Electric fireplaces


Electric fireplace: warmth and cosiness for your living room

Your central heating system is not efficient in producing the necessary heat for your home during the cold months? Are you looking for alternative solutions to make your rooms warmer and more comfortable at all times?

An electric fireplace offers an aesthetic design similar to the traditional fire, enhancing your comfort, with no chimney, dust and ashes; plus, the dancing flame gives the illusion that it burns the wood in a cheerful fireplace. For this reason, you may think the electric fireplace has a significant impact on the electricity bill at the end of the month but is it really so? Is it worth trusting those saying that wood - a problematic solution for those living in the apartment - or pellets - an expensive option as a first purchase - is the best choice? Why not really consider choosing an electric fireplace and know more about its real functionalities?

You may have heard that an electric fireplace consumes a lot of electricity and does not heat the whole house well; still, if you can rely on a central heating system throughout the rest of the house, and mainly when the available space is not enough, an electric fireplace is a perfect companion to use for a few hours per day, to relax on the couch once you are back from work and enjoy a cosy atmosphere, both in terms of temperature and visual experience.

Take a look at our product gallery, and discover the perfect model to use in your living room or other areas of your home. When you buy a Klarstein product, you are guaranteed maximum durability, and you can count on incredible offers and first-class customer service. Read on to learn more about electric fireplaces and make the right purchase.

Wall fireplaces and free-standing models: different solutions fitting your style and space

Electric fireplaces are the right solution for those who want to give their home a unique and tremendously fashionable style. No doubt, electric wall fireplaces are suitable for those who have small houses, or rather, are ideal for rooms small enough just to create a comfortable and hot area. In huge rooms, they are not the best option, as they would take a little longer to heat, but this does not mean it is not possible to use them. The main types and models combine different designs and styles, and fall in two main categories:

  • a wall mounted electric fires can be hung on the walls like a painting, and it’s the ideal solution when you have reduced space and at the same time you want to insert an appealing decorative element in your living room

  • free-standing electric fireplaces can be placed in the middle of the room, so that the flame is reflected on all four walls.

Reduced energy consumption allows an electric fireplace to be chosen as a functional solution for heating your home or to be integrated with a second central heating source, to give a touch of elegance or increase the heat propagation in the other closed, secluded rooms of your flat.

Electric fireplaces are different in terms of design and functionality: some of them feature a flickering flame, optical fibres or special lights in the internal part of the system. The main inconvenience is that as fast as they heat the environment, after switching off they are in no way able to maintain the heat in the room. The mobility of an electric fireplace is another key feature, giving you the possibility to move them in several places, thanks to their variable and customisable dimensions: This also means you’ll have a heating system that to use in domestic and holiday situations.

Extra features in a modern electric fireplace

Some electric fireplaces offer extended functionalities that differentiate them from other models for safety, the practicality of use or other aesthetic characteristics. The timer, for example, is one of these functions, allowing to set the automatic switching on and off of the device so that you can program its operation as you wish. Freestanding models often come equipped with an anti-liftoff safety system: in case the fireplace accidentally fall to the ground, it will stop working, resuming its regular operation once it is lifted and put back in place.

Also, these devices can offer many visual effects, such as light effects and coloured LEDs) and integrate elements making them look like traditional fireplaces - for example, water vapour emission to recreate the smoke generated by wood combustion. Another element that makes an electric fireplace extremely practical to use is the remote control, which allows you to adjust the settings of the device remotely so that you can enjoy the warmth and operate the device sitting comfortably on your sofa. The remote control generally controls the heat and power settings and, when available, the lights and visual effects of your electric fireplace.

Why choose a fake electric fireplace?

Choosing an electric fireplace is a convenient and convenient solution for many reasons:

  • since they do not require the installation of a flue or a ventilation system, the electric models are particularly suitable for those who live in a condominium, becoming a convenient alternative to the traditional wood or gas fireplace

  • they do not need any type of permanent ventilation structure, such as a chimney, and can be placed in front of a wall or moved to other rooms as required. You will be able to install your fireplace in any room of your house, without any building intervention and decide to buy also the turnkey version in which only by plugging in the power supply, your fireplace will be already working, allowing you to automate the ignition, shutdown and temperature according to your needs

  • it is ready to use, does not need to be mounted or installed with the help of a technician, but is placed in the house, in the place you need to heat and connected to the electrical outlet.

Find the perfect electric fireplace for your needs on Klarstein

In the Klarstein online shop you can find different electric fireplaces, coming in different designs, and equipped with heaters up to 2000 watts. This means you can choose the model that best fits your indoor spaces, both in terms of design and power. Are you a fan a traditional, nostalgic designs? Then the ‘St. Moritz’ and the ‘Grenoble’ fireplaces are probably the best choice for you. For the ultramodern style fans, the ‘Lausanne’ or ‘Basel’ fireplaces offer amazing features, with extremely realistic simulation of flames ‘igniting’ your living room with pleasant warmth and a romantic feeling. A Klarstein electric fireplace is the best way to heat your space on cold winter days.

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