Captain Cook² Double Hot Plate Hob Ceramic 2400W Black Black
Captain Cook² Double Hot Plate Hob Ceramic 2400W Black Black
Captain Cook² Double Hot Plate Hob Ceramic 2400W Black Black
Captain Cook² Double Hot Plate Hob Ceramic 2400W Black Black
Captain Cook² Double Hot Plate Hob Ceramic 2400W Black Black
Captain Cook² Double Hot Plate Hob Ceramic 2400W Black Black

Captain Cook² Double Hot Plate

Black 53.5 cm 8 cm
£ 62.99 (incl. VAT)
Main colour:

Captain Cook² Double Hot Plate

£ 62.99 (incl. VAT)
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Top features

Electrical double stove top with 1200 watts of power each, two ceramic hobs with 18 cm diameter

Scratch-resistant crystal glass plate and high-quality infrared heating element for long life

Infinitely adjustable temperature up to max. 550 ° C

Product description

The Klarstein Captain Cook² is a hardworking electric hotplate with two 18cm ceramic hobs for modern garden sheds, motor homes and for live cooking applications in a catering setting.

A whopping 2400 watts of power - 1200 watts per hob - guarantee fast heating, reaching a temperature of 300° C in just 30 seconds. The temperature may adjusted as necessary via the adjustable rotary knob on the front, so that water baths, stews and braised meals can be kept at a constant temperature.

Designed for cookware between 18-20cm in size, the ceramic hob is sufficiently large to serve common pot and pan sizes. Whether you use cookware made from metal, glass or ceramic, Captain Cook² brings them all to a boil.

The halogen lamp beneath the scratch-resistant crystallite glass plate allows for the quick and even heating of different cookware. The constant cooking temperature - at its lowest level around 180° C - allows you to keep food warm without having to boil it again to reheat, which may result in the loss of savoury flavours. The direct heat transfer ensures fast and energy-saving cooking.

The elegant design makes the double hob an unobtrusive kitchen appliance, while its brushed stainless steel housing reduces cleaning time to a minimum. Due to its moderate dimensions and flat design, the Klarstein Captain Cook² is excellent for installation in kitchens and kitchenettes of all sizes and is also a welcome chef in allotments and motorhomes. Whether as a companion plate for grilling or as a practical starter appliance for student or single households, the Captain Cook² double electric hob is an outstanding device.

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Download user manual
  • Total power: 2400 Watt
  • Surface temperature: 180 ° C (lowest)
  • Overheating protection
  • LED indicator lights
  • Stand feet
  • Vents
  • Power supply: AC 220-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Captain Cook² Double Hot Plate Hob Ceramic 2400W Black

Dimensions and Technical Details

  • 53.5 x 8 x 23.5cm (WxHxD)
  • Cable length: 1m
  • Weight: about 2.6kg

What will be delivered

  • 1 x device
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)

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Ready for delivery Shipping time: 3 - 5 days

Customer reviews



Having no cooker at the moment I was getting tired of trying to cook with only a microwave, so I was very happy to receive this double hotplate. I've used this type of appliance before, but this one is a different animal entirely. No unresponsive cast iron plates which cycle up and down between hot and warm endlessly, but never get really hot enough for a proper boil - this is a proper piece of kit and it would grace any kitchen, whether on its own for a small bedsit or kitchenette, or in addition to the main hob for larger scale catering. It would also be ideal for demonstrations or classes too.
At first look its a stylish shiny red affair with black glass circular hotplates. When you use the smooth action turn knob to switch on and adjust the heat, the element under the glass glows red and an indicator light on the front lights up. The instructiosn recommend using pans 18-20cm but I tried a smaller one and it heated up half a pan of cold water to boiling in double quick time. Despite the "portable" nature of the applicance there's no compromise on performance or looks.
Later I put it to the test making a pan of pasta sauce and the pasta to go with it. It was easy to use and cleaned up with a quick wipe. And I was very happy to eat proper food for the first time in weeks!.
When I have my new kitchen installed I will keep this little hob for Christmas and other parties; it will sit "front to back" on the worktop easily so takes up very little space but adds a very welcome 2 extra pan spaces to my kitchen. It will store neatly in the box it was delivered in if I need to put it away, and could easily be taken to anywhere it was needed as long as a 13A socket was within reach.
Last, the red colour is lovely, I chose it because it was a bit different and it really cheers up my kitchen.



Heel fijn apperaat. Hij wordt relatief snel warm. Er zit genoeg ruimte tussen de zones om twee pannen te gebruiken.

Very nice device. It heats up relatively quickly. There is enough space between the zones to use two pans.


Die Kochplatte kam super pünktlich an. Sie ist als Zusatzplatte super geeignet und lässt sich auch sehr gut transportieren.

The cooktop arrived on time. It is super suitable as an additional plate and can also be transported very easily.


Wird echt schnell heiß das Ding

That thing gets hot really fast


Robuste Bauweise für eine mobile Kochplatte.

Robust construction for a mobile hot plate.


Wie hier auch schon beschrieben, die Kochplatten verfärben sich schon beim ersten Mal. Preis/ Leistung aber gut.

As already described here, the hotplates discolour the first time. But good value for money.


Einfach nur top

Just great


Super gerät für das Geld

Great device for the money


Gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. Beim Reinigen mit einem normalen Topfschwamm bleiben leider „Kratzspuren“

Good value for money. Unfortunately, "scratch marks" remain when cleaning with a normal pot sponge.


Funktioniert sehr gut. Nach einiger Zeit in der provisorischen Küche allerdings überfordert. Heizt zwar noch gut, aber nicht für den dauereinsatz. Note: gut als Zusatzgerät oder für den Urlaub.

Works very well. After some time in the makeshift kitchen, however, overwhelmed. It still heats up well, but not for long-term use. Note: good as an additional device or for vacations.


Das Gerät ist für seine Preisklasse gut, insbesondere die Heizleistung hat mich positiv überrascht. Es nimmt nicht viel Platz weg, lässt aber durchaus 2 mittelgroße Töpfe nebeneinander aufstellen. Maße sind ja angegeben, im Zweifel kann man mal nachmessen...

The device is good for its price range, and I was particularly pleasantly surprised by the heat output. It doesn't take up much space, but you can place 2 medium-sized pots next to each other. Dimensions are given, if in doubt you can measure them...


Ich habe diese Platte am 10. Feb. 2017 bestellt. Damals kam mir das Material, die Verarbeitung und die Leistung sehr gut vor. Nach knapp zwei Jahren (max 60x benutzt im Ferienhaus) war dann das rechte Kochfeld gerissen. Ich nahm an, das sei meine Schuld gewesen, wusste aber nicht wobei das passiert sein soll. Ich habe die selbe Kochplatte am 02. Juli 2019 noch einmal bestellt. Schlechte Verarbeitung und wie in anderen Rezensionen auch wird dieses Mal manchmal das Kochhgeschirr einfach nicht auf die Temperatur gebracht trotz vollem Anschlag. Ergebniss = die Sauce ist fertig, das Nudelwasser kocht immer noch nicht... Jetzt, kurz vor Ablauf der Garantie, ist wieder die rechte Platte gerissen. Ich habe eben den Verkäufer kontaktiert, über den Amazon chat und bin auf das Ergebniss meiner Reklamation/ Umtauschanfrage gespannt. Ich werde berichten. Der Händler hat mir nach kurzer Zeit ein Rücksendeeticket zukommen lassen und ich habe gestern eine neue (identische) Kochplatte bekommen, die auch deutlich besser verarbeitet wirkt als die erste, ob sie auch besser arbeitet muss ich auch erst ausprobieren und verändere dann die Rezension erneut. Erstmal Danke an den Händler! Ja und die Platte hat das selbe Problem wie die davor. Sie schaltet sich immer wieder ab, vielleicht ein Überhitzungsschutz für das Drumrum was ziemlich heiß wird. Es ist nervig vor dem Topf mit Wasser zu stehen um endlich die Spagetti rein zu legen und die Platte heizt und plötzlich schaltet sie sich wieder ab bis sie Lust hat sich wieder anzuschalten. An den Knöpfen hoch runter regulieren hilft nicht. Es braucht einfach ewig Wasser zum kochen zu bringen, man kann die Arbeitsschritte so nicht timen. Sauce schon lange fertig, Nudelwasser kocht immer noch nicht.... :(

I ordered this record on Feb 10, 2017. At that time, the material, the workmanship and the performance seemed very good to me. After almost two years (max. 60x used in the holiday home) the right hob broke. I assumed it was my fault, but I didn't know what happened. I ordered the same hotplate again on July 2nd, 2019. Poor workmanship and, as in other reviews, the cookware is sometimes simply not brought up to temperature despite the full stop. Results = the sauce is ready, the pasta water is still not boiling... Now, just before the warranty expires, the right plate has cracked again. I've just contacted the seller via the Amazon chat and I'm curious about the result of my complaint/exchange request. I will report. The retailer sent me a return ticket after a short time and yesterday I got a new (identical) hotplate, which also seems to be much better processed than the first one, I have to try it out first and then change the review again. First of all thanks to the dealer! Yes, and the disk has the same problem as the one before it. It keeps turning off, maybe an overheat protection for the drums which gets pretty hot. It's annoying to stand in front of the pot of water to finally put the spaghetti in and the plate heats up and suddenly it switches itself off again until it feels like switching on again. Adjusting the buttons up and down doesn't help. It just takes forever to boil water, you can't time the work steps like that. Sauce long finished, pasta water still doesn't boil.... :(


Sieht hochwertig aus.

Looks high quality.


Das Produkt scheint ok zu sein, der Verkäufer beantwortet leider auch auf zweimalige Nachfrage meine Fragen nicht. Das ist ein absolutes Nogo. Update : nach mehreren Wochen erhalte ich auf meine Fragen eine Email mit anhängender Bedienungsanleitung. Diese Bedienungsanleitung war ja beim Gerät dabei. Meine Frage war, ob man das Keran Kochfeld vorsichtig mit Scheuermilch oder einen Glasschaber reinigen darf, da ja angeblich das Glas hochkratzfest ist. Laut Bedienungsanleitung darf man aber keine Scheuermittel verwenden.Keine Antwort.

The product seems to be ok, unfortunately the seller does not answer my questions even after I asked twice. This is an absolute nogo. Update: after several weeks, I receive an email with the attached operating instructions in response to my questions. This manual came with the device. My question was whether the Keran hob should be carefully cleaned with scouring milk or a glass scraper, since the glass is said to be highly scratch-resistant. However, according to the operating instructions, no scouring agents should be used. No answer.


Ich werde die Platten benutzen um überwiegend Wasser aufzukochen um Cremes und Salben herzustellen ausserhalb vom normalen Herd/Küche. Sie sind Pflegeleicht , leicht zu transportieren und haben ein gutes Preis/Leistungs Verhältnis. Es stört mich etwas, daß man nicht genau sehen kann wo die Temperatureinstellung steht. Hier werde ich mir einfach auf eine Seite einen Punkt zeichnen, damit ich nicht immer hin und her drehen muss um zu sehen ob der Knopf auf Max. oder min. steht. Ansonsten bin ich sehr zufrieden.

I will use the plates mainly to boil water to make creams and ointments outside of the normal stove/kitchen. They are easy to care for, easy to transport and have a good price/performance ratio. It bothers me a bit that you can't see exactly where the temperature setting is. Here I'm just going to draw a dot on one side so I don't have to keep turning back and forth to see if the knob is at max or min. Otherwise, I am very satisfied.


Sie funktioniert. Die beheizte Platte ist deutlich kleiner, als von der Abbildung her zu erwarten. Auch sind 1.200 Watt eigentlich zu wenig, aber mein Wechselrichter im Wohnmobil gibt nicht mehr her. Um 1 Liter Wasser von 50°C auf 85°C zu erhitzen, werden 8 Minuten benötigt, zum Kochen vermutlich mehr als 10 Minuten. Für den Heimgebrauch sollte man also zu leistungsstärkeren Kochplatten greifen, für das Wohnmobil reicht's.

She works. The heated plate is much smaller than you would expect from the picture. Also, 1,200 watts are actually not enough, but my inverter in the mobile home doesn't give more. It takes 8 minutes to heat 1 liter of water from 50°C to 85°C, and probably more than 10 minutes to boil. So for home use you should use more powerful hotplates, but that's enough for the mobile home.


Wie sie an den beigefügten Bildern sehen können ist die Anordnung der Drehschalter etwas verwirrend. Soll das so sein oder ist das ein Fehler?

As you can see from the attached pictures, the arrangement of the rotary switches is a bit confusing. Is that how it should be or is that a bug?


günstiges Gerät, das seinen Zweck bisher gut erfüllt, allerdings mit ein paar kleinen Makeln: 1. Das Gerät ist sehr leicht, so dass es sich beim Kochvorgang (wenn man z. B. etwas in der Pfanne wendet) verschiebt 2. Es wird auch die Gegend neben den Platten heiß, daher aufpassen, wo man es anfasst, wenn man es wieder geradestellen will. 3. Aufgrund der fehlenden "Vertiefungen" für die Platten sollte man nicht zu lange weggehen von der Platte, wenn man z. B. Wasser kocht. Sollte etwas überkochen läuft des direkt von der Kochplatte auf die Arbeitsplatte.

inexpensive device that has served its purpose well so far, but with a few small flaws: 1. The device is very light, so that it moves during the cooking process (e.g. if you turn something in the pan) 2. It will also the area next to the plates gets hot, so be careful where you touch it if you want to straighten it. 3. Due to the lack of "recesses" for the plates, you shouldn't leave the plate for too long, e.g. B. water is boiling. If something boils over, it runs directly from the hotplate onto the worktop.


funktioniert, wird aber untenrum echt heiss... Da Holli und ich das Köcherchen im Wohnwägelchen benutzen wollen, brauchen wir noch eine Aluplatte, die wir zum Schutz des Tisches drunter legen. Aber sonst, es hat Wumms und beide Platten fangen schnell an zu heizen. Vollkommen ausreichend für die semiprofessionelle Heimküche! Ich hätte gerne auch novh 5 Sterne fürs leichte Reinigen vergeben, aber das versagt mir der Browser. Deshalb also hier: ***** Leicht zu reinigen

works, but gets really hot underneath... Since Holli and I want to use the quiver in the caravan, we need an aluminum plate that we put under the table to protect it. But other than that, it packs a punch and both plates quickly start to heat up. Perfectly sufficient for the semi-professional home kitchen! I would have liked to give novh 5 stars for easy cleaning, but the browser denied me that. So here it is: ***** Easy to clean


Ho acquistato questo piano cottura per la casa al mare cosi da poterla usare sul grande terrazzo
La piastra è dotata di un doppio piano cottura a piastra elettrica, con 1200 watt di potenza ciascuna e due superfici in vetroceramica con un diametro di 18 cm , la lastra di vetro è in cristallo antigraffio ed elemento riscaldante a infrarossi di alta qualità a lunga durata epermette di cucinare ad una temperatura a regolazione continua fino a max. 550 ° C
Le piastre , davvero sorprendenti montate su una base di acciaio sono in vetroceramica hanno 18 cm di diametro e si riscaldano in pochissimo tempo diventando roventi con 2.400 watt di potenza - 1200 watt per piano cottura - garantiscono un rapido riscaldamento raggiungendo entro 30 secondi i 300 ° C. La temperatura cosi elevata ci permette permette di cucinare molto più rapidamente di quanto non riusciamo a fare con i fornelli a gas.
La temperatura può essere impostata come richiesto tramite la manopola di regolazione posta sulla parte anteriore, in modo che brodi e stufati possano venir mantenuti ad una temperatura costante.
E' semplicissima da usare basta attaccare la spina ad una presa di corrente regolare la temperatura e dopo una manciata di secondi le piastre diventano roventi
Nella confezione trovate come sempre un manuale di istruzione dettagliato con qualche consiglio su come usarlo al meglio. Una volta connesso ad una presa di corrente, potete iniziare a cucinare!

E dopo aver cucinato le piastre si puliscono velocissimamente perchè la superfice è liscia esattamente come il vetro basta una passata con una spugnetta umida dopo aver fatto raffreddare le piastre e torneranno ad essere lucidissime.

Sono molto soddisfatta di questo prodotto è stato un ottimo acquisto è arrivato bene imballato ed è davvero funzionale, merita tutte le 5 stelle

I bought this hob for the beach house so that I can use it on the large terrace. The plate is equipped with a double electric plate hob, with 1200 watts of power each and two ceramic glass surfaces with a diameter of 18 cm, the plate glass is made of scratch-resistant crystal glass and high-quality infrared heating element with a long service life and allows you to cook at a continuously adjustable temperature up to max. 550 ° C The plates, really surprising mounted on a steel base are in glass ceramic have 18 cm in diameter and heat up in no time becoming red-hot with 2,400 watts of power - 1200 watts per hob - guarantee rapid heating reaching within 30 seconds i 300 ° C. Such a high temperature allows us to cook much more quickly than we can do with gas stoves. The temperature can be set as required using the control knob on the front, so broths and stews can be kept at a constant temperature. It is very simple to use, just plug it into a socket, adjust the temperature and after a few seconds the plates become hot. In the package, as always, you will find a detailed instruction manual with some advice on how to use it best. Once connected to a power socket, you can start cooking! And after cooking, the plates are cleaned very quickly because the surface is smooth exactly like glass, just a wipe with a damp sponge after the plates have cooled down and they will become very shiny again. I am very satisfied with this product it was an excellent purchase it arrived well packaged and it is really functional, it deserves all 5 stars


Per la scelta del piano cottura occorre prestare molta attenzione a diversi aspetti: estetica, consumi, sicurezza, praticità. Ecco perchè occorre una fare una scelta ben ponderata per la propria cucina. Considerate anche la comodità di poter portare con sé un piano cottura durante una gita fuoriporta, oppure in campeggio, o anche solo di poter spostare comodamente un piccolo piano cottura in casa, avendo solo cura di trovare una spina per la corrente da poter utilizzare con questo tipo di elettrodomestico.

Ed io ho scelto questo in quanto soddisfa tutte le mie esigenze in merito! Avevo bisogno di un pianto cottura soprattutto elettrico principalmente per un motivo: nella mia seconda casa al mare che utilizzo non solo per le vacanze ma anche nei week end o riunioni con amici realizzando piccole cene o pranzi, ho una cucina che va a gas ma senza impianto perchè nella zona non passa ancora il metano, quindi utilizzo i bomboloni che devo andare a cambiare ogni qual volta si finiscono.

Di solito ne ho sempre uno pieno in più, ma altre volte mi è capitato di finire anche quello mentre cucinavo e quindi rimanevo a metà. Se ci troviamo in periodo alto ed estivo ci sono i rivenditori di zona aperti, in altro caso, bisogna andare in città e trovarne uno se si tratta di un orario adeguato. Ma voi immaginate che finisca il bombolone durante una cena in tarda sera o la mattina presto mentre si prepara il caffè! Una vera e propria tragedia! Il microonde non è sempre adatto per cucinare, soprattutto se dobbiamo far bollire acqua per questo mi son decisa di fornirmi di questo, che funziona tramite energia elettrica attraverso un cavo collegato ad esso.

Visto che si presenta molto leggero, senza lasciarlo al mare , lo utilizzo anche in città quando necessito di più fornelli nelle occasioni delle grandi cene, poi non mi costa nulla inserirlo nel suo contenitore e portarlo in auto al mare in caso di necessità, nel frattempo è posizionato nell'ambiente in cucina infatti dal punto di vista del design si presenta in una forma rettangolare e stretta che non occupa troppo spazio, molto raffinato ed elegante, forma lineare con accenni di bordi ad onda che lo rendono caratteristico e perfetto in qualsiasi arredo cucina, danno un tocco elegante.

Si vede all'istante la qualità grazie al corpo lucidissimo in acciaio inox e ciò permette anche una celere pulizia dopo l'uso.
Presenta due piastre in vetroceramica ciascuna da 18 cm di diametro, ideale per pentole fino a 20 cm considerando che la superficie riscaldante è intorno ai 14 cm. Potete utilizzare pentole o altro vetro, ceramica o metallo, funziona con tutte.

Le piastre in vetroceramica sono davvero eccellenti, raggiungono entro 30 secondi i 300 ° C, hanno un riscaldamento super rapido.

La vetroceramica è un materiale resistente al calore, duttile, facile da pulire, resistente , buona resistenza agli urti.

I piani cottura in vetroceramica hanno un rendimento di poco più alto (48% circa) rispetto ad un piano a gas, ma, basando il proprio funzionamento sul principio di riscaldamento della resistenza posta sotto il piano in vetroceramica.

La caratteristica fantastica di questo piano cottura è che le due piastre sono indipendenti, nel senso che potete decidere di usarne una sola o entrambe in quanto ognuna di esse è collegata ad un termostato a parte!

Basta girare la manopola alla temperatura adatta e si aziona in automatico. Hanno una potenza totale di 2400 W, vuol dire 1200W per piastra.

La temperatura può essere impostata come richiesto tramite la manopola di regolazione sulla parte anteriore, in modo che brodi e stufati possano venir mantenuti ad una temperatura costante.

La lampada alogena sotto la lastra di vetro è resistente ai graffi permette riscaldamento rapido di pentole diverse. La temperatura di cottura costante - al suo livello più basso di circa 180 ° C - consente di mantenere caldo il cibo senza che deve venir continuamente messo in cottura e che quindi i sapori vadano a perdersi

When choosing the hob, you need to pay close attention to various aspects: aesthetics, consumption, safety, practicality. That's why you need to make a well-considered choice for your kitchen. Also consider the convenience of being able to take a hob with you on a trip out of town, or camping, or even just being able to comfortably move a small hob around the house, just taking care to find a plug for the current that you can use with it type of appliance. And I chose this one as it meets all my needs in this regard! I needed an electric hob mainly for one reason: in my second home by the sea that I use not only for holidays but also on weekends or meetings with friends for small dinners or lunches, I have a gas cooker but without system because methane does not pass through the area yet, so I use donuts that I have to go and change every time they run out. I usually always have an extra full one, but other times I've happened to finish that too while cooking and so I'm left halfway through. If we are in the high summer period there are local retailers open, in the other case, you have to go to the city and find one if it is a suitable time. But imagine finishing the donut during a late evening dinner or early in the morning while preparing coffee! A real tragedy! The microwave is not always suitable for cooking, especially if we have to boil water for this I decided to provide myself with this, which works by means of electricity through a cable connected to it. Since it is very light, without leaving it at the beach, I also use it in the city when I need more stoves on the occasion of large dinners, then it costs me nothing to put it in its container and take it by car to the beach in case of need, in the meantime it is positioned in the kitchen environment in fact from the point of view of design it has a rectangular and narrow shape that does not take up too much space, very refined and elegant, linear shape with hints of wave edges that make it characteristic and perfect in any decor kitchen, give an elegant touch. You can instantly see the quality thanks to the highly polished stainless steel body and this also allows for quick cleaning after use. It has two ceramic hobs each with a diameter of 18 cm, ideal for pots up to 20 cm considering that the heating surface is around 14 cm. You can use pans or other glass, ceramic or metal, it works with all. The glass ceramic plates are really excellent, they reach 300°C within 30 seconds, they heat up super fast. Glass ceramic is a heat resistant, ductile, easy to clean, resistant material, good impact resistance. Glass ceramic hobs have a slightly higher efficiency (about 48%) than a gas hob, but basing their operation on the principle of heating the resistance placed under the glass ceramic hob. The fantastic feature of this hob is that the two plates are independent, in the sense that you can decide to use only one or both as each of them is connected to a separate thermostat! Just turn the knob to the right temperature and it starts automatically. They have a total power of 2400W, which means 1200W per plate. The temperature can be set as required via the control knob on the front, so broths and stews can be kept at a constant temperature. The halogen lamp under the glass plate is scratch resistant and allows for rapid heating of different pans. The constant cooking temperature - at its lowest level of around 180 ° C - allows food to be kept warm without having to be continuously cooked and therefore the flavors being lost


dalle trasmissioni di cucina, sono stata sempre attratta dai fornelli con le piastre in vetro ceramica, belli, pratici ed eleganti
Appena viene azionato è subito ben caldo, e pronto per farci sfornare succulenti pietanze. E poi così pratici e veloci da pulire. Così si ottimizza di gran lunga il tempo passato tra i fornelli.
Dovevo averlo per le emergenze o anche soltanto da supporto a quello già esistente in casa, emergenze in caso di mancanza di gas, l’energia elettrica c’è dovunque.
E poi è facilmente trasportabile, e chi ci rinuncia al mio caffè nel moka, detto fatto l’ho acquistato su Amazon e precisamente da, e così anche io come i cuochi delle trasmissioni ho il mio bel piano cottura in vetro ceramica, Klarstein Captain Cook 2 Piano Cottura 1200W Inox argento.

Klarstein del gruppo Chal-Tec è un’azienda tedesca, e precisamente nella capitale, Berlino.

Con la sua presenza in 11 paesi europei, oggi è una realtà di riferimento nel mondo dell’elettronica di consumo on line.
Devo dire che proprio nell’ambito dell’elettronica ho sempre considerato i prodotti tedeschi i migliori e i più resistenti, non ha caso in casa abbiamo molti marchi tedeschi risalenti anche agli anni’60, ancora belli e funzionanti.
L’azienda è sempre alla ricerca dell’arricchimento del proprio catalogo, per offrire prodotti sempre nuovi e all’avanguardia, cogliendo novità per essere competitivi e andare incontro alla propria clientela.
Ed eccovi il mio piano cottura,
Klarstein Captain Cook 2 Piano Cottura 2400W Inox argento
Eccolo in tutto il suo splendore, design ed eleganza ne fanno da padrone, a questo piano cottura| i particolari sono tutti di alto livello, nulla è lasciato al caso, sicuramente un prodotto che avrà lunga durata.
Le sue dimensioni sono Largh.53,5 x Alt. 8 x prof. 23,5 cm

Captain Cook2 Piano Cottura, è in acciaio inox con piastre belle brillante in vetro ceramica (vedi foto) da 18 cm di diametro (come già anticipato l’ideale è per openspace)
Con i suoi 2400 Watt per piastra si garantisce un riscaldamento di 300° C. in circa 30 sec. La sua temperatura la si può impostare per mezzo della manopola posta sul fronte (vedi foto), la stessa è per l’accensione, così che mantenere una temperatura costante in base ai cibi che stiamo cuocendo.
Alimentazione AC 220-240V, con cavo di 1 mt., cavo di grande spessore con spina (vedi foto) di tipo europeo (Schuko), peso del piano cottura 2,6 kg.

Il piano cottura è ben costruito con materiali di ottima qualità e visibilmente elegante e bello, acciaio e piano cottura a specchio. Usando padelle o pentole dedicate per piano cottura, la cottura dei cibi è garantita in modo ottimale.
Ha dei comodi piedini (vedi foto), così che il piano cottura non sia a contatto diretto con il piano d’appoggio, e permettere alla ventola il suo corretto funzionamento, le spie sono a led (vedi foto), è corredata da manuale descrittivo in lingua tedesca e inglese.
Le mie considerazioni su questo piano cottura, dal mio entusiasmo avrete intuito che sono soddisfatta di questo acquisto, usando quasi sempre le padelle con coperchio, i cibi sono cotti in maniera costante e specie per certi tipi di carne la temperatura costante è importante, poi non parliamo la facilità della sua pulizia è formidabile, abbattuto il tempo e soprattutto il piano cottura è sempre bello lucido come appena comprato.
Sicuramente un ottimo regalo per i giovani che non hanno mai tempo per tutto è il piano cottura ideale.
Ottimo anche per inserirlo nella lista nozze.

Hi, from cooking programmes, I have always been attracted by stoves with ceramic glass plates, beautiful, practical and elegant. As soon as it is activated, it is immediately hot, and ready for us to churn out succulent dishes. And then so practical and quick to clean. This way the time spent in the kitchen is greatly optimized. I had to have it for emergencies or even just to support the one already existing in the house, emergencies in case of gas shortage, electricity is everywhere. And then it is easily transportable, and whoever gives up my coffee in the moka, having said that, I bought it on Amazon and precisely from, and so too, like the cooks of the broadcasts, I have my beautiful ceramic glass hob, Klarstein Captain Cook 2 Hob 1200W Stainless Steel Silver. Klarstein of the Chal-Tec group is a German company, and precisely in the capital, Berlin. With its presence in 11 European countries, today it is a point of reference in the world of online consumer electronics. I must say that in the field of electronics I have always considered German products to be the best and most resistant, it is no coincidence that we have many German brands at home dating back to the 60s, still beautiful and functional. The company is always looking for the enrichment of its catalogue, to always offer new and cutting-edge products, taking advantage of innovations to be competitive and meet its customers. And here is my hob, Klarstein Captain Cook 2 Hob 2400W Inox silver Here it is in all its splendor, design and elegance are the masters, this hob | the details are all of a high standard, nothing is left to chance, certainly a product that will last a long time. Its dimensions are Largh.53,5 x Alt. 8 x prof. 23.5 cm Captain Cook2 Hob, is in stainless steel with beautiful shiny plates in ceramic glass (see photo) with a diameter of 18 cm (as already mentioned, the ideal is for open spaces) With its 2400 Watts per plate, a heating of 300° C. in about 30 sec. Its temperature can be set using the knob on the front (see photo), the same is for the ignition, so as to maintain a constant temperature based on the foods we are cooking. AC 220-240V power supply, with 1 m cable, thick cable with European-type plug (see photo) (Schuko), hob weight 2.6 kg. The hob is well built with excellent quality materials and visibly elegant and beautiful, steel and mirrored hob. By using dedicated pans or saucepans for hobs, food cooking is guaranteed in an optimal way. It has comfortable feet (see photo), so that the hob is not in direct contact with the support surface, and allow the fan to function properly, the lights are LED (see photo), it comes with a descriptive manual in German and English. My considerations on this hob, you will have guessed from my enthusiasm that I am satisfied with this purchase, I almost always use pans with lids, the foods are cooked in a constant manner and especially for certain types of meat the constant temperature is important, then I let's talk about the ease of its cleaning is formidable, time has been cut down and above all the hob is always as shiny as just bought. Surely an excellent gift for young people who never have time for everything is the ideal hob. Also great for adding it to the wedding list.


Vi è mai capitato di voler cucinare all'aria aperta ma di non poterlo fare perchè la cucina è interna al vostro appartamento (ovviamente)? Con questo fantastico piano di cottura mobile, potete cucinare dove e come preferite. Facilmente trasportabile e maneggevole, il piano di cottura doppio offre una buona potenza in W il che vi garantisce di cucinare o riscaldare i vostri cibi preferiti ovunque.

I piani di cottura sono realizzati in vetro e su entrambi i lati del piano sono presenti manopole che permettono di regolare ovviamente la temperatura di cottura. Ottimo prodotto, soddisfatto! Nella confezione trovate come sempre un manuale di istruzione dettagliato con qualche consiglio su come usarlo al meglio. Una volta connesso ad una presa di corrente, potete iniziare a cucinare!

Have you ever wanted to cook in the open air but not being able to do it because the kitchen is inside your apartment (obviously)? With this fantastic mobile hob, you can cook where and how you like. Easily transportable and handy, the double hob offers good power in W which guarantees you to cook or reheat your favorite foods anywhere. The hobs are made of glass and on both sides of the hob there are knobs that obviously allow you to adjust the cooking temperature. Great product, satisfied! As always, in the package you will find a detailed instruction manual with some advice on how to use it best. Once connected to a power socket, you can start cooking!


Funktioniert hervorragend, heizt sehr gut, wirkt recht gut verarbeitet und sieht stabil aus. Für einen Singlehaushalt sehr empfehlenswert. Für den Preis einfach top und den Zweck erfüllt es allemale! Abwicklung ging auch problemlos.

Works great, heats up very well, looks quite well made and looks stable. Highly recommended for a single household. It's great for the price and it serves it's purpose! Handling went smoothly too.

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