und die Handhabung ist schnell erlernt! Es hat einige Extras wie Zeituhr aber schon aus normaler Sicherheit sollte man beim benutzen dabei bleiben! Wir sind sehr zufrieden das gerät arbeitet schneller als unsere Kochplatte in der Küche! Ganz klare Kaufempfehlung !!!

First I have to say to everyone who has something to complain about that the devices are getting better and better! The device does what it is supposed to do and it does it very quickly and you can quickly learn how to use it! It has some extras like a timer but just for safety you should stick with it while using it! We are very satisfied the device works faster than our hot plate in the kitchen! Very clear purchase recommendation !!!


Alles Super, wie von mir gewollt.

All great, as I wanted.


Alles gut.

Everything's ok.


Je suis très satisfaite de cette plaque, je m'en sert tout les jours, je recommande ce produit

I am very satisfied with this plate, I use it every day, I recommend this product


Produit bien arrivé, bien emballé, super qualité, acier brossé grande classe, facile à nettoyer, puissance de l'espace comparé à une plaque standard 2x1500 W qui datait de 2015, un poids combiné à des patins antidérapants qui permettent à la table de ne pas bouger pendant le décollage de la fusée : Deutche Qualität/20. Niveau bruit, en revanche, il faut savoir que cette table de cuisson dispose de deux hélicoptères de guerre en guise de ventilateurs, qui vrombiront du début à la fin de son utilisation façon PS4 Pro en pleine charge, et que les bips générés par la table quand vous appuierez sur le moindre bouton vous feront sauter les tympans. Mais surtout, par tous les diables, ne retirez pas votre casserole une fois posée sur le feu (et ne la nourrissez pas après minuit), ou la plaque sonnera l'alerte rouge niveau Apocalypse ! Bref, commandez des boules Quies ou munissez-vous d'un casque de chantier antibruit, ou vous saignerez des oreilles !

Product arrived well, well packaged, super quality, high class brushed steel, easy to clean, power of space compared to a standard 2x1500 W plate which dated from 2015, weight combined with non-slip pads which allow the table to not not move during rocket takeoff: Deutche Qualität/20. In terms of noise, on the other hand, you should know that this hob has two war helicopters as fans, which will whir from the start to the end of its use like PS4 Pro when fully loaded, and that the beeps generated by the hob when you press the slightest button will blow your eardrums. But above all, by all means, don't remove your pan once it's on the fire (and don't feed it after midnight), or the plate will sound an Apocalypse-level red alert! In short, order earplugs or wear noise-canceling construction headphones, or your ears will bleed!


dommage pas de notice en francais le qr code ne fonctionne pas . aussi malgre le off la plaque est tourjours sur L elle ne semble pas eteinte. Est ce normal?

too bad no instructions in French the QR code does not work. also despite the off the plate is always on L it does not seem to be off. Is this normal?


bonjour, alors je achete cette plaque il y a un peu pres un mois, et je suis vraimment tres contente, un peu brouiante mais ca va,il faut utiliser des caserolles metalique avec elle, elle est come descrite sur la photo, merci, je recomande

hello, so I bought this plate a little almost a month ago, and I am really very happy, a little noisy but it's okay, you have to use metal pots with it, it is as described in the photo, thank you, I recommend


Utilisation en terrasse. Attention, il faut disposer d'une prise de courant 16A. Esthétique mais un peu bruyant. Livraison et emballage correct.

Use on terrace. Please note, you must have a 16A power outlet. Aesthetic but a little noisy. Correct delivery and packaging.


Das Kochfeld erscheint sehr hochwertig und ist in der Bedienung sehr einfach. Temperatur läßt sich sehr gut und schnell individuell einstellen. Preis-Leistung ist Top.

The hob appears to be of very high quality and is very easy to operate. The temperature can be adjusted individually very quickly and easily. Value for money is top.


Nous sommes totalement satisfaits de ce produit qui marche parfaitement bien et qui est aussi vraiment facile d'utilisation. Autre grand avantage: excellent rapport qualite/prix. Nous le recommandons vivement.

We are totally satisfied with this product which works perfectly well and is also really easy to use. Another big advantage: excellent quality/price ratio. We highly recommend it.


NEGATIV Ich hatte die Kochplatte am Donnerstag bestellt. Das Lieferdatum war mit Freitag angegeben. Kam aber erst am Samstag an. HIer schon mal verziehen. Die Bedienung ist gewöhnungsbedürftig, da man erst das Gerät einschalten muss und danach nochmals mit der Leistungseinstellung aktivieren muss, danach kann man erst mit dem (+,-) Zeichen die Leistung erhöhen oder senken. Also der Zwischenschritt ist einfach unnötig. Wähle ich eine Temparatur aus, z.B. 800 und aktiviere dann den Timer für 5 Minuten, springt die Leistung wieder auf den Ursprungswert, also 1600. Hier muss ich dann wieder manuell den Wert korrigieren. Wenn ich den Timer wähle und wieder zur Einstellung der Leistung springe um den Wert einzustellen, wird die Timer Einstellung gelöscht. POSITIV Entschädigung von 5,- EUR durch Amazon erhalten. Ich habe endlich ein Dualplatte. Essen kann sehr schnell zubereitet werden. Beide Platten können ohne Leistungsverlust kombiniert genutzt werden. Im großen und ganzen OK, aber es gibt bessere Platten für den Preis.

NEGATIVE I ordered the hot plate on Thursday. The delivery date was given as Friday. But it only arrived on Saturday. Already forgiven here. The operation takes some getting used to, as you first have to switch on the device and then activate it again with the power setting, after which you can only increase or decrease the power with the (+,-) sign. So the intermediate step is simply unnecessary. If I select a temperature, eg 800 and then activate the timer for 5 minutes, the power jumps back to the original value, i.e. 1600. Here I have to correct the value manually again. If I select the timer and jump back to the power setting to set the value, the timer setting is cleared. Received POSITIVE compensation of 5 EUR from Amazon. I finally have a dual disk. Food can be prepared very quickly. Both plates can be used in combination without loss of performance. Overall OK, but there are better records for the price.


Très très bonne table à induction, marche à. Merveille, juste un petit défaut , il luit faudrez dès pied plus haut car risque de surchauffe du à une très mauvaise ventilation , mes sa c est chez tout les fabriquant la mémé chose

Very very good induction hob, works. Wonderful, just a small defect, you will need to stand higher because there is a risk of overheating due to very poor ventilation, but it's all manufacturers of the same thing.


bis es angelaufen war jedoch geräuschvoll

but noisy until it started


ich bin so froh, dass ich mich für dieses Produkt entschieden habe. Es geht so schnell mit dem Essen zubereiten und ich kann ohne Probleme die Temperaturen einstellen. Okay der Geräusch Pegel ist erst mal Gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber das rasseln ist gut denn so weiß ich genau wann gerade erhitzt wird. Bei voller Energie dauerhaftes rasseln und sobald man es runter dreht nur noch im Intervall je nachdem wie weit man es runter gedreht hat. Habe dieses Produkt auch schon weiterempfohlen und werde es auch weiterhin machen.

I am so glad that I chose this product. Preparing the food is so quick and I can set the temperatures without any problems. Okay, the noise level takes some getting used to, but the rattling is good because that way I know exactly when the heating is on. Constant rattling at full power and as soon as you turn it down only at intervals depending on how far you turned it down. I have already recommended this product to others and will continue to do so.


J' en suis ravie, la plaque est à la fois est design et fonctionnelle tout ce que j 'aime.

I am delighted with it, the plate is both stylish and functional, everything I like.


Sehr gut verarbeitet, Startgeräusch etwas ungewohnt

Very well processed, starting noise a bit unusual


This induction hob replaced one from Medion. It is very easy to use. It looks good (blue LEDs) and makes cooking on it a pleasure.

This induction hob replaced one from Medion. It is very easy to use. It looks good (blue LEDs) and makes cooking on it a pleasure.


Très pratique plaque à induction double À poser sur un plan de travail. Se branche avec un prise normale. 2 plaques de 1800 et 1300W diamètre 19cm Sécurité , réglage puissance , température , timer. Affichage LED. Bonne qualité de chauffe, je recommande.

Very practical double induction hob To place on a work surface. Plugs in with a normal outlet. 2 plates of 1800 and 1300W diameter 19cm Safety, power adjustment, temperature, timer. LED display. Good heating quality, I recommend.