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Although we all probably have a freezer at home, the truth is that loading the water trays to prepare ice, preventing them from spilling and ensuring that the ice does not take on flavours or odours from the freezer afterwards is not easy. And what happens when you need to organise a big party and you need large quantities of ice for cocktails and other drinks? That's why ice machines are becoming a quality alternative to make sure you have good ice almost at the moment, even being able to create specialities like ice for slush drinks or mojitos, for example.

On Klarstein you can find different models of ice machines with a production capacity between 10 and 50 kg per day. Regardless of whether you are looking for a device for home use or a professional ice machine, you can find the solution you are looking for in our online shop. Don’t miss our offers and let yourself be inspired by the innovative design of our products, built with high-quality materials and offering excellent value for your money.

Never run out of ice again with one of our ice dispensers

Making ice is as simple as having water and a cold space to store it. However, when we need ice in certain quantities, the process becomes much more complicated. So if you want to have different preparations that use ice and you want to make sure you have the supply you need, an ice machine is definitely your best companion. Once you have decided to buy one, which aspects should you consider before the purchase?

What’s the capacity of an ice machine?

Since we do not all need to produce the same amount of ice, the first aspect to consider is the ice production capacity you require. This varies depending on the ice maker, and when talking about non-professional ice cube makers, you can find entry-level models with a production of between 10 kilos as well as ice dispensers producing up to 25 kilos of ice, with short cycles for the most demanding products.

Since this is one of the aspects that most influences how much the machine costs, check it precisely and adjust it to our demand, although, as always, with a small safety bonus, for those cases where you may need it. Besides production capacity, you should also consider the cycle length, or in other words, how long your machine takes to actually produce ice. How often the machine ejects ice once it has been loaded? This parameter indicates the time the ice maker takes to bring the water down to the temperature required to launch a new batch of ice into the tank. This should also be considered depending on how often you will have new ice cubes available inside the dispenser.

Capacity and feeding system of an ice cube maker

Another important aspect of the ice machine you should assess is the feeding system and its capacity. Ice makers designed for domestic and small production usually include a tank where to put the water, which is used up as ice cubes are being produced. Professional ice maker machines, on the other hand, are directly connected to a pipe, allowing an uninterrupted supply of ice.

Small ice makers are equipped with tanks of variable capacity, usually in the range of 3-4 litres of water approximately, which makes the preparation process easier. The tanks usually have a relatively simple filling system, so that you do not have to make too much effort in the process. If easiness of use and speed is your main concern, professional ice machines offer a semi-automatic solution, as they are directly connected to your home's water supply system. In this case, it is the machine itself that takes the water as it needs it, without the need for tanks or other elements, and the amount of ice the ice maker produces is higher, although you should carefully consider if the final result makes the investment worth it. This is certainly the case if you have a great, constant need for ice production.

What kind of ice cubes can an ice maker produce?

Apart from other important aspects such as the size or the material of the machine, among others, don’t forget to consider what kind of cubes the ice maker can produce. Nowadays, on many occasions, the simple, traditional ice cube is no longer enough, and therefore some models offer that make it easier to add the amount and type of ice needed to your drinks.

Starting with the type of ice cube, the majority of machines cover the conventional demand for the usual ice cubes, suitable for all types of drinks. However, on Klarstein you can also find reliable models that allow you to select different sizes for your ice cubes at the simple touch of a soft touch-panel, or even preparing nugget ice, widely used in cocktail shakers and all types of drinks of this type.

Main benefits of using an ice machine

Using an ice maker is synonymous with profit in your business in the vast majority of cases. Some of the benefits are immediate, and others take a little longer to see. Among them:

  • The perfect flavour for your drinks
    One reason that applies equally to home and business is the taste of ice made using a high quality machine. When we make the ice ourselves in a rudimentary way, or buy pre-made ice bags, there is a strong possibility that the ice will taste unduly or unpleasantly. This factor is capable of altering the taste of the drinks in which ice is used. If you have a bar where you offer cocktails, using low quality ice is simply a mistake. The taste of the preparations must be kept pure, just as the expert cocktail shaker wishes and not damaging the final result with a poor quality ice cube.

  • Immediate Availability
    Running out of ice when you have a business is a mistake you cannot make, and also when you are simply organizing a party at home, this occurrence is extremely annoying. Relying on trays in the freezer or pre-made ice bags does not provide you with the necessary security. Having immediate availability of high quality ice is only possible when buying a ready-to-use ice maker. When we refer to bars, discotheques, hotels, restaurants and similar establishments, this availability also depends on the ability of the ice machine to work in high pressure environments.

  • Perfect ice quality
    The very high quality of the ice produced responds to a relevant need to use only the best in preparations, whether it is drink or food. A perfect ice cube cannot be achieved through the rudimentary means we all know. Nor is it possible to enjoy high quality if we opt for prefabricated ice, as this is produced in industrial quantities and then packaged in an indelicate manner. During transport and distribution, the ice inside the bag can often melt and lose its shape.

  • Hygiene in production
    Buying a good ice maker also offers the great advantage in terms of hygiene. Making ice at home is a process that is exposed to contamination and ice from factories does not provide us with any guarantees in terms of hygiene. An ice cube maker allows you to have the peace of mind that a high efficiency internal filter is working at all times to purify the water used to make the ice. Also, there is no direct handling with the manufactured ice, which ensures that external contamination cannot affect the ice cubes in any way.

  • Ease of use
    Modern ice machines have a very simple and direct operation. No manual handling of the mechanisms or anything similar is required. Those who design and manufacture these machines, as is the case with Klarstein Ice Makers, do so with ease and simplicity in mind. The idea is that the machine does all the work for you, demanding the minimum of human manipulation, culminating the manufacturing process by delivering rady-to-use ice cubes.
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