Sweet Christmas

Finally time for biscuits

Ready, set, bake! Finally, the season for Christmas markets, cosy evenings in front of the fireplace and of course baking delicious biscuits has begun. When the smell of fresh baked goods spreads through the room, everyone's eyes will light up.

Christmas biscuits from the VitAir

The VitAir hot air fryer is a true all-rounder - you can also bake delicious Christmas sweets, such as shortbread biscuits, cinnamon biscuits or marzipan slices, and even save energy as you don't even have to pre-heat the VitAir.

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Lucia Rossa food processor

One device does it all: ensure smooth biscuit dough, perfect egg whites or biscuits in a variety of colours and shapes. The Lucia Rossa is a real kitchen helper and must not be missing in any true Christmas bakery.

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Biggi Preserving Cooker

In the Biggi preserving cooker, you can not only awaken fruits and vegetables, you can also produce delicious Christmas jam to garnish your holiday baked goods. Especially practical at Christmas time: the Biggi can also be used as a beverage dispenser for delicious mulled wine!

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