Meat Machine Charcoal Grill

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  • Charcoal grill
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Product number: 10034819
Meat Machine Charcoal Grill
£ 239.99 (incl. VAT)
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Top features

  • Grilling in style: charcoal grill for barbecue events with family and friends

  • Plenty of space: 45 x 32.5 cm grill area made of two stainless steel grates

  • Grill master: HeightAdjust System for raising and lowering the fire bowl for optimal heat control

Product description

Hot enjoyment: the Klarstein Meat Machine charcoal grill makes you a grill master and allows particularly varied BBQ enjoyment, whether with steaks, grilled vegetables, pulled pork or baked ice cream.

Grilling done right! The Klarstein Meat Machine BBQ grill offers you an extra large grill area of ​​45 x 32.5 cm made of two stainless steel grill grates, on which you can prepare countless treats for family or friends. For this, the coal pot is simply filled with charcoal or grill briquettes and brought to a white heat in no time at all. The special highlight is the integrated HeightAdjust System: with a lifting mechanism, you can regulate the distance between the embers and the food that is being grilled and thus the regulate heat on the grill, depending on whether you want to give steaks a crispy crust or gently brown vegetable skewers. So that the barbecue does not end prematurely, you can use the front flap to add charcoal to the fire chamber at any time. Burnt material, on the other hand, collects in the large ash slide which can be easily removed after sizzling.

With the Klarstein Meat Machine smoker you are also well equipped for indirect grilling and smoking. Simply close the lid, adjust the ventilation slider and aromatic smoke begins to ripple from the top-side chimney. The integrated thermometer helps you to keep an eye on the heat inside. Thanks to the cool-touch handle, you can open the hood at any time to add spices or sauces. So that you always have what you need on the grill, it features two practical, wooden shelves on the left and right. On the small 25 x 19 cm table you can keep oil, grill utensils and food as well as your thirst quencher close at hand. There is even space for the sack with the charcoal on the grille between the feet. And so that the Meat Machine can go wherever it is needed, it can be easily moved on its two floor rollers.

Nobody stays hungry here: the Klarstein Meat Machine charcoal grill is the indispensable tool for all grill and BBQ events in your garden!


  • Adjustable ventilation with ventilation slides on both sides
  • Combustion chamber with flap for easy refueling
  • Fire bowl made of 0.8 mm thick steel
  • Hood with cool-touch handle
  • Thermometer in the lid
  • Grill area: 45 x 32.5 cm (WxD)
  • Grid material: stainless steel
  • 2 floor rollers for easy moving
  • Storage space between the feet for charcoal
  • Fuel: charcoal or grill briquettes
Product number: 10034819

Dimensions and Technical Details

  • Overall dimensions: approx. 108.7 x 106.0 x 57.5 cm (WxHxD)
  • Grill area: approx. 45 x 32.5 cm (WxD))
  • Weight: approx. 18 kg

What will be delivered

  • 1 x grill (mounting kit)
  • 2 x grill grate
  • 1 x ash box
  • Multilingual instruction manual

Delivery & shipment

Ready for delivery

Shipping time: 3 - 5 days

Customer reviews
6 Ratings

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Qualité médiocre, ne vaut pas du tout son prix.
Pièce manquante, rayures, certaines parties ne sont pas droites.

Poor quality, not worth the price at all. Missing part, scratches, some parts are not straight.


Alles Super

Everything great


Hey also der Grill war ein Geschbek für ein Kollegen und das wurde schon beim auspacken festgestellt ist halt mega ärgerlich das er schon so ankam .

Hey, so the grill was a gift for a colleague and that was already noticed when unpacking it is just super annoying that it arrived that way.


Die Medien konnten nicht geladen werden. Perfekte Größe für Ihren Balkon, perfekt für ein Paar, das zusammen lebt. Nicht so schwer, einfach zu montieren und hochwertiges Material

The media could not be loaded. Perfect size for your balcony, perfect for a couple living together. Not so heavy, easy to assemble and high quality material


Dieser Grill ist wirklich toll. Er sieht wirklich gut aus, ist sehr robust und ist auch hochwertig verarbeitet. Die Seitenteile mit dem Holzeinsatz sind nicht so 0815 wie bei anderen vergleichbaren Grills und verleihen dem Grill seinen ganz eigenen Charme. Die Kohle wird bei geschlossenem Deckel auch recht schnell heiß und durch die hohe Temperatur lassen sich insbesondere auch Stakes wirklich toll grillen. Sie bekommen eine leckere Kruste und sind von Innen trotzdem noch schön zart. Die Kohle lässt sich mit Hilfe der Kurbel sehr einfach hoch und runter fahren, je nach dem, wie viel Hitze das aufgelegte Grillgut braucht. Die Temperaturanzeige ist außerdem sehr präzise. Praktisch finde ich auch den angebrachten Flaschenöffner. Da ist das Bier zum Grillen direkt bereit. Die Grillfläche bietet auch genug Platz, um für die ganze Familie zu Grillen. Ich würde ihn auf jeden Fall wieder kaufen.

This grill is really great. It looks really good, is very robust and is also of high quality. The side parts with the wooden insert are not as 0815 as with other comparable grills and give the grill its very own charm. The charcoal gets hot very quickly when the lid is closed and due to the high temperature, stakes in particular can be grilled really well. They get a delicious crust and are still tender on the inside. The charcoal can be easily raised and lowered with the help of the crank, depending on how much heat the food on the grill needs. The temperature display is also very precise. I also find the attached bottle opener useful. The beer is then ready for grilling. The grill area also offers enough space to grill for the whole family. I would definitely buy it again.


Der Aufbau hat ohne Probleme geklappt und zirka 30 Minuten gedauert. Die Verarbeitung ist auch sehr gut und ansprechend gemacht. Ich bin damit zufrieden,

The assembly went smoothly and took about 30 minutes. The workmanship is also very good and attractive. I am satisfied with