Wine coolers

Wine coolers

Wine coolers (53)

Convenient wine cooling from Klarstein

Fine wines want to be properly cooled and kept at the appropriate temperature. And since few have the luxury of a spacious wine cellar, Klarstein offers a wide range of practical and convenient wine refrigerators. Keep all of your wine, whether it is red or white, at the proper temperature: Klarstein wine refrigerators are the ideal place for storage and cooling.

Two-zone wine climate

Up to 170 bottles of this elegant beverage can find the appropriate temperature in the Klarstein 2-zone refrigerator. In the temperature range between five and 20 degrees Celsius, all wines can find the optimum temperature according to your preference. With two independently-controllable cooling zones, it is easy to cool two different batches of wine.

A Klarstein wine fridge - no ordinary space for wine

In addition, a Klarstein wine refrigerator, with its elegant and contemporary design, is always much more than an ordinary storage bin or storage space for high-quality wines. Rather, it is a refined piece of wine furniture, which would make the god of wine himself envious with its striking design and rich functionality. The wine cellar of Bacchus could offer no more venerable place for your wine as the Klarstein wine refrigerator.
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