Klarstein’s Cooker Hoods 60cm fit in almost every kitchen

If you are looking for a new cooker hood you are spoilt for choice. On Klarstein you can find a wide selection of cooker hoods 60 cm, whether you prefer an angled cooker hood 60cm, chimney cooker hood 60cm, integrated cooker hood 60cm or canopy cooker hood 60cm, those for recirculation, others for extraction the air.

The dimensions of most cooker hoods in the kitchen are standardised nowadays. This has many advantages, as it makes it easier to replace old or defective appliances with new ones. One of the most common dimensions is a width of 50 cm. If you measure at home, you will often find that your fridge, washing machine or hob is also 60 cm wide. A 60cm wide cooker hood is ideal for a 50 cm wide hob, as the hood should always be slightly bigger than the hot plate. This way it can also collect and clean fumes and smoke from the edge of the hob.

Advantages of a 60cm wide Cooker Hood

In the 60cm Cooker Hood category, you can choose from a wide selection of models such as chimney cooker hoods 60cm, angled cooker hoods 60cm, canopy cooker hood 60cm or integrated cooker hoods 60cm, because appliances of this size are frequently ordered by customers. You surely can find models that exactly meet your requirements:

  • Fits in almost every kitchen
  • Large selection of models and designs
  • Replacement of old appliances is possible without any problems

Things to consider when buying a 60cm Cooker Hood

It happens from time to time that an electrical appliance, including cooker hoods, breaks down and has to be replaced by a new one. When buying a new cooker hood 60cm on Klarstein, it is worth looking not only at the price but also at the power consumption. It often happens that cheaper products are real power guzzlers. The low purchase price is quickly offset by the high energy costs.

Therefore, you should always consider the energy efficiency class. Another important factor is the fan's noise level. A loud whirring fan can be quite annoying. Cooker hoods with washable filters also ensure low operating costs. Instead of buying new filter mats at regular intervals, the permanent filter can simply be cleaned in the dishwasher. Even if such cooker hoods are a little more expensive, the extra expense will soon pay for itself in cost savings.

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