Cooker hoods

Cooker hoods

Cooker hoods (238)

Klarstein extractor hoods - highest efficiency and decorative eye-catchers

To ensure that your kitchen remains free of annoying smoke and unpleasant odours, even during the most extravagant culinary experiments on the stove or in the oven, the Klarstein extractor hoods reliably purify the air. In medium to large kitchens, the cooker hoods easily clear the air, while featuring an elegant design that showcases your cooking skills and impresses your guests.

Modern kitchen - modern cooker hood

With Klarstein, you have the choice, among others, of classic wall extraction hoods or modern island cooker hoods, as are commonly seen in American-style kitchens. The open design of the American-style kitchen demands more reliable performance from the extractor than any other. Mounted above the central working space, the Klarstein island extractor hood has an hourly air circulation of up to 850 cubic metres. In addition, three removable grease filters switch on in the Klarstein 90TS4 extractor, keeping the room air clean in larger living spaces with the utmost efficiency.

Ventilation duct eliminates vapour and odours

In professional circles and industrial kitchens in the catering sector, the hood is also referred to as the steam outlet. The fumes in the air condense into mist to become visible water vapour. Since not only hot vapours but also disturbing odours can arise during the cooking or frying process, the Klarstein cooker hoods clean the air reliably and very quietly.
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