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Air conditioners for pleasant temperatures in the height of summer

As beautiful as the summer is, an air conditioner will provide quick and effective help for when the days are extremely hot and the nights aren't much cooler. It brings down the temperature in living room and bedroom. The "air conditioning" purchase option is also ideal for the office.

Klarstein offers a variety of models - from the effective home air conditioning system to the mobile air conditioning system which is perfect for use in a caravan, holiday, home or weekend cottage. Whoever wants to cool a room should pay attention to the technology, mechanism and energy consumption features. We present a variety of air conditioning systems for different uses.

Air conditioning unit for the home or workplace

Air conditioners can be permanently installed, as is the case with split air conditioners. Mono units, which only consist of one part, are also available. Furthermore, there are air conditioning units that can both heat up and cool down a room. There are also portable, small air conditioner and air conditioners without hoses. Further differences can be found in the performance and the price. The efficiency should always be based on how big the room is. This is the best way to balance cooling efficiency and power consumption: if the efficiency is too low, the home air conditioner will not produce the desired effect.

What is a split air conditioner?

A split air conditioner consists of two units. The indoor unit sucks in the room air, and filters and cools it. The second unit contains the refrigerant compressor, and is mounted outside. A hose connects both units. The components are fixed, and installation should be performed by a specialist.

The advantages of split air conditioning systems are the excellent cooling performance and the low noise level. The room temperature can thus be maintained at a constant level. Split air conditioners are less suitable for heating because the power consumption is relatively high in this case. Split air conditioning units are also available in a mobile version, but this form is found rather infrequently.

For a mono unit, the cooling compressor is in the unit. This type of air conditioning unit is equipped with a hose which leads out through the tilted window and removes the warm room air. The hose can also pass through a wall opening if this is possible on site. Part of the air is cooled in the unit and directed back into the room. Special coolants provide cooler indoor air. An air conditioner without a hose would not direct the warm air outwards via an exhaust hose.

If the air conditioner is mobile, you can easily mount it anywhere. Larger units are movable, and smaller ones are easy to carry. Mobile air conditioning systems are therefore usable anywhere. This is very convenient if you don't want to permanently install units. In a rented apartment, installation is not always allowed, and in the event that it is allowed, it's costlier.

How much electricity does an central AC consume?

The power consumption is at least as important as the purchase price, because subsequent costs arise with each use. Power consumption is calculated in kilowatts per hours. Split units consume less power than mobile air conditioners. But it also depends on how often the air conditioner is in operation.

Klarstein has the right air conditioners for every need - from split units and mobile air conditioning systems to air coolers without hoses. Just look around in peace, if you want to buy and order your individual air conditioner!

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