Klarstein meets NUMAN

Enjoy clear sound at home

Love turning up your favourite songs loudly and singing along while cooking and baking?
Then we’ve got something very special for you: Klarstein is cooperating with NUMAN - the premium brand for HiFi products. From speakers to radios to compact systems, Klarstein and Numan are now providing you with everything your ear desires and can accompany you with rich sound throughout the day.

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Choosing the right speaker needs careful consideration, as it forms the decisive sound component when listening to your latest favourite songs, live concerts or classic albums. Do you prefer massive floor-standing speakers for permanent installation, or would you rather have shelf and centre speakers that can be flexibly integrated into your setup? Are you a fan of particularly fat beats? Then our subwoofers are just the thing for you.

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HiFi & Speaker Sets

Do you want everything from a single source - event with your audio equipment? So be it: NUMAN offers you a discreetly elegant design with a sophisticated sound aesthetic, which perfectly complements all of its set components and offers you a harmonious concept for every room.

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What could be nicer than sitting in the warm eat-in kitchen with your first morning coffee in hand and turning on the radio ... curious about what's new in the world? Would you like to be awakened not only with the first rays of sunshine, but also with your favourite hits? No problem: our NUMAN radios are not only a real design highlight with their puristic look, they also accompany you through everyday life in an atmospheric way.

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Speaker Accessories

It's all about the details: stable and sound-optimising, our NUMAN speaker covers, stands and cables are able to systematically and flexibly perfect your listening experience for music and the home cinema.

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