Mulled wine kettle

Just in time for the end of the year, Christmas markets open their doors anew and welcome visitors with a nice, warming mulled wine.
If the weather does not cooperate or Christmas markets are overrun with crowds, don’t worry; you can still enjoy this popular drink. The Klarstein Bacchus mulled wine heater allows anyone to accomplish this task at home. Simply pour in mulled wine, set the desired temperature and allow it to heat up - then you are ready. If you let the boiler briefly out of your sight, no need to worry; all cookers operate with an automatic boil-stop function which switches the device to a holding mode. This protects you and your household against unexpected accidents.

Klarstein Bacchus - ready for every occasion

Thanks to its compact design, the mulled wine heater is easy to transport and use. The Klarstein boiler is not just limited to the preparation of mulled wine: with a capacity of 8.8 litres, you can pour in large amounts of any warm drink. The heater offers plenty of space for other hot beverages, such as coffee and tea. Even larger quantities of coffee or tea can be easily prepared and served, making the mulled wine heater ideal for small events.
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