Rialto Garden Bridge

£ 69.99 (incl. VAT)
  • 58 cm
  • Garden bridge
  • 10 kg
Product number: 10030331
Rialto Garden Bridge
£ 69.99 (incl. VAT)
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Top features

  • Garden ornamental bridge: suitable for bridging watercourses, flower beds or as a decorative element

  • Solid made of coniferous wood

  • Pretreated against weathering

Product description

One who builds bridges will never be alone. With the Blumfeldt Rialto Garden Bridge, you create new, ornamental paths passing through the garden landscape.

A bridge connects and the Blumfeldt Rialto ornamental bridge strikes connecting paths in every arrangement in the garden: whether you are talking about small stream runs, flowerbeds or as a creative element in stone garden, with a garden bridge you give it a nice touch. Completely made of solid real wood, the Rialto garden bridge is not only a decorative element, but actually a stable, fully accessible element in the garden. With a length of 122 cm, it easily covers little borders or small watercourses between ornamental pieces. On each side, four 50 cm high posts span a rustic railing in the form of a 1.5 cm thick rope. This way small bridge walkers have a secure handrail and large ones enjoy the ornamental sight of the stable decorative element.

Seven bridges you shall cross: time to start with the wooden Blumfeldt Rialto ornamental bridge to cross one of them in your own garden.

Please note that the bridge is a natural wood product. Cracks due to drying and the material working are normal and underline the natural character. Please note that the weather protection of the wood has to be renewed regularly.


  • Fully walkable ornamental piece
  • Stable manufacturing
  • Reddish wood colours
  • 50 cm wide walking base
  • About 13.5 cm at each end for insertion into load bearing foundations
Product number: 10030331

Dimensions and Technical Details

  • Dimensions: about 58 x 58 x 122 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 10 kg

What will be delivered

  • 1 x wooden bridge (mounting kit)
  • Instruction manual in English (other languages: German)

Delivery & shipment

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Customer reviews
5 Ratings

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Es ist leider nicht so stabil und man sollte die Brücke auch nur einmal aufbauen und nicht so oft umstellen.

Unfortunately, it is not that stable and you should only build the bridge once and not change it so often.


Tolle Brücke für Kleinkinder. Der Preis ist meines Erachtens doch eher sportlich für den Materialeinsatz. Wir haben ihn als Weg auf den Spielplatz integriert und die Brücke täglich genutzt von unserer Tochter.

Great bridge for toddlers. In my opinion, the price is rather sporty for the use of materials. We integrated it as a path to the playground and our daughter used the bridge every day.


Habe die Brücke ausgepackt und hatte erstmal ein Brett in der Hand, die Schrauben haben sich gelöst. Beim zweiten Mal anfassen hatte ich das zweite Brett in der Hand. Nachdem ich neue Schrauben befestigt hatte. haben die Bretter dann gehoben.

I unpacked the bridge and had a board in my hand, the screws came loose. The second time I touched it, I had the second board in my hand. After I attached new screws. then lifted the boards.


Hammer wen man über 70 Kilo wiegt lieber nicht drauf gehen ansonsten sehr schöne Brücke

Hammer if you weigh over 70 kilos rather not go on it otherwise very nice bridge


Also man sollte das Wort ZIERbrücke ernst nehmen dann ist alles prima. Ich dachte mir sie hält sicher auch meine Tochter aus... tut sie- allerdings mit besseren Schrauben- die hier waren schon leicht gerostet und daher alles insgesamt wacklig. Wir werden die Brücke ein bisschen aufpimpen und dann als Zugang zum Spielhaus verwenden! Mal sehen wie lange das klappt.

So you should take the word ZIERbrücke seriously, then everything is fine. I thought to myself that my daughter would be able to withstand it too... she does - but with better screws - these were already slightly rusted and therefore everything was wobbly overall. We're going to pimp the bridge a bit and then use it as the access to the playhouse! Let's see how long that works.