Unusual Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Ideas and tips for the day of love

February 14th is Valentine’s Day, the holiday of romance. That means time for love, time for togetherness – and time for one another. Of course, we all want to give our better half a little joy. But wait a minute...what do you give a woman who has everything and what do men really want on Valentine’s Day?

Here you will find Valentine’s gifts for him and for her as well as tips for a very special romantic dinner for two.

Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Roses, chocolates, earrings – classic Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend or wife. All nice, but how about giving the special lady something practical as a present which they will enjoy? Of course, irons and vacuum cleaners might send the wrong message here, but perhaps your sweetheart loves to cook or make herself comfortable on the sofa? Then we have some hot tips for unusual Valentine’s Day gifts for you.

Valentine’s Gifts for Him

It’s not just the ladies - gentlemen also like to receive gifts on Valentine’s Day. But what do you get a man for Valentine’s Day? Sure, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and you can’t ever go wrong with a classic candlelit dinner. But perhaps you want to give him a special treat this year? Maybe we can offer you some inspiration with our gift ideas for him.

Tips for a Candlelit Dinner on Valentine’s Day

How to make things really romantic

The absolute classic for Valentine’s Day is a romantic dinner for two – after all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Have you decided to cook for your partner at home this year rather than going out to a restaurant and are looking for the best tips for a romantic evening? Our top tips for Valentine’s Day will help you to add the finishing touches to your special evening.

The right meal for Valentine’s Day

Anything which tastes good is allowed! It doesn’t always have to be an elaborate 5-course menu, so long as it was cooked with love. Dishes which you can prepare together are also a great idea, such as sushi or raclette.

Setting the right ambiance

Whether beginner, advanced or a kitchen professional, anyone can score points when setting the table! And the key element of a candlelit dinner is, of course, the candles. An electric fireplace, for example, adds to the ambiance even more. Nothing can go wrong when you combine this with a lovingly-set table.

Simply go offline

Valentine’s Day means time together. It also means turning off the TV and putting your phones away! There’s nothing more unromantic than a distracting beep and a distracted partner.

Providing background music

A romantic dinner also requires suitable musical accompaniment. Quiet, unobtrusive music (e.g. beautiful instrumental covers) is best so that the conversation is not disturbed.

The perfect ending

The crowning glory of a successful candlelit dinner? Dessert. Either you stick with the classics and spoil your significant other with delicious mousse au chocolat or a heart-shaped cake, or you really go for it and impress them with fresh fruit and a chocolate fountain. This will make it an evening to remember!

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