The mini oven - the economical alternative to the oven

Reheat bread rolls, bake pizzas or simply thaw frozen food: mini ovens are increasingly gaining a foothold in modern households. Especially as it becomes a space-saving alternative to conventional ovens, sales numbers of this “little brother” are increasing. But it’s not just about saving space: the mini oven also stands out with its low energy consumption. This is mainly because a smaller area must be heated. The result: shorter operating times in comparison with the oven. Overall, a strong combination that should not be lacking in your household.

Pizza oven or mini oven - the Klarstein Omnichef is both

What makes the mini ovens from Klarstein so special? Functionally, they are anything but conventional ovens. With the Omnichef mini oven series, you can not only bake your own beautifully crispy pizza in just a few minutes, you can also bake deliciously golden-brown chicken or roast duck via the selectable convection and rotisserie functions. The product line also includes models with built-in hot plates, ideal for single or small family households.
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