Cozy autumn days

Get your home ready for the autumn

Summer is over and autumn is on its way. Now it’s all about turning your home into the place where you can really make yourself comfortable. With a heating blanket, fireplace, light shower and a hot cup of tea or coffee, you can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere in your own home.

Heating blankets and
heating pads

Heat relaxes the body and gives us the energy that we need in the colder seasons. With our heating blankets and heating pads, you can enjoy cozy movie nights without giving the chill any chance to disturb your next crime thriller or fantasy drama.

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Electric fireplaces

Thanks to the authentic-looking flame image, electric fireplaces make your home even more comfortable and provide a perfect feel-good factor. With the built-in heating fan, they provide cozy warmth on cold days.

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Light showers

Light gives us energy, lifts our spirits and has a positive effect on our health. The mild light temperature of these special lamps is comparable to the daylight and brings the sun into the home even on grey days.

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Coffee machines

When it is cold and uncomfortable outside, we look forward to coffee and cake with friends and family. With its aromatic smell and aromas, freshly brewed coffee spreads a unique feel-good atmosphere.

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Electric kettles

In the colder seasons teas are the most popular hot drink. The best thing is that they not only give you warmth from within, but also have a positive effect on your health. Our absolute favourites in autumn are all teas with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.

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