Skal Beer Tap Dispenser

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Skal Beer Tap Dispenser

Top features

Universal beer tap dispenser with CO2 pressurised cartridge system for delicious beer on tap for your home

Suitable for all 5 litre beer kegs

Integrated thermoelectric beer cooler: cools beer down to 2-12 °C

Authentic design with tap handle and body made of polished stainless steel

Adaptor for Heineken taps and 3 CO2 cartridges included

Product description

Thank God for beer! Thanks to the Klarstein Skal Beer Tap Dispenser the golden stuff can flow perfectly cooled right at home: cheers!

Freshly poured beer tastes the best. The Klarstein Skal Beer Tap Dispenser provides constant beer enjoyment from all 5 litre kegs. Thanks to CO2 gas cartridges the beer is always poured at the right pressure so that your beer has a delicious, foamy head no matter what beer glass you're using. Three gas cartridges are included with the dispenser and provide the perfect pressure for the pipes from the beginning. An adaptor is even supplied for uncomplicated use with Heineken kegs—which do not require CO2 pressure.

The integrated thermoelectric cooling system cools the beer down to 2-12 °C for even more enjoyment. With the support of 0.8 l of water, the beer cooler works even more effectively. The Karstein Skal Beer Tap Dispenser is based on an authentic style with a tap handle and a stainless steel body with a shiny surface, to make sure not only your sense of taste is getting its money's worth. And if anything should go wrong at the bar, the drip pan quickly and reliably catches everything.


For fresh beer enjoyment at home, directly from the tap: The Klarstein Skal Beer Tap Dispenser. Pour one!

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Properties & dimensions

  • On/off switch on right side of appliance
  • Cooling system run by thermo electronics with low working sound level: 38 dB(A) (exterior noise: 25 dB(A))
  • Cooling time: approx. 19-21 hours (to cool from room temperature down to approx. 4 °C we recommend pre-cooling)
  • Adjustable CO2 pressure
  • LED display for beer temperature
  • Simple choice of temperature with +/- buttons
  • 6 selectable cooling temperatures: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 °C
  • Improved cooling performance with the addition of 0.8 l of water
  • Removable and easy to clean drip pan
  • Cleaning device included for hygienic cleaning of the dispenser system
  • Power supply: 220-240 V~ / 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions (with drip pan): approx. 27 x 48 x 45 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions (without drip pan): approx. 27 x 48 x 32 cm (WxHxD)
  • Measurements of the CO2 cartridges are to be found in the instruction manual
  • Weight: approx. 6.5 kg

Download user manual

Skal Beer Tap Dispenser Beer Cooler 5 l Kegs CO2 Stainless Steel

Delivery & shipment

What will be delivered
  • 1 x beer tap dispenser
  • 1 x drip pan
  • 3 x CO2 cartridges
  • 1 x Heineken adaptor
  • 1 x cleaning device
  • Instruction manual in English(other languages: German)

This item is not in stock and must be reordered.

Customer reviews

Tested review

Myself and my husband have owned a few beer dispensers in our time.
Due to current lockdown restrictions and no pubs being open we thought we'd get another - mostly sold out here in the UK and so thought we'd order this one.
Delivery fine, in the estimated time.
That's pretty much where the positives end though. Both myself and my husband have set up machines like this before but we were both baffled.
The instructions are shocking - the English translation makes absolutely no sense.
As soon as we opened the main chamber one of the screws popped out completely so we had to manually fix that.
Then the CO2 just doesn't run - I've now seen this on a good few reviews about this product so it seems to be a factory/building fault.
The handle is clunky and hard to use.
The machine itself seems to need modifications from yourself to even work?!
And now that I'm trying to return the faulty product I'm having no luck, no updates from customer service.
Nearly £200 out of pocket, completely disappointed and feeling ignored.
Will never order again and would advise others to follow

Tested review

Don't order - faulty product, so far all I've experienced is bad customer service - no updates and leaving a lot to be desired.
My product was a gift and doesn't work properly plus I can't understand or follow the instructions at all - I'm not sure who translated them but they definitely need looking at.
Really wouldn't bother attempting to order - complete disappointment

Tested review

Really disappointed with my experience with this item. I ordered it as a Christmas present - fairly expensive but seemingly a good idea with UK pubs shut!
The product arrived and set-up is not easy if you've never come across this before - the English is VERY poorly translated from German. I had to watch a YouTube video to show me how to do it.
Then the actual product is faulty also - the gas doesn't run correctly meaning flat beer. We've followed the instructions perfectly and even had an engineer look at it who agrees it's completely faulty.
And now I'm trying to get the item returned as I'm nearly £200 out of pocket but I'm getting zero updates regarding returning. Just constantly being told that current circumstances mean couriers can't complete returns. I'm fully aware of the current pandemic but I am also fully aware of other deliveries/returns I have made within Europe. And also why is nobody updating me as to where this claim is up to?
All in all very disappointing

Tested review

I have been a professional brewer for over 40 years. There are some very good points about this unit however there are a number of problems that could easily be improved which would make it much better. 1. the tap is poor and difficult to control and therefore the pour is typically German - under carbonated and too much foam. 2. the connector to the tap gets in the way of the keg when you try to load or unload a keg. 3. The CO2 control valve does not give sufficient control so either too much or not enough but never just right. 4 The English language instructions are some of the worst I have come across in a long time. 5. You will need to buy replacement parts to keep this machine working - but where from?

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