Discover Klarstein's Electric Heaters with Thermostat

A pleasant room climate is very important for personal living comfort. A smart heater from Klarstein creates the ideal conditions and impresses with numerous advantages. With the associated App, the room temperature, timer and other settings can be adjusted via smartphone or tablet, resulting in improved energy efficiency and intuitive operation. On Klarstein you can buy from a wide range of electric heaters with thermostat depending on your needs. These include classic convection heaters and modern infrared heaters. Following you can get more detailed information on the various Klarstein heaters with intelligent app control.

Advantages of modern Oil filled Radiators and Convection Heaters

Oil filled radiators impress with low power consumption and minimal noise and are available within the range of the electric heater with thermostat. The Thermaxx Elevate Smart model can also be controlled with the Klarstein App. This way, the oil filled radiator with an output of 2720 Watts can be operated directly from the couch and any other place in your home.

With the Bornholm Smart model, Klarstein also offers wall mounted electric heaters with thermostat and timer functions. Thanks to the integrated brackets, the device can be mounted on the wall to save space and the eco mode ensures economical operation. With the included App, you can always stay on track with the room temperature and can define individual heating times with the integrated timer.

Electric Heaters with Thermostat within the Infrared Heater range

Infrared heaters provide pleasant warmth and act as stylish eye-catchers. The Cosmic Beam Smart model, for example, can not only be controlled via App, but also features a robust aluminium cover. If you are looking for an electric heater with thermostat, this device is a perfect choice.

Furthermore, the offer includes the Wonderwall Smart infrared heating panel with a flat and waterproof design. The Klarstein App is based on clear menu navigation and enables convenient control of infrared heating in real-time. Wall mounted electric heaters with thermostat and timer such as the Wonderwall Air Art Smart and Hot Spot Crystal Spotless models are also compatible with the App, providing maximum flexibility.

Benefits when buying an Electric Heater with Thermostat and Remote Control

Electric fireplaces enjoy great popularity and combine functionality with decorative added value. Some designs from Klarstein's portfolio can be controlled via App and timer function. These include, for example, the Bormio Smart electric fireplace with realistic flame illusion and storage space for real logs. The Bern Smart and Lucerne Smart models with LED technology also support operation with the Klarstein App. Depending on the personal requirements, you can buy an electric heater with thermostat within the electric fireplace category with app connections are timer functionality.

An electric heater with thermostat, timer and app control functions is an advanced heating solution. These heater models from Klarstein set new standards in terms of ease of use and are the result of many years of development. Modern heaters combine intelligent technology and remote control. In addition, an electric heater with thermostat and app connection makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection. The intuitive operation reduces the consumption of resources in the long run. If you have any questions about the remote functionality of Klartsein’s electric heaters, our customer support experts will be happy to advise you.

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