Buy automatic food dehydrators - It's worth it

Food dehydrators are more than just fruit dryers​

We'll indulge briefly and be right back ... Make banana chips yourself, dry meat, apples and vegetables, dry fish and tomatoes ... a dehydrator is a flexible and very health-conscious kitchen helper. To buy a new piece of equipment like a dehydrator, there needs to be a good reason. We understand that. Here are two more good ones: Did you know that meat, fruit and vegetables can be dried to be even more aromatic and have a longer shelf life?​

Why should I buy a food dehydrator?​

Fabulously fruity!​

We love sweets - especially with a clear conscience. Because it doesn't always have to be chocolate, biscuits and the like, we're looking for tasty alternatives. One of them is called: drying fruit in the automatic dehydrator. Vitamins instead of calories, a wonderfully natural taste and, thanks to the fructose, also a pleasant sweetness. If these aren't good enough reasons to buy a dehydrator ... we have a few more in stock.​

Fruit Jerky Steel 8 dehydrator​

The Fruit Jerky Steel 8 is a true professional who has learned the craft of dehydration from scratch. With 630 watts, the stainless steel dehydrator is one of the most powerful devices. Whether vegetables, fruit, meat or herbs, the motto is: simply dehydrate and dry.


  • Eight large shelves
  • Very good nutrient retention
  • Even heat distribution
  • Also refreshes baked goods
  • High-quality processing

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Super sporty!

Sport is healthy, lifts the mood and promotes the appetite - especially for protein. Now imagine you have your own beef jerky dehydrator at home and you can create protein power snacks from your favourite meat or fish at any time. Industrially produced dried meat can hardly compete with jerky from the dehydrator, because it contains more sugar and flavour enhancers in comparison. We prefer to control the ingredients ourselves.

Arizona Jerky dehydrator

Our Arizona Jerky instantly gives us an American accent when we sing the praises of the popular US jerky. The compact dehydrator does so much more, and we speak from experience: from pineapple to courgette to beef, you can dry everything your palate desires. In addition, the dehydrator scores with its low power consumption.


  • Six dishwasher-safe shelf racks
  • Practical, large glass door
  • Stepless regulation of the temperature
  • Automatic overheating protection
  • Low energy consumption

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Brilliantly healthy!

​With Klarstein, snacks in front of the TV are better than ever. Versatile, vegan, beautiful, crispy and delicious, rich in vitamins - home-made vegetable chips can be no problem. Really an attractive argument to buy a dehydrator, isn't it? Here you can still taste the vegetable variety.

Tutti Frutti dehydrator ​

What is the best automatic dehydrator? Exactly according to your wishes. If you want to buy a dehydrator, you should consider the dimensions, the range of functions and other important criteria. Perhaps the Tutti Frutti dehydrator will soon be in your kitchen, which, in addition to its colourful design, will boast powerful performance and strong features.​


  • Six flexible shelves
  • Two types of stacks
  • BPA-free material
  • Variable temperature control
  • Helpful timer

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Excellently long-lasting!

Do you occasionally forget about food? That can happen quickly, but there is a simple trick to effectively prevent throwaway culture: Put it in the dehydrator and enjoy it later with muesli, in a salad or right away. This way, we can add an extremely valuable reason to all the good arguments: more sustainability in everyday life.​

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