Raclette grill: pan-tastic enjoyment

Let's start with the tempting arguments of raclette grills: delicately melting raclette cheese, hearty flavours and sociable get-togethers. A raclette evening is ideal for small and large gatherings with family and friends - not only on New Year's Eve. From festive dinners to cheerful celebrations, variety is guaranteed on the pans, plates and on the palate.​ Klarstein combines quality with elegance and functionality, preserves tradition and flirts with the modern. The raclette price varies accordingly if you want to buy a raclette online. Our range of products is never neutral in terms of taste, but is designed to meet a variety of requirements.

Raclette offers

Appenzell 2G - the traditional one​

Modern raclette grill, traditional delight: the Appenzell 2G is a genuine Swiss raclette that invites you to a cosy meal in a mountain hut in the Alps.

  • Traditional raclette with modern technology
  • Perfect cheese melting through a simple temperature control system
  • Gentle 600-watt heating element for particularly creamy cheese

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All-U-Can grill Raclette grill 4-in-1 - the gourmet

The high-quality all-rounder already has its expertise in its name. As a raclette gourmet set, the All-U-Can Grill offers a four-fold potential for enjoyment. In addition to the usual functions, the Klarstein appliance scores with a raclette stone plate, a crêpière and pancake moulds.

  • The perfect raclette for a wide diversity of tastes
  • Raclette grill with natural stone, crêpe plate and more
  • Infinitely variable 1,500-watt power output

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Taste Volcano Tartare Grill - the special one​

The Taste Volcano provides erupting taste experiences as a raclette fondue of a very special kind. While it sizzles on the cone, other delicacies stew in the hat brim and in the six raclette pans.

  • Raclette grill and special fondue in one
  • Tartar hat with 20 hooks for unique evenings
  • Adjustable 1,500 watt power satisfies up to 6 people

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Chateaubriand Nuovo Raclette: time for variety, sociability and culinary delight​​

​As a raclette for sociable dining, the Chateaubriand Nuovo offers space for eight pans. The two non-stick large grill plates made of aluminium together with the natural stone plate offer enough space for all tastes. This way, vegetable lovers, carnivores and fruit fans can all get their culinary money's worth.

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