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Maximum household convenience with Klarstein dishwashers and clothes dryers

The Klarstein dishwashers and clothes dryers lovingly care for the towers of dishes from recent family dinners, and efficiently dry washed laundry. Simply place dishes and cutlery in the dishwasher after eating and enjoy a relaxing evening on the couch while the sink hums softly to itself. Likewise, the clothes dryer allows you to relax as it quickly prepares dry laundry for your cupboard.


The advantages of dishwashers and dryers are obvious: not only do they take on annoying household chores, they also save a lot of space. While a clotheshorse can often take up the space of half a room and remain for most of the day until the garments are dry, the clothes dryer dries wet laundry in the shortest possible time in a compact design that offers more space in any interior. Dishwashers do away with the need for a drying rack in the kitchen, ensuring a tidy kitchen ambience.


With high energy efficiency, the dishwashers and clothes dryers from Klarstein are not only powerful helpers in the household, they also safeguard your wallet and bank account. Dishes and clothes are quickly clean and dry to be put away again in their respective cupboards, and with minimal necessary energy expenditure. Washing and drying with double the value.


The dishwashers and clothes dryers from Klarstein particularly inspire with a modern and space-saving design in subtle colours. These savvy household helpers may be used freestanding as well as installed. Height-adjustable feet ensure a perfect fit in your home.
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