Fridges (180)

A cool drink from the minibar

We enjoy our drinks best when they are very cool. What is needed for this, of course, is a suitable refrigerator. And since all refrigerators are different, Klarstein offers several varieties of practical refrigerators. The Klarstein MKS-9, for example, is a perfect device when it comes to equipping your own small bar with an elegant drink refrigerator. With a total of 70 litres of volume, the compact Klarstein minibar fridge is ideally suited for a hotel or bed and breakfast room to offer your guests a cool refreshment at any times.

Cool refreshments at the next meeting

If you want to be able to offer your potential business partners a refreshment during the next meeting, keeping a Klarstein minibar in your meeting room or office is a safe bet. Pleasantly cool water, juice or lemonade is available just by opening the door. Even small snacks and sweets fit easily in the reliable Klarstein refrigerators.

The minibar for on-the-go: Klarstein Taverna

In a trendy retro design, the Klarstein Taverna models offer a snack and beverage cooler in a mini format. These small refrigeration units are ideally suited for use on-the-go. At the beach or on camping trips, you no longer have to go without chilled food and drinks thanks to the Klarstein Taverna. These practical minibars can be powered via the cigarette lighter of your can, and even without a power supply, they can keep your refreshments well chilled for several hours.
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